Beside You

s o u r c a n d y

Addy sat in her car, trying to get the courage to actually get out of her car and walk up the path to Carly’s apartment. Carly had figured that it would be more comfortable for Addy to go over to her place instead of Josh’s, and Addy was thankful for that –she didn’t want to have to run into Amanda when she didn’t need to. Addy knew that the whole band, plus Nicole, was going to be there; she had heard the laughter in the background when Carly had called her to give her directions. Finally, releasing a long needed breath to relax, Addy willed her body to get out of the car and head on up to Carly’s apartment.

It wasn’t long before Addy was standing in front of apartment D3; her hands shook as she reached up to knock on the door, but was surprised when the door opened revealing an auburn haired girl with a slightly bulged belly. The auburn blinked her green eyes a few times before opening and closing her mouth as if she was trying to say something, but couldn’t find the right words to say.

“Babe?” a deep voice sounded from behind the girl, “Are you alright? Do you want me to go to the car? ‘Cause I can totally do that, you know, if you wanted me too.” Adeline smiled softly at the girl when she heard the display of affection which caused the auburn haired girl to roll her eyes.

“He never lets me do anything.” she mumbled to herself before grinning at Addy. “Hello Adeline.”

Addy gave her a cheeky grin, “Hey, Nicole.”

Nicole stepped aside just as Mike appeared behind wrapping his arm around her shoulders. He took one look at the Addy and tilted his head to the side, “Who are you?”

Nicole smacked his chest playfully, “Way to be forward.” Mike looked down at Nicole with eyes filled with so much love, that Addy thought wasn’t impossible. The auburn girl simply rolled her eyes before answering his question. “Mike this is Adeline,” Nicole gestured between the two, “and Adeline, this is Mike.”

A knowing look spread across Mike’s face. “She’s the Adeline?” Mike whispered in Nicole’s ear, thinking that only his girlfriend would be able to hear him, but Addy heard him. Biting down on her bottom lip, she awkwardly removed her gaze off the two. Was that all she was going to be known as? She didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that everyone knew of her before she could make her own impression. She didn’t want people to base her off of what Josh or Carly might have told them.

Addy looked up when she heard Nicole sigh, “Babe, can you go to the car?” Mike nodded quickly, pushing pass the two girls. “I’m sorry about that Addy, I really am.”

“Do they not like me?”

Nicole’s laugh shocked her, “No, oh God, no.” Addy watched as Nicole placed her palm on her growing stomach and smile softly. “Everyone likes you, well, expect for Amanda… I think.” Addy shrugged her shoulders; she didn’t care if Amanda didn’t like her, hell, Adeline didn’t like her anyways. “Come on,” Nicole stepped to the side, “everyone’s dying to see you.”

Addy stepped inside Carly’s two bedroom apartment that she shared with a girl that Addy hadn’t met yet. Carly’s apartment was slightly small, but was spacious enough for two girls. The living room had white painted walls with photography pictures that accented against the black couch. The couch pillows were various different greens and purples that tied in the rug and furniture. It was a simply done room, but yet looked homey.

“Look who decided to finally show!” Matt’s voice reached her ears, which instantly brought a smile to her face. At least some of her old friends were happy that she was home. Addy’s gaze traveled around the room in front of her. Matt’s arm was wrapped around some brown haired girl’s shoulders, as she cuddled up into his side. Nicole had taken as seat on a loveseat, which Addy assumed was where she was sitting with Mike before she had to go to the car. Then her eyes slowly made their way over towards Carly, Josh and a guy who she figured was Ian since she knew who Matt and Josh were, and had met Mike when she arrived.

Addy’s eyes settled on Josh, who looked like he hadn’t changed much since they were seventeen. He still had the black and blue hair, and his eye color was more defined now. He was slightly a little bit more muscular, and his futures made him look somewhat more mature. When Josh’s eyes connected with hers, she quickly looked away, knowing that he had caught her studying him. The tension in the room was thick, and the silence was making Carly nervous.

Carly stood up from the couch, “I missed you so much!” Addy giggled softly as Carly pulled her into a tight hug. “God, it been like forever since I’ve seen you!”

“It has been forever.” Addy agreed.

Carly nodded her head, before clapping her hands together. “Oh!” Carly laughed turning Addy around so she faced Matt and the brown haired girl. “I want you to meet Julia, my roommate and Matt’s girlfriend.” Julia gave Addy a light smile which Addy returning the gesture. “And over there by Josh,” Carly spun her around once more. “Is Ian; he’s the drummer.”

“Hi.” Ian gave Addy a head nod before returning his gaze back down to the sleek metal object that she presumed was his cell phone. After Addy was introduced to everyone, and Mike came back from the car, conversation was broken out in the room. She didn’t have any trouble with anyone, and had her own part in the conversation. She was getting to know Matt’s girlfriend more as she was learning what she missed out in Carly and Nicole’s lives. The only one who hadn’t spoken a word since she arrived was Josh.

“I heard your song,” Addy interjected Matt’s rambling, “It was really good, Carly. I’m really proud of you.” Carly’s cheeks redden a bit; she was a singer like Addy, but was slowly making her way into the public’s eyes.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Addy replied as her eyes once again connected with Josh’s. “I’m proud of you too, Josh.” As the words left her mouth, Josh sprung out of his seat and mumbled something about getting a drink in the kitchen. A frown took place on Addy’s face as her eyes scanned over the people sitting in the room. The looks on everyone’s faces ranged from pity to confusion.

Matt stood up, “Maybe I shou-”

Addy held her hand up, “I should talk to him.” and with that said, she stood up from her seat next to Julia and made her way into the kitchen to confront Josh about what had happened all those years ago.
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