Beside You

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Adeline managed to catch bits and pieces of MT’s set; running the merch tent was coming easier to her as the minutes droned on. All she had to do was ask what they wanted, took the money, than gave them what they paid for. Since Julia was dating Matt, she was mostly absent from the booth, and watching the show. Addy didn’t mind, handling the booth on her own, she just would have liked to watch the set a little bit more than she did.

Catching some of the set, made her realize why she loved listening to Josh sing in the first place; his voice was deep and husky that definitely caused all the girls in the general area to swoon over him. Addy couldn’t help but feel exactly like that when he sang, his voice pulled her into another world, into another universe. Just hearing his voice brought a smile to her face. All of her previous thoughts about how Josh wouldn’t accept her back left her mind. Though, the two aren’t as close as they were years ago, she was hoping she could get that relationship back with him, he was her best-friend after all.

Addy smiled at the young girl, handing her change and a shirt. “Hope you enjoyed the set.”

The young girl smiled back, “I did! Thanks!”

Addy giggled to herself as she watched the girl who couldn’t be older than twelve scamper back to her brother’s side and repeatedly thanks him for buying the tickets as an early birthday gift. Noticing that she was clear of customers for the time being, she plopped herself down on the nearby chair, pushing her sunglasses up to rest on her forehead she bent over and pulled out a water bottle from the cooler before propping her feet on it. Untwisting the cap, she took a sip as Julia stumbled underneath the tent clutching her stomach.

“You alright?” Addy raised an eyebrow as she sat her drink down next to her. Julia shook her head, trying not to laugh. “What did I miss?”

“Matt was jumping around on stage, which pissed Josh because he kept bumping into him,” Julia paused to let out a fit of giggles. “so Josh pushed him, and he nearly fell off the stage!”

“Um,” Addy tilted her head to the side, letting her hair spill over her shoulders. “you do realize that your boyfriend almost fell off a stage that is like about ten feet away from the ground, right?” The black haired girl opened and closed her mouth a few times before mumbling a quite “fuck” and bolting from the booth, which caused Addy to laugh softly as she picked up the bottle and took another sip.

“I thought she’d never leave.” Addy jumped causing the speaker to chuckle; she recognized whose chuckle that belong too. Cranking her head to look behind her, she stood in Josh’s presence leaning casually against a pole that was supporting the tent. “Can we talk?” The redhead nodded her head, moving her feet off the cooler and gesturing for him to take a seat in front of her.

Addy licked her lips nervously, “What do you want to talk about?”

“Everything.” Josh murmured as he sat down on the cooler. “I want to know everything.”

Addy looked away, “But you do know me, nothing’s changed.”

“It’s been ten years, Adeline.” Josh rolled his eyes. “Something’s has to be different about you.”

“What about you?” Adeline leaned back into the chair and crossed her arms over her chest. “What’s changed about you?”

Josh fiddled with his red tie, “I haven’t done drugs in over ten years.”

Addy smiled softly, “That’s great, Josh!” she leaned forward, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him to her; hovering her lips by his ear, she whispered, “I’m so proud of you.” Josh couldn’t help but shiver when her warm breath hit his ear; the feeling was so overwhelming, he just didn’t know what do to. She was sparking emotions in him that not even Amanda managed to do. He didn’t know why he had the sudden urge to pull back and kiss her, he didn’t understand why his body was reacting so sexually towards her when she didn’t even do anything.

Addy pulled back from their embrace a bit to stare into Josh’s gorgeous blue eyes. God, how she missed looking into those eyes of his. She found herself hypnotized by his eyes, and leaning towards him ever so slightly- or maybe he was leaning towards her, she couldn’t tell. The distance between them was so short, if she really pushed herself, she would close their distance between their lips in less than a second.

A fit of giggles erupted behind them, “Matty’s alright!” Jules declared loudly, obviously unaware of the moment that was occurring between Josh and Addy. They broke apart quickly, turning to face Julia with wide, guilty eyes. Julia kept talking about Matt’s near fall while drinking her beer, completely oblivious to anything that had happened.

“So…” Addy searched for words that would describe what had just happened between them but none came to her. Josh clearly looked as uncomfortable and at a loss for words as she felt.

“Is anyone listening to me?” Julia whined from behind her. Addy turned to her best friend and gave her a weak smile, nodding slightly to tell her ‘yes.’ Addy turned back to look at Josh, to try to decipher what he was feeling, but he was already walking away. She felt an ache in her heart to watch him walk away from her, as if it were permanent. Even though they had spent ten years apart, at this moment, the distance between them had never felt so vast.
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