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Into Forever

Calm Before the Storm


“Fred, for the love of god, if you don’t get up in the next ten seconds I swear I’m setting the bed on fire!” I shouted into our room as I rushed past with another suitcase. Lee and George, who were half asleep on the couch, gave me an irritable glance at my raised voice. Both boys were holding a twin; as usual, Cameron was wide-awake and giving me his happy-go-lucky smile, and Brielle was dozing in Lee’s arms.

As I hefted the last suitcase onto the top of the pile, I tucked a stray lock of hair behind my ear as I whipped around, ready to drag Fred from beneath his covers.

“Frederick Gideon Weasley!” I hollered as I stormed down the hall, pulling my wand from my back pocket as I paused in front of the closed door. “I’m counting to three-“

“Count to twelve if you must,” Fred grumbled from behind me, making me scream in shock because I’d never seen him get out of bed. “I’m already up woman, stop your shrieking!”

“Bloody hell,” I breathed, clutching my chest as Cameron let out a peal of laughter. Fred shuffled past me in nothing put a pair of oversized pajama pants to crouch down and kiss his son on the head.

“Mummy’s funny when she’s insane, isn’t she?” he cooed, earning a giggle from Cameron. With an irritable flick of my wand, I produced a clean shirt and acceptable jeans from our bedroom, sending them at Fred and saying,

“Get dressed, we were supposed to be at the Burrow nearly twenty minutes ago. Your mum’s probably out of her mind with worry!”

“You should’ve woken me up earlier, then,” he griped as I gave him a disbelieving glare because I’d begun trying to wake him an hour ago. As he stripped off his pajama pants in the middle of the living room, I was glad he was at least wearing boxers.

“Blimey, I know we’re close, but still,” Lee said, dramatically shielding Brielle’s already closed eyes. Fred shot him the bird as he nearly tripped yanking on his jeans.

“Alright, everyone up, we need to leave within the next minute or Molly will come and drag us from the flat,” I said, clapping my hands together and waking up George, who’d dozed off just a second ago. As Fred wrestled to get his shirt on, I hurried over and took Cameron from George’s arms as he struggled to get vertical.

“Fred and I will take the twins, so George, you and Lee are in charge of the luggage.”

“Blimey Kels, we’re just apparating. It’ll take two seconds,” Lee griped, gently handing off Brielle to Fred, who’s shirt was still not on all the way. I gave Lee a deadly glare over Cameron’s head, asking,

“You really want to loose all our luggage somewhere in the unknown space-time continuum?”

“Fine, fine,” Lee sighed, giving me an aggravated glance as he hobbled past me. George gave a luxurious stretch as I said,

“Alright, you two go first and we’ll follow. Be safe.”

Without another word, George and Lee each took hold of a couple of suitcases; Lee disappeared first, followed closely by George. Then it was only Brielle, Cameron, Fred, and I standing in a nearly spotless flat. Fred and I locked eyes, and he gave me a smile.

“Don’t look so sad, Kelso. We’ll be back here before you know it.”

Fred always knew exactly what was on my mind; giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, he held Brielle to his chest with his arms wrapped firmly around her. Her arms and legs were tucked in, and he kept her head braced to his shoulder. With one last grin, Fred spun on the spot and disappeared from my side. I paused for just a few moments, taking one last glance around the place I’d been calling home for nearly a year. In a way, leaving here was like leaving our old life behind. When we returned, everything will have changed… Not wanting to begin to cry, I shut my eyes and tucked Cameron tightly to my chest. I spun on the spot and disapparated from our flat, not knowing when we’d return.


“Kelsey dear!” Mrs. Weasley exclaimed the second I came to a startling halt in the middle of the Burrow’s kitchen. Instantly a pair of warm arms enveloped me into a nearly suffocating hug. “I was so worried about you!”

“Told her you were coming right behind us,” Fred said, rocking a still-sleeping Brielle. “Nearly went mental when you didn’t show up the very next second.”

“We’re fine,” I assured Mrs. Weasley as she all but wrestled a grinning Cameron from my arms and bounced him up and down in her arms, earning herself a heartwarming laugh from her grandson.

“You all look so thin,” she said, scrutinizing myself and Fred with her hawk-like gaze. “Here, help yourselves to some breakfast if George and Lee have left you any,” and with that, she gently took Brielle from Fred as she waltzed into the living room, calling for her husband.

Immediately Fred dove onto the table, literally shoveling half a plate of eggs into his mouth. There were just a few pieces of bacon left, resting just under Fred’s left elbow, but before I could snag a piece, George lunged over his brother and grabbed every last piece, shoving them in his mouth. Letting out a sigh, I settled down beside Lee and exchanged a humored glance with him.

