Beside You

f i n a l l y i t h a p p e n s

Josh is in love with you.

Josh is in love with you.

Josh is in love with you.

That statement repeated itself over and over in her head. Was it true? Was Josh really in love with her? Addy didn’t know. To her, if he loved her, why would he still be with Amanda? Nicole had explained to her what she had overhead, and that she wasn’t lying -that she wouldn’t lie to someone about this. Addy didn’t know why all of a sudden she thought of Amanda, how Amanda must of sensed that something was going on, and founded comfort in that roadie, Connor.

Was her being here screwing up his relationship with Amanda? But when she thought about it over and over again, she realized that it wasn’t her -well, maybe partly, but deep down she knew that Amanda wasn’t the one for him. Sure, her being back here and being around him brought her old feelings back, but if they were in fact arising again, does that mean it wasn’t time for her to stop loving him?

She was so confused.

She knew that something was happening between them; hell, the almost kiss made that very obvious to her, and hopefully to Josh also. She was starting to fall in love with him all over again, but she didn’t want to get hurt like the last time her feelings got the best of her. She had left him, but didn’t regret it, no, not at all. If she hadn’t left, she wouldn’t be where she was now in her career, but then again, if she had stay she wouldn’t have met Trevor, and she would definitely be labeled as Josh Ramsay’s girlfriend, and not Amanda… he would be hers like he was always supposed to be. Addy began to think about Trevor causing a shockwave of shivers throughout her body.

“Are you cold?” his voice slightly startled her causing her to place her hand over her beating heart.


“Sorry,” Josh spoke softly. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Addy licked over her lips as she stared at him, the statement Josh is in love with you running through her head once more. “It’s okay.”

Josh nodded his head as he sat down across the table from her on the tour bus; they were only ones on it, surprisingly, it seemed like everyone else had stuff to do -even Amanda, which was strange since she was always clinging onto Josh whenever she got the chance. “Then what’s bothering you?”


Josh grunted. “You don’t have to lie to me, Addy, you know you can tell me anything.” Addy’s eyes connected with his blue ones that were begging her to tell him what she was thinking about. He had been honest with her when she came back by telling him everything that she had missed out on, or just needed to hear because she was his best friend. He had told her about his experience in rehab, about how he became bulimic, how he suspected Amanda cheating, how he felt when she left, he had told her everything and in return she had gave him nothing.

She dropped her eyes to the tabletop, and cleared her throat. “There was this guy…” she began before she jumped into how she met him, how he treated her, how she thought he could have been the one for her, about all the nice and sweet things he would do for her, how he asked her to move in with him to how he started to change moods quickly, would scream at her over the littlest things, and how he would verbally attack whenever he got the chance. She told Josh that she had managed to never give him the chance to lay a hand on her, and how she managed to get away from him. Throughout the whole explanation, Josh wasn’t very happy.

“Has he tried to contact you since?” Josh asked quickly, he wanted to know if this Trevor guy would try and come back for his best friend.

Addy shook her head, “Haven’t heard of in awhile… I think he might have found someone else.” Addy frowned, thinking about the fact there might be another girl dealing with all she had to deal with. Had she given him the chance to hit her yet?

Josh reached across the small table and placed his hand against her cheek, which she couldn’t help but lean into his touch. “I’m glad you’re not with him anymore.” The redhead sent him a soft smile before closing her eyes and soaking up the warm feeling coming from his calloused hand on her skin.

This felt right to her, just a soft simple touch told her so much that wasn’t said.

She knew exactly at that moment, she had fallen in love with him.

She was in love with Joshua Ramsay, her best friend.


Addy didn’t know why the crowd of teens in front of her were screaming loudly, she didn’t know how many one could be excited for a t-shirt and other merchandise. The screaming was starting to get to her when they began to get louder and louder each passing second.

“What the hell is going on?” Addy murmured to Julia who was handing a bag of merch that someone had bought into their hands before asking the next person what they wanted.

“I have no idea.” Julia answered. “They only get like this when someone from the band is on their way over here.” Addy raised an eyebrow, she knew that they guys weren’t finished with their set just yet because she heard the beginning of All To Myself.


“Don’t ask me!” she called from behind them, sitting on a chair because the heat was starting to get to her a little bit. “Ugh,” Nicole groaned. “I’ll murder each and every single one of them if they’re screaming because Amanda is coming.”

“God, I hope not.” Julia snapped as she smiled sweetly at the girl and handing her a poster of the band.

Addy laughed, “If you go on a massacre, you’ll be charged with murder, and you won’t get to see your baby grow up.”

Nicole pouted, “I’ll try not to get caught.”

“Good luck with that.” Addy giggled, giving the last person at the booth their change. “Thank God that’s finally over.” she grumbled as she took a seat across from Nicole, while Julia decided to lay down on the near empty table. All three girls were tired from the rush and were just itching for the show to finally be over so they could relax before packing everything up and moving to the next venue.

“Nick!” The auburn turned her head to see Mike jogging towards her, sweating like hell. “Someone mentioned you looked uncomfortable, and that the heat might be getting to you, so I had Ian run to the bus and turn the air conditioning on.” Mike held out his hands for her to grab to help her out of the chair.

“I’m fine, Michael.”

“Nicole… just, please?” Nicole rolled her eyes and placed her hands in his to let him pull her off the chair and guide her towards the bus. “Thank you, baby.” Nicole rolled her eyes once more before leaning into his side ignoring the fact that he was sweaty and gross. She smiled softly at the girls before looking up at Mike with a playful glare, she was secretly happy that he had decided to make sure he was the dominate one while she was pregnant, and made sure she did what the doctor had said to do, and to make sure she was comfortable at all times.

Julia and Addy watched as Mike led her away, just as Matt took their pervious place, “Jules, wanna get some food?” the dark haired girl nodded her head and got off the table before launching herself in his arms. Addy giggled as she watched the newly couple walk side by side leaving her there by herself.

“Why is it that I always find you alone?” Josh joked as he came into the tent.

Addy shrugged, “I think you lurk around until everyone leaves me to come see me.” Josh chuckled as he pulled Nicole’s pervious chair up until he sat in front of her until their knees were brushing against each others occasionally.

“So,” Josh spoke as he leaned forwards. “I’ve been thinking about something lately.”

Addy found herself hypnotized by his eyes, and leaning towards him ever so slightly just like he had moments before. The distance between them was so short, if she really pushed herself, she would close their distance between their lips in less than a second. “And what is that?”

“This.” he whispered, closing the distance between them and placing his lips against hers.
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