Beside You

b e s t f r i e n d

“Come with me.”

Addy looked up from her computer screen. “And go where?”

“Anywhere, just come with me.”

“Are you okay?” Addy closed her laptop and glanced over the raven haired man in front of her; she felt as if something was off by the way he was practically demanding her to go somewhere with him hours before his set. “And don’t you dare lie to me Joshua Unis Ramsay!”

Josh flinched, “I hate my middle name.”

“Don’t divert the conversation, Josh.” Addy got up from the small table on the tour bus. “Are you okay? Why do you want to leave?”

Josh glanced away from the her, not letting her see his blue eyes. “Can I be honest with you?”

Addy was concerned, “I’d rather you be honest than lie to me.”

“Amanda’s bugging the shit out of me,” Josh sighed. “and I want to get away and do something, and we haven’t hung out just the two of us in a long ass time, and I figured we could do out and do something together.”

Addy got up from the table and smiled at him, “I’d like that, what do you have in mind?”

Josh shrugged, “We could do what we always did when we were bored.”

“Go bowling?” Addy giggled as Josh’s gaze shot back to her surprised that she remembered after all these years what they did together when there wasn’t really anything to do. “What? You thought that I wouldn’t remember?” Addy asked, she giggled softly before turning her face away from him. “I only went bowling with you.” She turned back to face him when she was sure that her cheeks weren’t a bright red.

“Then what do you say?” Josh pulled on his tongue ring with his teeth before continuing. “Want to go bowling?”


“You’re such a cheater!” Addy turned slightly and pointed her finger at him accusingly. “You’re not allowed to be up here when it’s not your turn!” All Josh did was laugh, kept his arms secured around her waist with his chin resting on her shoulder. “You’re not playing fairly, Mr. Ramsay.”

“I’m just ensuring that I win, Ms. Mason.” Every time it was Addy’s turn, he would run up behind her, scoop her up in his arms which made her let go of the ball and roll towards the gutter from being startled. Addy laughed, letting her back rest against his chest. “I must say that I don’t feel like bowling anymore.”

“Me either.”

“Let’s get something to eat then?”

“We have to make it quick, you have a show in two hours, and I have to set up the merch booth.” Once that was said, Addy frowned, she wanted to sit down and eat with Josh like normal friends could do. But she had to admit it was nice to get him alone for a few hours to hangout and not have to worry about anyone questioning their motives -well, only Amanda and the paparazzi would make it seem like they were on a date with each other, when they weren’t. After eating a quick late lunch, Josh and Addy parted ways so she could get the merch booth ready for the rush of fans, and Josh to get changed for his set.

Addy couldn’t help but smile as she walked away from Josh.

Her best friend was back.
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