Beside You

n e v e r f o r g o t t e n

The feeling of being nudged cause the raven haired man to roll over to his side; without opening his eyes, he stayed silent before mumbling, “What?” he felt the bed dip down and a cold metal object was placed in his hands.

A soft voice was heard, “Babe, your phone’s going off.”

Groaning, he finally opened his eyes revealing his set of blue eyes. Shooting a quick glance at the alarm clock that rested on the bedside table, he groaned once more when the green numbers were showing that it was ten o’clock in the morning; today was his day off –he wanted to be able to sleep until twelve, like he had when he was a teenager. Shifting his eyes to look at his iPhone’s screen, he merely rolled his eyes before answering that call, which he missed every minute before his girlfriend finally handed it to him.

“This better be good,” he mumbled, closing his eyes.

A light giggle reached his ears, “Ah, baby, you know everything that comes out of my mouth is good.

“You know Amanda doesn’t like it when you call me that.” Josh sighed as a laugh erupted from the other end, “What do you want, Carly?”

And that is why I call you that.” Carly stated before getting straight to the point of the reason why she called him in the first place. “I managed to get someone to cover for me.” Josh opened his eyes and sat up in his bed when he heard that. Had Carly manage to convince Mike to let Nicole help out with merch?

“How’d you get Mike to-”

Carly interrupted him, “I didn’t.

“Then who’d you-”

Carly’s voice was soft and quiet as if she was about to tell him some sort of secret, “I called Addy, and she agreed.

Addy, otherwise known as Adeline Mason.

Josh hadn’t forgotten about her over the years, it was quite the opposite. She was always on his mind, the way her smile would brighten his day, how her hazel eyes would shine, the reddish orange color of her hair, and how she was always there for him… until he felt the need to depend on something else. Something that now, wished he never considered because that one mistake of feeling the need to depend on something else other than her, made him lose her. He never wanted to lose her.

That day, ten years ago, replayed in his mind all the time. He hated how he made her cry, and realize that one promise that they made to each other before they had entered high school: no drugs, no matter how hard the temptation was. He knew with the first injection he took of that horrid drug, he was not only ruining his life, but Addy’s as well. They were like one in the same, if one was hurting the other knew, that just how it always was. They’d always make decisions together.

When she came to him about that offer some prestigious high school made, he became selfish. He told her reasons why she shouldn’t go instead of why she should. He wanted her to be around, always. He didn’t realize at the time that she was his everything… and to him, that was something that he couldn’t lose. But when he broke their promise of no drugs, she left, and never looked back. She had called the school and asked if the offer was still there, and when it was, she took it as a first class escape of out here. Josh hadn’t known at the time that, that would be the last time he laid his blue eyes on the red haired girl.

Josh?” It was complete silence for a moment, and Carly knew he just had to let him think and process all the information he had received. “Are you… okay?

No, he wasn’t okay.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, watching as Amanda came out of their bathroom drying her wet hair with a towel, “Just shocked is all.” Carly and Josh exchanged a few words before they muttered their goodbyes, leaving Josh to let his phone drop beside him as Amanda watched him with curious eyes.

“Baby,” Amanda breathed out, “are you alright?”

“Fine.” was all he muttered before getting out of bed and getting ready for the day. Even though it was his day off, tour began in less than two days and he was far from being ready. He still had things to pack, and calls to make. But the first thing he wanted to do was find out why, after all this time, Addy was finally coming back.
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