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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter One.

July 30th 2011

“How many fingers am I holding up?” Damien questions me, his green eyes wide as he stares at me with his tattooed hand in the air, my eyes blurry and unfocused.
I swat the hand away colliding with the skin softly, rolling my plain brown eyes as they begin to clear and Damien’s form becomes one, “Damien, I had a bloody nightmare, not a concussion” I mutter to him bitterly, my mood becoming incredibly sour.

Damien frowns at me, his usually happy and glowing face pulling down and making my mood worse at what I’d done, “You fell from your bunk onto the floor, and were knocked out for ten minutes. Sorry that I worry.” He replies back, his tone sarcastic as his lips continue to stay down in an unhappy manner.
“Can you two kiss and fucking make up?” Gregory moans, burying his head into a pillow on the cramped couch opposite us, watching the current seen unfold.

I snap my head over to him, my eyes glaring slightly as I purse my lips at him, becoming annoyed at him as well.
“Shut up Greg” Damien and I command together, Damien obviously having become annoyed at Greg’s constant commentary that had been happening throughout the day causing my mood to brighten at our sync-ness as I giggle causing Gregory to smirk at us both smugly.

“Kiss and make up” He taunts to the two of us as he stands swiftly to his full height before he walks off down the corridor, a swagger to his walk.
“Slut” I mutter quietly as I watch him sort of sway his hips as he walks, something I’m sure only girls were meant to do.
I HEARD THAT” Greg screams back as I turn back to Damien, seeing a fond smile now on the slender face of my best friend, brightening my mood dramatically while Damien and I giggle loudly together.

My giggles start to cease after a few minutes and I keep my eyes on Damien watching as he redirects his eyes focusing on his black converse covered feet, his smile faltering again.
“I’m sorry for being a bitch D” I whisper to him softly, shuffling closer to him on my bare knees across the soft chocolate carpet, “I just hate the attention.”

Damien laughs loudly, his face lighting up as the tension between us instantly disappears, something that had always happened between Damien and me, wrapping his long slender arms around me warmly, “You’re a front woman to a world famous band and you hate attention?” He teases me, his green eyes lighting up, flickers of yellow staring down at me, “We’re not going anywhere then!”

I giggle at him, before I kiss his bare shoulder softly, “What would I do without my best friends?” I question him softly and he gasps at me dramatically, his face sparkling with joy and innocence but Damien was far from that.
“Well, in all honesty? You’d probably be like a stripper, although, that would be mega cool. Because I mean, look at you! If I was straight, BAM!” Damien exclaims out, shaking his head about in an eccentric manner and making obscene hand gestures to me as well as thrusting his pelvis up, his arms still curving around my tiny frame.
I laugh with him quietly, rolling my eyes at his answer, it was a typical Damien answer, “You’re such a loser” I tell him softly as I climb to my feet chuckling to myself as Damien gasps from behind me while I walk down the narrow hallway of the bus.

I MAY BE A LOSER, BUT YOU, YOU ARE A DORK” He screams at me childishly, as I lean into my bunk grabbing my bag and straightening my bunk quickly.
I shake my head, smiling fondly as I roll my eyes at his behaviour.
“You guys ready?” I call through the bus, standing up straight outside my bunk as Greg appears from the front lounge, hopping on one foot as he tries to slide his left foot into his red converse.
“No need to shout” He mutters to me, a grin on his face while I roll my eyes and grab my denim jacket from one of the few pegs hanging around the bunk area.

“Where are Sebastian and Brian?” I question him as he hops up and down, his face twisted in concentration.
“Outside” He breathes out as I walk past him and I smirk, pushing his shoulder tenderly, watching as he crashes to the floor, landing in an awkward position, a giggle breaking through my lips as he groans in discomfort and what I’m assuming to be pain as I run to the bus door, jumping down the steps and exiting through the open door.

“Morning sunshine” Brian, Gregory’s younger twin brother greets me, and I grin at him, if you didn’t know the two properly, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.
“Good morning Bri-Bear” I greet him, kissing his cheek softly as we start to walk towards the sheltered venue for today’s interview.
“Are you ready for this interview?” Sebastian questions me, a small smile on his beautiful face, as his voice practically whispers through my ears and his hair ruffles gently in the wind.
I smile back at him and shake my head, “Not at all” I reply, receiving chuckles from my best friends as we walk, enjoying the sun around us.

“That was a very mean act you done back there” Greg’s voice mutters from behind me, and I swivel on my heel, turning to face him with a bright smile on my face.
I giggle as he rolls his eyes, messing around with his fringe, that had grown too long and he hadn’t bothered to straighten it, so it was curling and being difficult for him.

“I’m sorry Gee” I state softly and he smirks at me as we reached the only building surrounding hundreds of tents and about twelve stages.
“You’re not really, are you?” He questions and I chuckle, grinning at him as he smirks at me, the tone and air around us playful.
“Nope” I speak softly, popping my lips, my tone just as playful as Greg’s had been, they were covered in a pale pink lipstick, and as my tongue touches the lipstick I get a taste of bubble gum, my steps bouncing along with the guys.

We all walk through the air conditioned building, our chatter and footsteps bouncing across the walls.
As we reach the interviewing room we pause outside the closed doors and connect our hands, silently giving each other strength.
“Nervous?” I question the boys, and they all smirk at me as we huddle into a small circle, they were ready for this, and I felt so guilty for keeping them away from this for so long as I look in-between my four best friends, a grin worming on my face as they all shake their heads, they were ready.
“Remember what Jacob taught us” I tell them, my voice no louder than a whisper as my heart clenches tightly in my chest and we each connect hands, mine connecting with Sebastian to my left and Damien to my right.

“Be you and never change” Greg says softly, his usually loud appearance soft, and his eyes fluttering shut as he bows his head, the sorrow emanating from Greg into the air and surrounding us.

“Imperfection is beautiful” Brian speaks next and I watch as he squeezes Greg’s hand tightly, Greg was stood directly opposite me, and Brain was in the middle of Damien and him.

“Do what you love or die unhappy” Sebastian, the quietest member of our groups speaks next, and I strain my ears to hear his melodic voice as he looks up, softly squeezing my hand in a comforting manner.

“Appreciate what you have, before you have to appreciate what you had” Damien’s energetic voice states next, the childishness still in it as he seems to bounce in his place.

“And a better day is ahead of us, so we won’t look back” I finish our mottos, smiles on all of our faces as we look up to each other, disconnecting our hands and making a stack in the middle of our circle.

“You ready?” I question the boys, smirks on all of our faces, we were back where we fit best, and we were back in our element.
“Let’s do this shit” Greg yells, suddenly bouncing with excitement, and I can’t help but to laugh.

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