Status: Ongoing writing process. R rating will not become apparent until later. Just FYI :)

Butane and Bullets

This story begins on September 11th 2001; effectively the event that started off the chain reaction that lead to My Chemical Romance, and the bond between a group of guys.

This story, whilst chartering the creation of the band itself during the Bullets era, will focus on the fictional relationship between two of those guys in particular.

Yes, guys. This is Frerard. :) So bear that in mind when you read.
I'll also warn you that I'm not jumping straight into the Frerard thing. It is a long process to get there, like it would be in reality :P So if you're after a quick lemon and leave, this is not the story for you.
But I'd very much appreciate it if you give it a try anyway :)

Big thank you to anyone that does