Beside You

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The next few days were busy for Addy when Marianas Trench had arrived at their first venue. She had fun getting to know Matt’s girlfriend a little bit and reminiscing with Nicole and Carly, though she had to leave Carly and Nicole behind until the guys had them come and visit. Addy had also managed to get Julia to help her out with merch, and was finding a true friend in the young girl.

Releasing a breath as she stacked the last box of merch, Addy ran her hands through her sweat filled hair. “I hope I get used to this.”

“You will,” a voice retorted from behind her. “trust me.”

Addy turned around surprised to see Nicole standing underneath the tent. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “I thought you weren’t coming until later on into tour?”

Nicole rolled her eyes playfully and placed her hands on her tiny hips. “It’s a tradition for the girls to be here for the first show of tour.”

Addy grimaced, “Is Amanda going to be here?”

Nicole frown slightly, “Sad thing is, she never participated in the tradition.”


“Yeah, thing is, no one really likes her.” Nicole explained as she took a seat in fold out chair. “Sure she goes on and on about how much she loves Josh, but we don’t believe her. We think she’s just in it for the fame, and no matter how we try to show Josh he doesn’t seem to believe us; when he should believe us over her.”

Addy licked her bottom lip, looking away from Nicole when she asked the question that popped into her mind after hearing all of that. “Has she cheated on him?”

Nicole shrugged her bare shoulders, “Probably, who knows.” Addy pursed her lips, thinking about what Nicole had mentioned. Was Amanda actually that bad to Josh? Did she not love him the way she was starting to? Was Amanda going to be the cause of Josh picking up his old bad habit again? “But let’s forget about that for the time being.” Addy chewed on her bottom lip as she nodded her head.

“The show isn’t until tonight, right?” Nicole nodded her head, asking Addy why. “I was thinking that you, Julia, and I should spend the day together before the show. You know, get some late lunch?”

Nicole smiled standing up from the white chair, “That sounds like a great idea! Plus, I think you owe yourself a break.” the auburn haired girl agreed while taking out her phone to text Julia to come over to the merch tent. “Stop thinking about it.” Nicole muttered softly looking up from her cell phone screen before glancing back down.

Addy averted her eyes, “But how does he-”

“I don’t know, Addy, if I knew I would gladly tell you.” she interrupted. “I honestly don’t know why he lets her walk all over him.”

“He was never like that before…” Addy stopped, she knew what she was going to say, but she couldn’t bare to admit to someone else.

“Before you left?” Nicole finished off, playing with the hem of her pink shirt. “Don’t blame yourself, Adeline, you did what you had to do to become who you are today.”

“But maybe if I didn’t leave, he would be with me and not her.”

“Then you need to show him that now.” Julia commented as she moved to stand by Nicole’s side. “You need to show Josh that you are meant for him, and not that bitch.”

“I don’t even know if I am.” Addy whispered playing with her necklace, the necklace that she never took off since she was seventeen, the necklace that Josh had gave her. Shaking her head, she dropped the charm that she was rubbing between her fingers. “Let’s go get some lunch shall we?”


Josh’s legs hung over the edge of the stage as he watched Julia ask Matt for the keys to the rental so the girls could go out to lunch. Sound check had just ended, fixing the minimal mistakes they had, and now where just waiting for the other band to arrive. Mike was off probably telling Nicole to be careful, not to drink anything alcoholic, and enough food for herself and the baby as she’d roll her eyes and tell him not to worry. Ian was off doing the final touches to his outfit before the big show.

Hearing the paddle of feet coming towards him, Josh looked to his right to see Matt sit down next to him. “Penny for your thoughts?”

“I’m happy that she’s back,” Josh began. “but confused why now after all this time.”

“Ah,” Matt mused. “you don’t know how to feel about her now that she’s here.” Josh shook his head, playing with his tongue ring with his teeth. “You loved her when we were teenagers, nearly died when she left, found Amanda a few years later, missed her like crazy, and now that she’s back you’re conflicted because you love Amanda but yet you love Adeline.”

Josh huffed, “You make my life sound like some tv show.”

Matt chuckled, “That’s because it is, dude.”

“This is going to sound really gay coming from me but,” Josh paused as he glanced around the venue, taking in its features. “My mind says I should stay with Amanda because I know how she feels about me, but yet, my heart tells me to take a chance on Adeline.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I don’t know how she feels about me.”

Matt ran his hand over his head, sighing. “She still has it, you know.”

Josh raised an eyebrow at his friend, “What?”

“The necklace you gave her.” he answered. “That must mean something, right? ‘Cause if you didn’t mean that much to her, she could have simply got rid of it.” Josh glanced away from his band mate; was that true? Did she still have the necklace that he gave her over ten years ago? If she does, how did he not notice?

“I don’t know what to do, man.”

Matt shrugged. “I’d say, spend more time with her see how you feel after that, and then when Amanda comes up see how you feel when you‘re with her. Then whatever your heart tells you, than that‘s the choice you make.”

Josh’s deep chuckle filled the room, “You’ve been hanging out with Julia too much.”

Matt shrugged his shoulders, “Can’t help that my girl’s a hopeless romantic.”

Josh shook his head, “That you can’t.”
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