‹ Prequel: No Time To Bleed
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The Aftermath

Its been six months since the Rogue Virus hit and nearly five since Jasmine and her friends escaped the clutches of Lexicon and survived.

The public seems to be eating the story up: the brave heroes who exposed the viscous horrors of a terrible corporation. Everything seems to be making a recovery.

That is until one night Jasmine and Ryant go to the store and a man walks in with a gun, demanding cash from the registers. Seconds later, he bites into the cashier's neck and every hope of a normal life is demolished.

Now life is on a path to destruction and no one is safe from the virus:

1. A strange new group emerges, angry a cure hasn’t been found and they'll do anything to find it.

2. Power falls on the shoulders of those who least expect it, like a long lost brother of Brett Wiggins.

3. Lives are tested and Jasmine must finally face the mother who left her and her father years ago. But this time it’s her brother, Ricky, who's in trouble.

And this time, there may be no hope. The apocalypse has just begun.
  1. Visions Haunt My Dreams
    Opening Chapter
  2. First Impressions Are Hard To Ease- Part 1
    Good morning
  3. First Impressions Are Hard To Ease- Part 2
    Good Morning America continues
  4. Friends And Alibis
  5. Issues
    Everyone goes out for mini golf!
  6. Down This Road Before
    Ryant and Jasmine go out at night.
  7. Blurry Future
    Things change
  8. I Lose My Head
    Jasmine breaks down...
  9. Should've Come Sooner- Part 1
    Someone arrives
  10. Should've Come Sooner- Part 2
  11. Burning Everything In Sight
  12. Let It Go
    Massive destruction
  13. We Can Never Go Back To That Place
    Ryant gets spicy!
  14. We Won't Back Down
    The gang meets new people
  15. I Guess I'm To Blame
    Night conversations reveal so much more
  16. I Know You See Through My Lies
    Some eavesdropping is done
  17. What Is All Of This About?
    Plans are made
  18. Choose Your Fate
  19. Behind The Mask
    All hell breaks loose
  20. Inject My Brain With Lies
    Stomach crawling
  21. You're Lost In The Clouds
  22. You Won't Let IT Die