Beside You

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Addy stood on the side of the stage where Josh and they guys were performing, with a smile on her face. She loved how Josh interacted with the crowd by having them sing along, and making them laugh at his corny jokes. The fact that he was up there being all carefree and not letting the drama behind the curtains change anything; she loved him –fuck, she has always loved him.

Josh caught Addy swaying to the beat out of the corner of his eyes. He ever knew his life would turn out just like this, he never knew that the one who he’s always wanted was basically right by his side his whole entire life. He loved her, and now all he had to do was figure out a logical way to get rid of Amanda.

“Thanks for the wild ride, guys! And if you don’t know, now you know! We’re Marianas Trench and we love you! Good night sexy ladies and dudes!” Josh told the crowd who screamed with excitement and slight disappoint that the set had finally ended. Josh quickly bowed before jogging off the stage and circling his arms around Addy, bring her closer to him.

“Ew.” Josh knew she was sporting a disgusted expression on her face, but kept nuzzling his face against her neck. “You’re all sweaty…” Josh grinned when he felt her slender arms wrap around his waist nonetheless.

“How’d you like the show?” Josh’s hot breath hit her neck making her knees feel weak. “We played some songs we haven’t done live before…”

“It was great.” Addy murmured as she rested her head against his chest ignoring how slightly sweaty his shirt was. “You were great.” Josh pulled back slightly to dip his head to connect their lips which caused Addy to grin and press more forcefully against his just loving the feeling he gave her every time he kissed her.

“Thanks baby.” Josh pecked her once more. “I’m going to take a quick shower then we’ll go get dinner, okay?”

Addy nodded her head, “Okay.”

Josh smiled placing a lingering kiss on her lips before taking off in the direction where the tour bus was parked. Touching her lips with her fingers, Addy blushed remembering how Josh had greeted her once he got off the stage. In all honesty, she wouldn’t mind being greeted like that by him.

“Why are you making out with my boyfriend?” Addy squeaked in surprised as she turned around to see Amanda standing with her arms across her chest. “I don’t appreciate some home-wrecking whore trying to steal my boyfriend.”

“He kissed-”

“Don’t pull that bullshit.” Amanda spat. “Stay away from Josh.”

Addy shook her head, “No.”

No?” Amanda mocked her. “Aren’t you a little tough cookie? Just because he kissed you, doesn’t mean he likes you, sweetheart. You’re just a little thing before he realizes that he doesn’t want you and move on.” The redhead tilted her head to the side slightly curious about what Amanda was going on about. “Oh, you don’t know, do you?” Amanda laughed as her blonde curls bounced around her face. “This isn’t the first time Josh has pulled this shit.”

“Pull what?”

“Getting girls to fall in love with him.” Amanda smirked. “Just once you think he’s about to leave me, bam, he’ll come up with some excuse as to why the relationship isn’t working. He’ll break your heart just like the others.” Addy frowned at the words coming from the blonde bitch’s mouth. Sure, she hadn’t seen Josh since that conversation about making him choose with the girls. “Oh, sweetie, you think he actually loves you? I’m sorry to say, you’re just another one of those girls.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Oh dear.” Amanda straightened out her clothes. “He’s famous, Adeline, and famous people get whatever, whoever whenever they want.” Once those words left her mouth, she walked away.

Addy wasn’t sure if she really believed Amanda, but Amanda was the closest person to Josh except for the other guys. She had only been his friend when they were teenagers, and surely he must have changed in the ten years of not seeing each other. But would Josh change into someone that was completely the opposite of him? Could he really be playing her like that? Was she really just one of those other girls?

Then again, out of all the girls in the world, why would he choose his a girl that left him in his time of need, a girl that left him because she couldn’t handle his choices, a girl that really has no chance with a guy like Josh Ramsay? But believing a word that came out of Amanda’s mouth was extremely stupid, also.

Addy sighed, she didn’t know who to believe anymore.

But she was going to get the truth out of Josh whether her feelings were hurt in the process.

She wanted to know, she needed to know his feelings by now.
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also, the song By Now by MT is probably the only song that has made me cry by them... it's just so heartbreaking </3

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