Beside You

g o o d t o y ou

“Have you seen Addy?”

“Nope.” One of the The Ready Set’s roadies replied. “Sorry man.”

“It’s cool.”

It had been an hour since he had broken up with Amanda and been looking for Addy. He had a set in fifteen minutes, but he wanted to find Addy first; he wanted to hold her tiny body close to his and whisper in her ear that he loved her. She was all he needed, he just wanted to be by her side forever and always, but to do that he had to find her. Josh asked everyone that walked by him, if they had seen her; some had told him where they’ve seen her, but when he got there she was gone.

“Josh!” he spun around to face who was calling his name. “Are you fucking crazy? You have to be on stage in five minutes!”

“I have to find her, Jules!” Julia rolled her dark colored eyes, as she began to push Josh in the direction of the stage. “This is important!”

“You being on stage is more important than telling Addy something.” Jules groaned as Josh started to resist her. “You have fans out there, and I’m sure you telling Addy you love her can wait ‘til after the show.”

“How do you know I love her?” Josh looked down at Julia; they had a huge gap in their height differences.

“It’s written all over your face!” Julia replied as she grabbed his wrist and began pulling him to the stage. “Josh, I swear if you do not get your ass on stage, I will personally make sure you can’t pleasure Addy!”

“How are you so open about that?” Josh threw her a grossed out expression.

“Someone has to be!” Julia giggled before she lightly smacked her palm to her forehead. “I forgot to tell you that Addy’s going to be side staging it tonight.”

“Seriously?” Josh smiled softly, Addy had only been on the side once during the whole entire tour.

Julia smirked and uttered only one word. “Dead.”


And I do want to show you, I will run to you ‘til I can’t stand on my own anymore. I cross my heart and hope to die…

Josh feed off of the crowd’s excitement. He was always nervous about a show, always wondering what if something was going to go wrong; would a fan get hurt from a rowdy crowd? Would they have technical difficulties? Would he forget the words? Would he look like an idiot for glancing at the side of the stage just to see Addy’s expression?

Josh brought the microphone up to his lips and chuckled. “How many of you guys are here with your girlfriends?” His questioned wasn’t answered, but he didn’t expect it to be. “To keep with the love vibe going, how about we sing, Good to You?”

The crowd screamed louder.

“The only problem with this song is that it’s a duet.” Josh frowned as his eyes scanned around the room, watching the fan’s expressions. He had been thinking of performing this song with someone who a long time, but Kate Voegele had her own little tour, and the girl who had won a contest, Jessica Lee, was attending college. “So, I thought long and hard about this and figured out what to do.”

“And what was that?” Matt glanced up at Josh from strumming his guitar.

“I have this friend,” Josh watched as a roadie shoved a microphone in Addy’s hands before slightly pushing her his way. “She’s an unbelievable singer, and I think she would be perfect to sing this with me.”

“And who might that be, dude?” Mike asked, playing dumb.

“Adeline.” Josh smiled as she slowly made her way to him with a confused expression plastered on her face. “Addy’s going to sing this song with me, right?”

“You’re a jerk.” Addy shook her head, laughing. “You could have warned me, I would have dressed better.” The crowd laughed; he was happy that they weren’t opposing the idea.

“I like surprising you.” Josh muttered, pulling her close to his side. “Can we sing now?” Addy nodded, and blushed when Josh kissed her cheek. “Everyone’s around, no words are coming now and I can’t find my breath, can we just say the rest with no sound? And I know this isn’t enough, I still don’t measure up, I’m not prepared, sorry is never there when you need it. And I do want you to know, I’ll hold you up about everyone else and.

Addy licked over her bottom lip as she sang with Josh. “I do want you to know I think you’d be good to me, and I’d be so good to you.

Josh smirked at her. “I would…

Addy couldn’t help but roll her eyes as his moved his body closer to her. “I thought I saw a sign somewhere between the lines, maybe it’s me, maybe I only see what I want. And I still have your letter, just got caught between someone I just invented, who I really am, and who I’ve become.

Josh stood in front of her, placing his hand against her cheek before singing the chorus with her. “And I do want you to know, I’ll hold you up above everyone, and I do want you to know I think you’d be good to me, and I’d be so good to you. I would. And I do want you to know, I’ll hold you up above everyone, and I do want you to know I think you’d be good to me, and I’d be so good to you.

The warmth from Josh’s hand caused her to lean into his touch. “I’d be good to you. I’d be good to you.

Josh couldn’t tear his eyes off of her. “Yeah, I would."

Addy felt as if she was in a trance, her heart was beating so fast. “I’d be good to you. I’d be good to you.

Josh’s head lowered as they sang the last few verses. “Yeah, I would.”

I’d be so good to you.

Josh licked over his bottom lip, singing the final verse. “So good to you.

Then he did it, he kissed her.
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I think I'm going to end the story within the next three or so chapters ): kinda of sad, if you think about it. I have been writing this story for so long, and now that it's ending soon... it kinda hurts. Anyways, the songs used in this chapter are Cross My Heart and the obvious, Good to You. Comment? (:

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