Beside You

c r o s s m y h e a r t

”… it’s official, Josh Ramsay and Amanda McEwan, are dating…”

“How touching…” Twenty-seven year old, Adeline Mason, murmured as she scrolled down the fan page. Even though, she cut all ties to him about ten years ago, she couldn’t have but be proud; she was proud of how he sprung back from having an heroin addiction to becoming something he’s always dreamed of.

But Adeline was not proud of who he was dating. In fact, she hated that girl; she remembered meeting that girl from Carly Rae Jepsen, a friend of hers and Josh, and instantly not liking her. So what if she’s a model? She’s still ugly in Addy’s book. Amanda McEwan wasn't good enough for him, even after everything he’s been through, she just wasn’t good enough.

Addy’s cell phone began to ring, causing her attention to be shifted from the computer screen to her phone. Rolling her eyes as she answered the call, Addy, lips turned into a smile. “Long time, no talk.”

Her friend giggled, “We talked two days ago, Add.

Addy laughed, “I know, Carly, I know.”

Carly’s giggled died down, “How are you, Addy?

“I’m fine.”

No,” Carly stated. “I mean, how are you, really?”

“I‘m fine, Lee, I‘m doing fine.”

If you say so.” Carly mumbled. “I need a huge favor.” Addy’s interest peeked at the statement. Carly rarely asked her for a favor, she rarely asked for anything.

“What is it?”

Now, I want you to hear me out before you say no-

Addy rolled her eyes even though she knew Carly couldn’t see, “Just tell me.”

I need you to take my place for Marianas Trench’s merch. Now, I’m only asking you because I have no one else to go to, and I know that you’ve been dying to see Matt, and maybe Josh, again-

Addy cut Carly off, “What about Nicole? Why can’t she?”

Nicole’s three months pregnant, and Mike doesn’t want her out in the heat too long, or lifting up boxes; he’s afraid that with the fan base they have, she’ll get mauled or something.” Carly explained.

Fuck, Addy thought. Has she really been out of the loop that long? She knew that Mike and Nicole were dating, but about Nicole being pregnant, she had no idea. The redhead leaned back in her chair, thinking things over. What had she got to lose? She’d be able to see Matt again, meet the rest of the band, and maybe get the courage to actually be able to tell Josh that she didn’t mean to run away from him all those years ago.

“I don’t know, Lee.”

Come on, Adeline! Please do this for me!

Addy groaned, “Fine. Text me the details.” After listening to Carly squeal for the longest time, she murmured her goodbye before hanging up the call. Letting her head hit the headrest, Addy closed her eyes and released a deep sigh.

“What have I gotten myself in too?” she mumbled as her hand reached up and gripped the necklace that hung around her neck; the same necklace that Josh gave her when she turned fourteen, the same necklace that she never took off for anything, the same necklace that reminded her of Josh.

Hearing her computer beep, to let her know that it was dying, Addy opened her eyes and glanced at the screen that still held a picture of Josh and Amanda together. There she made a promise to herself that when and if she ever sees that girl, she was going to show her that just because she was Josh’s girlfriend, didn’t mean that she was his number one girl.

That place was hers, and hers only.

“Cross my heart and hope to die,” Addy whispered, “if that bitch thinks she can take my place, I’ll destroy her.”
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