Beside You

g o i n g h o m e

Going home was probably going to be the hardest part. When Adeline took the offer for the prestigious school, she didn’t know that the offer came from the States. After a long discussion with her family, they finally agreed and shipped her off to live with a distant relative who gladly took her in. After Adeline graduated from the school with high hopes and honors, she immediately got a job as an intern at a local recording studio; though, they aren’t as popular in the music industry, she feels at home with her work. But it didn’t hurt that when a singer backed out, or couldn’t make it, she was their first choice in replacing said singer.

Adeline sighed, looking herself in the mirror in the airport’s bathroom. After ten long years, she was finally returning home. Different types of thoughts swarmed around in her head; had her parents changed? Did her old friends still consider her a friend? Does her old room still look exactly the way she left it? Is her dog still alive? She wasn’t sure, no, she didn’t know at all.

Running her hand through her red locks, she realized that she was terrified with the thought of going home and nobody accepting her; she was different, she wasn’t the same girl she was when she was seventeen. Though no one knew, she had suffered from heartbreak, not once but twice. Her first heartbreak was having the realization hit her when she landed in the States: she left Josh, her best-friend, and the love of her life. The second time was partially Josh’s fault. If he hadn’t begun dating Amanda, she wouldn’t have felt the need to find some guy to take her thoughts off of him. Then she wouldn’t have met Trevor.

Just thinking his name made her blood run cold, and chills wreck through her body; her relationship was the typical domestic abuse; he was sweet in the beginning, then he started getting mad at the littlest things, grabbing her a little too hard, but she never gave him the chance to hit her; she managed to be long gone before it gotten to that point. Trevor was and is the only kept secret that she wasn’t willing to share, no matter who you were.

“Flight 835 to Vancouver, Canada is now boarding.” The announcer paused for a second, “Flight 835 to Vancouver, Canada is now boarding.”

Walking out of the bathroom, Addy made her way over to the gate she was departing from. Her heart stomped against her chest repeatedly; this was the first time she was leaving the States in ten years. Even though Canada is her home, she had left a lot of unresolved problems there. The one she wanted to fix the most was the problem with Josh –if there even was a problem. He could have forgotten her the moment she left.

He probably did, she thought as she handed the lady her ticket. The lady smiled before bidding her a good flight before letting Addy walk by and down the ramp that lead to the plane. She found her seat quickly without any problems –first class wasn’t that hard to find. When she mentioned to her boss that she was returning home to help a friend out on tour, he basically gave her six months off with pay, and also offered to pay for the flight there. Whether she realized it or not, her boss thought highly of her. She was a good consistent worker, who barely took time off. Giving her six months off with pay was his way of telling her to relax and think of it as a vacation.

Something that she’s hasn’t had in a long time.

Addy got comfortable in her seat before turning her head to look out of the window. In a few hours time, she would home in Canada, and would see her parents. Her parents were the most important people in her life; the only important people in her life.
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