“Some things never change, I suppose,” he laughed as we began to pile food onto our own plates. And as we ate, it was easy to imagine that this was just another day of the first summer I spent at the Burrow before my sixth year. We talked, we laughed, we fought for food, and we ate until we were sure our stomachs would burst.

As we all but waddled from the kitchen and slowly made our way into the living room, we saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasley seated on the couch, each holding a baby. Brielle must have woken up while we were eating, and she gave a sleepy yawn. While Mr. Weasley was coaxing laughs and smiles from Cameron, Mrs. Weasley stared anxiously down at her granddaughter, a slight crease of worry between her eyebrows.

“She isn’t laughing,” Mrs. Weasley said nervously to me, glancing up as I sat down beside her. Brielle’s brilliant greenish blue eyes fixed onto me, and her tiny eyebrows drew together as she studied my face. I gave my daughter a huge smile, saying to Mrs. Weasley,

“My mum says it took me a bit to smile when I was a baby. She’ll come ‘round, I’m sure of it.”

Though Mrs. Weasley still looked unconvinced, her frown immediately turned into a beaming smile, and she said,

“Have Bill and Fleur told you the wonderful news yet?”

Blinking in surprise, I exchanged a questioning look with Fred as I said,

“No, actually…”

“Fleur’s pregnant!”

All four of our mouth’s dropped open at the same exact moment.

“That foul git!” George exclaimed, earning a furiously startled glare from his mum. “He didn’t even think to tell his own brothers!”

“Oh honestly George,” Mrs. Weasley snapped, shaking her head and glancing back down at Brielle, who had begun to squirm. Her small chubby arms were reaching out for Fred, who was seated on the floor leaning up against the couch in front of me.

She let out a frustrated cry when she couldn’t lock her fingers around her hair. Laughing, Fred reached back and let Mrs. Weasley set Brielle into his hands. She gave a few blinks as Fred pulled his legs up and pushed them together, setting her on her back as he held her tiny hands in his. Her little fingers wrapped around his thumbs and she stared up at her daddy.

Lee scrambled for one of the suitcases, pulling out the old wizard camera from his and George’s suitcase, then snapped a picture of Fred and Brielle. Mr. Weasley began to fill us in on the happenings at the Ministry as Mrs. Weasley snagged Cameron from his arms so she could still hold onto a baby.

“Things have gotten far worse,” Mr. Weasley said gravely, shaking his head. “Most days, I don’t even bother leaving my office. You never know when Yaxley or one of his goons will be about-“

Mr. Weasley’s words were immediately cut off by one of the most vicious sneezes I’d ever heard. Fred had let go of Brielle’s fingers and had buried his face in his hands as he let out another terrifying sneeze. We all watched, anxiously awaiting Brielle to begin crying. Her eyes were stretched wide in what seemed like a mixture of shock and bewilderment.

I leaned around to look at Fred; his face was still hidden inside his hands. Slowly, he leaned forward until he was just a few inches away from Brielle’s face. Suddenly, he pulled his hands from his face and grinned down at his daughter. Everything was still for a moment.

And then, Brielle laughed.

Her face lit up with delight as she began to laugh and squeal as Fred laughed just as hard himself. Tears pricked my eyes as I watched the scene unfold; once again, Fred hid his face from her, and then yanked his hands back, making her laugh even harder.

“Blimey, would you look at that,” George laughed, grinning at the heartwarming sight. Cameron joined in on the laughter, and I took him from Mrs. Weasley as I slid to the floor beside Fred, holding our son up so he could see Fred’s face as well. There wasn’t another sound as beautiful as my twins laughing in unison. A tear leaked down my cheek as the six of us watched the twins continue to laugh and squeal with excitement as Fred played peek-a-boo. A flash went off as Lee took another picture for the two of us. For the first time in a while, things felt exactly right.


It had been another sleepless night; Fred had stayed up with Cameron until he fell asleep around two, and I’d been up ever since with Brielle, who hadn’t laughed or smiled since this afternoon.

It was six in the evening of May 1st, and I was in the kitchen with Mrs. Weasley preparing dinner for all of us. Remus, Tonks, Teddy, and Kingsley had informed us they’d be coming for a visit that night, and Mrs. Weasley was preparing an army-sized feast. Fred, George, and Lee were in the living room playing with the twins; I could hear only the sounds of Cameron laughing.

“I think it was the sneeze that set Brielle off yesterday,” I mused to Mrs. Weasley as I flicked my wand to send the peeled sprouts into the boiling cauldron.

