Status: Temporarily Postponed Do To Lack of Interest!?!?

Pearls and Skateboards

What would you do if fate brought you back to someone you once love? Someone you cut all tries to? Someone you miss? A chance to deal with something you regret.

Eria Renwaa (ren-wauh) just transferred to a new school and if being the new kid wasn't hard enough, then maybe the fact that her first ex-boyfriend is the school IT boy.

Know she has to deal.

1. Deal with fact that he may stall hate her. Or maybe not?
2. Deal with her new classmates. Not everyone wants a new girl hanging around with the popular kids.
3. Deal with her crazy new French teacher.
4. Deal with her old friend constant pushiness.
5. Deal with her over protective and silly parents.
6. Deal with heart stupid heart doing what it wants.
7. Deal with everyone in her life trying to kill her.

What would you do if you ran into you Ex? What should Eria do?