Is the 'I Love You' Worth It?

"Is the 'I Love You' Worth It?" is a continuation of one of the short stories in 'Snapshots in Time'.
It follows Lisea Lyons from late 1993 and on through her life as a struggling photographer and the realities of having to support yourself and a stoner boyfriend. She has to work a horrible retail job in order to pay the bills and deal with the non-malicious stoner antics of Tre, Mike, and Billie Joe. Tre is pressuring her to move in with him into the cramped, messy basement he shares with Mike and Billie Joe, and on top of the whole sucky-life situations of having a shitty job and kind of perma-high significant other, she finds herself knocked-up.
See how she deals with unplanned pregnancy, constant rejection from what she loves (photography), and her boyfriend's band blowing up into stardom.
  1. "So, When Are You Gonna Move In?"
    Lisea has to find a way to tell Tre there is no way in bloody hell she's moving into his basement apartment with Billie Joe and Mike.
  2. Sicky- poo
    Lisea is a sicky-poo and Tre tries to take care of her.
  3. Giving Up The Rooms We Love
    Tre is forced to give up his room when Adrienne moves in. WAAAAAH!
  4. Bong Water
    Tre moves in with Lisea
  5. Congratulations!
    Lisea find out the results to the test she took...
  6. What's This Do?
    Lisea tells Tre the news and has her initial OB appointment (Pamphlets included!)
  7. For the Love of Money
    The boys get their first check from Reprise and Billie Joe makes an announcement
  8. Gone
    Tre's an asshole; Adrienne and Lisea befriend eachother
  9. News
    Billie and Adrienne get hitched; Lisea has to tell her overbearing, diapproving mother there's a bun in the oven
  10. Smell Ya Later
    Tre leaves to go on tour... AND DOESN'T CALL
  11. Thirty-five Cents
    the girls have a sleepover and have heated discussion over Tre not calling
  12. Inappropriate Whipped Cream Confections
    Lisea quits her job; the boys come home;
  13. Parental Unit
    Tre has to talk to Lisea's dad, at her mother's request
  14. Tiff Tiff
    Tre's back from tour...
  15. IV pt1
    lisea goes into labor
  16. IV pt2
    they get to the hospital and wait around. and around and around.
  17. So That's What It Looks Like!
    OB Nurse Abby comforts Lisea and performs an exam.
  18. Kudos To Beverly Cleary
    Lisea's water is broken; How Ramona gets her name
  19. Dizzy Spells
    Ramona pops into the world; the boys come for a visit
  20. Adjustment
    Ramona's brought home
  21. Meet The Parents
    Tre's parents arrive to see the baby
  22. Mommy Dearest
    Lisea's parents show up
  23. Family Outing
    Lisea Tre and the baby go bra shopping
  24. Us and Stuff
    Tre's being cryptic again.
  25. Plans
    Lisea trys to get Tre to help with the wedding plans
  26. The Hunt is On
    Dress shopping sucks.
  27. Something Blue
    Bruises and Door Knobs... i know it's short, but i'm getting back into the swing of things and it's going slowly