“It certainly surprised her,” Mrs. Weasley agreed, a smile coming to her face. “Oh- I think the others have just arrived,” she said, craning her neck to see out the window. Sure enough, My uncle was making his way towards the kitchen door with Tonks beside him, a little purple-haired baby in her arms. Kingsley followed them, catching my eye and giving me a warm smile. I wiped my hands on the dishtowel and hurried to meet the group at the door.

“Kelsey, its so good to see you,” Uncle Remus sighed, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into a tight hug. I hugged him back just as fiercely, then glanced over his shoulder to take in the sight of Tonks and my nephew.

“Hello Kelsey!” Tonks exclaimed, looking more radiant than I’d ever seen her. Her hair was a beautiful shade of bubblegum pink, and her eyes were glowing with happiness. “This is your nephew, Teddy.”

Teddy blinked up at me, his eyes a marvelous shade of violet. I grinned at my nephew as I gave Tonks a one-armed hug. “I’ve got some little gingers for you to meet,” I told her as we headed further into the house.

“Fred! Bring the twins in,” I called to him as Tonks asked,

“Would you like to hold him?”

A grin broke out across my face as Tonks handed Teddy over to me.

“Hello, Teddy,” I said, smiling down at him. He was about eight months old, and was making several squeaky baby noises as I heard Fred enter the room, a twin in each arm.

“Oh they’re adorable!” Tonks exclaimed, rushing forward to meet my children.

“That’s Brielle Ginevra,” Fred said, handing Brielle to Tonks, “and this is Cameron Blake.”

I gave Kingsley a hug as he joined our baby party; I handed Teddy to him as I turned to help Mrs. Weasley serve dinner. Everyone gathered ‘round the table; Lee and Kingsley immediately delved into a political conversation, while George, Fred, Tonks and Arthur began discussing in depth the purpose of several muggle artifacts Mr. Weasley had discovered the other day. I’d brought the twins swings with us, and I set them up with a flick of my wand beside the table so they could sit with us. Tonks held Teddy on her lap as we all filled our stomachs with the delicious dinner.

After dinner, our group moved to the living room, me holding Cameron, Fred holding George, and Uncle Remus holding Teddy on his lap with an arm around Tonks.

We talked well into the night; and though the conversations were light-hearted and brought on the occasional laugh, everyone was more subdued than ever before. No one said it, but we were all thinking it; any day now, the battle would begin. Would this be the last time we were all gathered in the Weasley’s living room, holding our children and just enjoying the company of one another?

It wasn’t till nearly ten thirty that I began to feel really tired; the conversation had slowed to just quiet murmurs, and I was beginning to doze off into sleep; Brielle and Teddy were immersed in some sort of baby conversation, making noises back and forth to one another. Cameron was beginning to fall asleep, his tiny fingers wrapped around my thumb.

It was the calm before the storm; seconds later, the cozy silence was broken by George’s unbelieving gasp.

“Blimey,” he said, and I turned my head to see his hand diving into his pocket. He held his hand out, and in his palm was what looked to be a galleon. Fred drew in a sharp breath as he leaned forward. In fact, everyone but myself was leaning forward to stare at the galleon.

“What’s it say, Georgie?”

George held the galleon closer to examine the face of it.

“Today’s date, 10:45 pm, Hogs Head Inn,” he breathed, his eyes flicking up to scan the room. Fred’s face paled a bit, and I asked,

“Could someone let me into the secret?”

“It’s an old galleon that Dumbledore’s Army used a few years back,” Fred said quietly. “They were used to get everyone together for the meetings secretly. Ginny told us she’d use them to send us a message when the battle was starting.”

“Wait, you mean-“

“Yes,” Uncle Remus said, his face grave. “The war is beginning. We need to get to the Hogs Head Inn as soon as possible.” Lifting Teddy with him, he got to his feet, which set everyone else into motion. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley got up from the loveseat and pulled their wands from their pockets. Lee and George were up in an instant, rushing upstairs to stuff their pockets full of possibly useful gags, while I just stared at Fred.

“If everyone’s leaving,” I said, glancing around, “what do we do with the twins?”

“You’re staying here, Kelsey,” Fred said sternly, getting up with Brielle in his arms. “I can’t have you risking your life.”

“Like hell I’m staying behind!” I exclaimed, jumping up beside Fred and making Cameron giggle. “I’m not being left out of this.”

“It’s too dangerous-“

“I don’t care! You’ll need all the help you can get, and I’m not just sitting by and letting my friends run off into danger.


“You can bring the twins to my mum’s house,” Tonks said, taking Teddy from Remus as she stood as well. “We’re leaving Teddy with her.”

“See,” I said, nodding to Tonks. “She’s not staying behind! If Tonks goes, I go.”

