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Welcome To This Institution

Chapter 6

"Glad to see you've made peace with my brother..." Kaety giggled as the girls piled into Bailey's mustang.

"You're not the only one... I was getting fed up with him being a bigger asshole than he usually is..." Bailey muttered as she did up her seatbelt and popped a CD into the CD player.

"What random stuff are you subjecting me to now?" Kaety grimaced as the first few beats of the song filled the car.

"It is not random stuff... it's CKY... well... some of their old stuff anyway!" Bailey shouted over the song that was playing, then she started to sing along, "Close yet far... drop me a line and tell me how the hell you are..."

"Seriously... I don't know why you aren’t in a band yet..." Kaety said to her friend, "Your voice is awesome..."

"Kaety... you know me by now... stage fright can be a killer..." Bailey muttered as she pulled out of the drive way, "What on earth did Meg and Kyrst say they were up to?"

"They are on a mission to turn castle Bam into a haunted house..." Kaety replied smiling.


Back at castle Bam

"Dude put it there!" Bam shouted at Dunn who was running around with a skeleton.

"Easy for you to say this fucking thing is heavy..." Dunn muttered as he swung the skeleton into a corner.

"Not there you idiot... over there!" Bam shouted.

"It's a fucking corner... the same as every other fucking corner in this house." Dunn replied.

"Bam look what we found!" Meg said grinning as she held up a long trail of cobwebs and fake spiders. Kyrst was wiggling her leg around trying to get it untangled from the mass of cobwebs.

"Awesome... hang it wherever girls..."

"Sure... they get to do whatever the hell they want..." Dunn muttered.

"You said summut?" Bam glared at his friend.


"Yo, life partner?"

"What!" Bam shouted back.

"We nabbed a coffin!"

"You what!" Bam shrieked.

"You heard... what shall we do with it..."

"Well for starters... there isn't a dead guy in there, right?"

"Not yet..." Novak grinned.

Bam sighed, "Just put it in the bar..."

"To me..." Novak said to Dico.

"To you..."

At the airport

"You know what?" kaety grinned.

"Oh god what?"

"I have a sudden urge to ride on the baggage carousel..." Kaety replied.

"Don't you dare!" Bailey yelled.

"Spoil sport..." Kaety muttered as she started shuffling her feet around on the floor.

After a long period of silence, "Thanks for coming with me..." Bailey said.

Kaety looked up, "No problem."

"I'm glad you're here... because I have no idea what the guys look like... and I don't like being on my own..."

Kaety gave her friend a hug, then suddenly pulled away and jumped up, "Ville!"

"Hey sweetheart..." Ville said in a velvety smooth voice. Then he picked her up in his arms and gave her a hug.

The rest of ][=][][][Y][ followed his lead and greeted Kaety.

"Ville... Guys... This is my bestest bud in the whole world... Bailey..." Kaety said introducing her friend.

"Pleased to meet you sweetheart... I've heard a lot about you..." Ville said taking Bailey's hand and kissing it.

Bailey shuddered as Ville's cool lips brushed her hand. Then she turned to Kaety, "Hun... I'm not sure I can get everyone in my car."

"Don't worry about that sweetheart... Midge and Gas wanted to go exploring before they get to Bam's." Ville said.

"Oh... Alright then... shall we go?"