Beside You

t i m e t o c h o o s e

“And just like that you kissed him? No hesitation at first?”

“None whatsoever.”

“Was it just a kiss or a full blown make out session?”


“What? That’s how my first kiss with Matt went.”

“You also have sex with him that night.”

“Yeah and your point is?”

Can we please get back to the topic of Addy and Josh?” Carly’s voice floated from the cell phone speaker that was being held by Julie. “As much as I want to learn about my roommate’s sex life with one of my best friends, I would rather want to know what’s going to happen between two of my other best friends.

“Hey, you didn’t mention me!”

Nick, I’m pretty sure everyone knows you have sex with Mike, and as much as I‘m siked to be an aunt… I don’t really want to picture you guys having sex.

“But yet you wouldn’t mind picturing Addy and Josh? Isn’t that a little bit hypocritical?” Nicole shot back joking which caused Carly to sputter off reasons over the phone totally distracting her from getting back on topic.

Addy mumbled something underneath her breath finally realizing something that had totally slipped her mind.

“What was that?” Julie asked her.

“He’s still technically with Amanda.” She frowned. “When he kissed me, he cheated on Amanda.”

“Don’t feel bad.” Nicole placed her hand against her arm reassuringly. “We all know she has cheated on him… so don’t you dare feel fucking bad about what happened.”

“It’s just, ugh, I don’t even know any thing anymore.”

“Hun,” Nicole frowned. “Do you love Josh?”

Addy licked over her lips, “Yeah.”

“Then you know something.” Nicole pointed out.

“She’s right, Add.” Jules agreed. “So don’t think for one fucking moment that we’re going to judge you just because you may have helped Josh cheat on Amanda. In all honesty, I’m fucking glad ‘cause now I just have to figure out how to spill the news to her or some shit.”

“She’ll fucking hate me.”

Babe, she already hates you.

“Carly, I just don’t want to be the other woman....” Adeline paused. “I want to be the woman with Josh.”

“I say, fuck Amanda and just get pregnant.”

“Julia!” Nicole scolded. “Now that’s such a mature idea.”

“Hey! What’s worst than being with some guy who got another girl pregnant?”

“Only you would think that way.”

“It’s not like you have a better idea.” Julia shoot back.

Make him choose.

“I don’t want to make him to anything that he doesn’t want to do.” Addy stated; it wasn’t that she didn’t think that Carly’s suggestion was good because in all honesty it was a good suggestion, she just wouldn’t be able to live with the fact if Josh, for some reason, picked Amanda over her... but if he says that he doesn’t love her the way he used too, why would he pick her?

You have to believe he would pick you over her in a heartbeat.

“Like I said, I just don’t know anymore.”

“I say, go for it.”

“Yeah.” Addy nodded her head as the girls agreed with what Carly was saying because in the end of it all, Carly was right.

Josh needed to choose between them.
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