Beside You

b r e a k i n g u p

Josh knew what he had to do, it was about time anyways. When Addy had told him about leaving again, he realized what he had been putting her though. He didn’t mean too, he was just so busy focusing on this tour that he barely saw what was going on. He didn’t notice that Amanda was almost never around, or how Addy kept herself to the girls, and how uncomfortable the situation was making everyone feel. He knew that if Addy had left, there was no doubt that the blame would be put on him.

It was his fault why she left the first time anyways.

“We need to talk.” His voice came out strong, even though he felt so weak. “I’m just going to say this because, well, it’s overdue. We’re not working out, things are different now, and I think we should take a break.”

“That was good, but could you sound manlier?” Nicole stated. “I can’t pretend to be Amanda because I’m pretty sure the bitch isn’t dating a girl.”

Josh gave her a pointed look. “I’m trying; I’ve never really broken up with a girl before.” Nicole shrugged her shoulders as she fidgeted in her seat to get more comfortable; the baby was pushing against her ribcage and was making it uncomfortable for her to stay still.

“How about this,” Nicole licked over her chapped lips. “I don’t love you, you stupid bitch, so pack your shit and get the fuck out. I never want to see you again, you nasty whore. Oh, you look confused, do I need to dumb it down for you? Okay, um, I don’t want your nasty ass, so by the time I get back, I want you the fuck out of the apartment… oh, and by the way, I was fucking Addy behind your back the whole time.” Nicole took a deep breath before placing a smirk on her face. “See? That was easy.”

Josh chuckled. “I’m not saying I didn’t like it, but I don’t want to sound like an asshole… and I’m not fucking Addy.”

“But you want too…”

“Nicole!” Josh chuckled with tinted cheeks. “Can we please get back to helping me break up with Amanda?”

“You’re going to break up with her?” Mike asked, as he climbed the stairs onto the tour bus. “Bout time, man!” Nicole flashed her lover a smile as he sat beside her and putt his arm over her shoulders. Even when Josh’s relationship with Amanda was at a good point, he was always envious of the guys and their girls; that Matt and Julia could act like little kids and tease each other, but if Josh had teased Amanda about something playfully, she would take it personally, and yell at him for it.

Then with Mike and Nicole, and that fact that they were having a baby, made him even more envious. He wanted something like that –someone to come home too, someone who would miss him. He wanted someone who was going to be around, and not cause problems between anyone. And Ian, Ian was just Ian. He had that special someone until him being away from her was too much to handle. He was okay with being single, and being around the Trenchers, and his family.

Josh glanced at the door, “Where’s everyone?”

Mike answered, since he was the only one who knew. “Matt and Jules are on a double date with Ian and some roadie chick, and Addy… don’t know where she is, and I don’t keep track of Amanda.”

Josh ran his and over his raven color haired and sighed. “She told me to choose, dude.”

“What’s so bad about that?”

Josh moved his gaze over to his best-friends that were sitting on the couch; Nicole was tucked in to his side as her hands were resting on her bulging stomach –she was due anytime now– and her eyes were closed, but he knew she was still listening to them. “I’ve never had to break up with a girl before… during high school I wasn’t the type of guy girl’s flocked to.”

“Just be straight forward, man.” Mike suggested. “Easier and faster that way.” The door opened with closed the two males to turn their attention to the door, and for Nicole to open her eyes to see Amanda. The blonde walked onto the bus and noticed that the three of them were staring at her.


Josh stood up. “We need to talk.”

Amanda tilted her head to the side, letting some of her hair slip over her shoulder. “What about, baby?” Josh tried to keep his face expressionless; the way she was acting so innocent was irritating him; though, he didn’t say anything, he just walked past her towards the back of the bus praying that she wasn’t completely stupid and had followed him. “What’s going on?”

Josh turned around and leaned against the bunks. “I don’t think we’re working-”

Amanda crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head. “You are not breaking up with me for that bitch.”

He had enough, enough with Amanda’s constant bitching. “That’s exactly what I’m doing.” Josh grinded his teeth together when she scoffed.

“We’re not breaking up.”

Josh rolled his eyes as he remembered Nicole’s words. “Just pack your shit and go home.” He watched as Amanda made a noise of disbelief mixed with shock. “And when you get home, I want you to pack your shit and get the fuck out. I’m calling my sister, and I having her change the locks.”

“You cannot be serious…”

“Serious as a heart attack, baby.” Josh retorted as he pushed by her to get to the front of the door. “You have ten minutes until I pack for you.” He stated over his shoulder before rushing off the bus to find Addy.

He had to tell her what he had just done.
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