Shade of Gray (Unfinished)


There was a man. He was standing before her, snapping his fingers. Obviously he was attempting to grab her attention. She looked into his eyes and saw nothing. Except for the whites of his eyes, there was only cold, empty black.

“Move,” he demanded. “Follow suit with the others.”

She didn’t move although she understood.

The man became impatient and looked down at her name tag. It read ‘Jane’.

“Jane,” he began. “The consequences of your actions will be great. I advise you to go. Now.”

The finality in his voice scared her. She eased her legs free of the threshold and began moving.

Jane? Was that her name? It bothered her that the name held no familiarity. She looked down at her body as she continued walking and didn’t recognize a thing. It was as if walking around in a stranger’s skin. The most abnormal thing was that her mind seemed vacant and strange. How could one not even have thoughts or opinions?

She thinks about the threats made to her by the man. What could have happened to her if she hadn’t began moving? Would he have hit her or even killed her? She shutters at the thought and quickly diminishes them from her mind.

A certain thought about rules enters her mind and she starts to remember. Her mind has been filled with so much demented hate that it almost hurts to remember. All of these things they told her. The lies. They thought they had brainwashed her completely and destroyed her identity. She hasn’t had a single thought in several days. However, her mind has woken up and she remembers the process.

Everyday, they would be taught the different ways to kill an enemy. An enemy was anyone innocent that controlled themselves instead of the evil that had controlled her. She now realizes that somehow they had shoved all her opinions, thoughts, and memories into a small section of her brain. How they managed this, she isn’t sure. She remembers seeing diagrams of different brains in one of their lessons. The brains were completely black except for the small section where the memories and other forbidden thoughts were held. All set in a shade of gray.
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This isn't finished. I'm not expecting anyone to read it at this moment.