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Welcome To This Institution

Chapter 9

Bailey was upstairs in her new room rummaging through some boxes. "God damn it... It's impossible to find anything in here." she muttered kicking the box and plopping down on the bed.

"Are you okay sweetheart?" came a voice from the hallway.

Bailey looked up and saw Ville standing in the door way, "Yeah... just frustrated I guess..."

"Want to talk about it?" Ville asked smiling at her.

"No it's fine... you look like you've got enough troubles to think about..." Bailey replied returning a weak smile.

"I look that bad?"

"No... It’s not that... I'm sorry... that kind of came out wrong." Bailey muttered blushing.

"Don't worry about it..." Ville laughed, "Are you excited about tonight?"

"Not really... parties aren’t my forte..." Bailey said as she stood up and made a second attempt at trying to un-pack.


"I find it hard to... talk to people I don't know." Bailey replied as she walked over to the wardrobe and hung up some of her clothes.

Ville nodded, "I'm going to let you carry on with your... unpacking, it was nice talking to you Bailey." he said as he walked off towards one of the spare rooms.

"Yeah... you to..." Bailey replied smiling, "There it is!" she squealed as she pulled out a stuffed toy cow, "Moo..."

"Really?" Dunn said laughing as he appeared behind her.

"Yes really... don't you ever knock?" Bailey said as she put the stuffed cow on her bed and glared at Dunn.

"Whoops my bad..."


"Anyhow... Bam sent me to find you; he wants to know if you will sing with CKY on a few of their songs."

"Is he having a laugh... he knows i get stage fright!" Bailey squeaked.

"Well maybe now’s the time to get your ass into gear..." Dunn replied as he slapped her playfully on the back.

"I suppose..."

"Thatta girl... and besides... you rock." Dunn grinned, "But seriously... a stuffed cow?"

Elsewhere in Castle Bam...

"Bam what the hell have you done!" Kaety screamed at her brother.

"Hey it wasn’t just me... Novak helped..." Bam said pointing at Novak who seemed slightly pre-occupied with Kyrst.

Novak turned around, "Whaat?"

"You built a fucking stage in the living room!" Kaety shouted.

"Well yeah... it wouldn't fit in the bathroom..." Novak grinned.

"I give up... it's not like there isn't tones of space outside... and it not like it’s nice out." Kaety said sarcastically.

"What’s up?" Meg said as she walked past and heard the commotion.

"My jackass of a brother..." Kaety replied.

"Whoa... awesome stage!" Meg said as she jumped up and started to examine the sound system installed at the back.

"Thanks Meg... it’s nice to see someone appreciates it..." Bam replied.

"I don’t know why I put up with you..." Kaety said shaking her head.

Bam came up and put an arm around her shoulders, "Because I'm the best big brother ever?"

"I don’t think so... we all know that’s me..." Jessie said grinning.

Bam just bitch-faced him, "Go get you shit together..."

"Already there." Jessie said laughing.

"Now, now you two..." Kaety butted in, "We have guest arriving soon."

"Yes mom..." the boys replied in unison.