“Oh bloody hell, you’re so stubborn,” Fred sighed, shaking his head. “I pray you didn’t pass that gene on to either of the twins. Because if you did, you get to deal with them.”

“Deal,” I told him smugly, sticking my tongue out. As George and Lee returned to the living room, Kingsley said,

“Molly, Arthur, Lee, George, and I will go straight to Hogsmeade. Remus, Tonks, Fred, and Kelsey will take the children to Tonk’s mum’s house and then meet up with us.”

Not wanting to waste any more time, Kingsley stuck out his hand; George, Lee, Molly, and Arthur did the same, and the five of them disappeared from the living room.

“Let’s hurry,” Uncle Remus said, wrapping an arm around Tonks and Teddy. “I don’t want to leave them waiting for too long.”

Taking a deep breath, I clutched Cameron tightly to my chest. Tonks pressed herself against Uncle Remus, with Teddy held between them to keep him safe. As Fred held tightly to Brielle, Uncle Remus took a hold of Fred and I with his hands, spun on the spot, and disappeared from the burrow.


“They can share the crib,” Tonks said softly as she pushed open the door to Teddy’s room. Fred and I hung back as Tonks and Remus went inside first to put their son to sleep. I kept a tight hold on Cameron, fighting back tears. The thought of leaving my children tore my heart in two. From inside the nursery, I heard Tonks saying to Teddy,

“I love you, sweetheart. We’ll be back before you know it.”

“Take care of the little ones, Teddy,” Uncle Remus said, his voice holding the sadness of leaving him behind. “I love you.”

Wrapping an arm around his wife, Uncle Remus gently pulled Tonks from the room. They paused beside us, smiling at their niece and nephew. Tonks gave them each a kiss on the head as we passed into Teddy’s room.

I gave Brielle a kiss on the cheek, holding her close to me as I whispered, “I love you”. I was holding her now; Fred and I switched off outside the room so we could each hold them one last time. Fred paused beside Brielle, and she turned his beautiful green/blue eyes onto him, waiting. Fred covered his face and Brielle stared anxiously up at him. And when he pulled his hands away and his face reappeared, Brielle let out a giggle and grinned up at her daddy.

“There’s a good girl,” he said as I gave her a lingering kiss on the forehead. “Keep that smile until mummy and daddy return.”

Gently, I laid my daughter down beside Teddy; a tear leaked down my cheek as she gave a few sleepy blinks, the hint of a smile still on her cheeks. Turning his attention to Cameron, who was smiling up at him, Fred lifted Cameron up and tickled his belly, making Cameron laugh exuberantly. Pulling him back down and to his chest, Fred kissed his son atop his head and said,

“I love you, kiddo. Keep an eye on your sister for me.”

With tears rolling down his cheeks, Fred smiled and handed Cameron to me as he bent to say goodbye to his daughter. Brielle had fallen asleep; Fred leaned down and gave her a kiss on the forehead, whispering as he pulled back,

“I love you, sweetheart. Daddy won’t be gone long.”

Not able to take much more, I turned to Cameron. He was grinning up at me, waiting for his kiss goodbye. Smiling, and with tears leaking down my face, I held Cameron up and gave him a kiss on the nose as he laughed his melodic laugh that made my heart swell up with happiness.

As I pulled back, Cameron blinked at the tears on my face. For the first time since he was born, Cameron frowned. As I stared at him with a worried look on my face, Cameron reached out and brushed his hand across my cheek, wiping my tear away. I gave a watery laugh, then reached up and wiped the rest of my tears away. Once they were gone again, Cameron’s face lit up with a smile.

“I love you honey,” I told him, giving him one last hug as I leaned over and sat him down in the crib beside his sister. Cameron’s left hand was draped across his stomach. And as Fred and I watched, Brielle reached out and, still asleep, she rested her and on top of Cameron’s.

Fred wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer. He gave me a lingering kiss on the cheek, whispering,

“They’ll be alright, love. We’ll see them again before you know it.”

It was almost unbearable to be pulled from the room. All I could think was, what if this is the last time I see my children again? But I pushed those thoughts from my mind; Fred and I would see them again. I was sure of it.

Tonks’s mom gave me a warm smile, saying softly,

“I’ll keep them safe.”

I only nodded, because if I had tried to speak I would have started crying. No more words were spoken at all, because I think that’s how everyone felt. With a small smile at me, Uncle Remus held out his hand. Tonks rested hers on top of his, I sat mine on hers, and Fred wrapped his over mine.

I glanced over my shoulder one last time; through the bars of the crib, I could just make out Cameron and Brielle, both asleep, their hands on top of one another.

They’ll be okay, I told myself as I felt the familiar pull of disapparation. We’ll see them again soon.

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