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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Ten.

September 2nd - 5:15 am

“Gee, get up” I mutter poking Gregory’s cheek, chuckling slightly as he groans, softly slapping my hand away and turning away from me.
“Maria it’s five fifteen am, go annoy someone fucking else” Gregory growls lowly and I let out another giggle, taking a seat on the side of his mattress.
“Oh I wouldn’t worry Gee” I comment, running my fingers through his hair, “I bothered everyone else before I made my way to you, be up before I get back home, the bus gets here at 6.30am” I tell him, kissing his forehead softly before I exit his & Brian’s room, walking through the hall and down the stairs.
I bee line for the front door, not calling a goodbye as I walk out of my house and go straight to my old rusting car that Jacob and I had bought the first chance we had got when we were sixteen.

My car stutters through the five minute journey and I chuckle at it softly before pulling into the winding driveway, my face becoming stony and my heart clenching at my surroundings as I pull over, parking my car near the only flower stall that stood near the lot.
Exiting the car, my eyes immediately travel to the familiar face that was already stood behind the stall, flowers surrounding him as a smile lights his face, and I smile back weakly.
“Haven’t seen you in a long time” He comments to me as I slowly walk over to the stall my eyes raking over the many flowers.

My eyes pause, flickering to him and I smile softly, “I’ve been busy” I tell him, a slight blush hitting my cheeks.
“So I’ve heard!” the older gentleman comments, a grin making its way onto his face as he watches me finger my way through the bouquets, “I have my tickets already bought!” He tells me, his tone filled with pride as he grins at me.
My eyes flicker back to him and I grin thankfully, he’d always supported the music, since before we knew what we were doing, “You didn’t have to do that” I tell him softly and his grin gets bigger as he shrugs his shoulders.
“Of course I did, you guys are amazing, plus I’m seated and taking my grand-daughter, I think I’m more excited than she is” He comments making me chuckle as I reach for two bouquets, a familiar action for me.

“Well how about I put your names on the guest list for whatever shows you’re going too?” I question him and his grin spreads through to his eyes, he wasn’t just a friend to my family, he was a fan to the band.
“Really?” He questions me, his eyes brightening and I let out a warm chuckle as I grin back to him.
“Of course, you’ve done a lot for me these past years Mr Harold; you were the only one that would look out for me when I came to visit the graves and I can’t even remember how many times you’ve carried me to the caretaker’s house because I’ve fallen asleep at Jacob and Thanatos’s graves, so count this as a thank you from me” I tell him softly, watching as a blush hits his cheeks, he was probably one of the kindest and purest men I knew.
“It was the right thing to do” He murmurs softly, and I smile at him as I pull a fifty pound note from my pocket, placing it in his hand.
“You’re a good man Mr Harold, keep the change” I tell him, bidding him a goodbye before I walk up the long winding pathways.

I walk through hundreds of graves, seeing some familiar names pass around me as I pass them all by, until I reached my first stop.
The headstone stood tall, yet it was smaller than the others surrounding it, a tattered bear sat beside it and a picture of him engraved onto the stone.
“Hey baby boy” I say softly, crouching down on my knees and sitting opposite the headstone.
“It’s mummy, Thanatos” I whisper into the wind, “I know I missed coming here lately, and there is no excuse for me, but I miss you. I miss you so much.”
I wipe my cheek as a tear falls down it, and smile sadly, “You’d be four by now baby” I tell him, placing one of the bouquets onto his grave, while keeping a hold on the other in my lap.

“And I know I say this every time I come to see you, but I love you very much Thanatos. You have to understand I love you, my pain never gets easier but as time goes on I’ve learnt to deal with it, I’m living my life for you baby” I tell him, wiping more tears away with my hands, “I’d much rather be taking you to school or helping you get dressed, but I understand that you weren’t strong enough. I hope you’re proud of the decisions I’m making, and you tell your Uncle Jakie to look after you or Mummy is going to get him” I say to the grave, placing my hand into my jacket pocket and pulling the small bear I’d shoved in there earlier out.

“I got you this from America” I tell him, placing it beside the flowers and attaching it his grave with a piece of string from my pocket, I always brought stuff like this back for him.
“I hate leaving you Thanatos, it kills me each time, and it kills me to know you’re not with me and that I don’t get to see you grow up, but I hope you’re somewhere where you’re happy. Mummy misses you baby, I love you” I say softly to the stone, pressing my lips to my fingers and then pressing them against the engraved picture of my baby.
I hold onto his grave for a minute, before I stand walking away from his grave yet looking back as I wipe the tears from my face.

I walk less the twenty graves over, coming face to face with my older brother’s grave, his fiancé buried next to him as I sit on the ground, much like what I had done moments ago and stare at the black polished grave in front of me, multiple flowers spread across Jacob’s grave, as well as notes and cards, written by not only family members but fans as well and I smile sadly.

“I never imagined I’d be doing this” I tell him softly, “I never imagined doing a tour without you.”
“It’s been five years now Jacob and I miss you so much, I miss you so much that it hurts.” I tell the air, closing my eyes softly as I rub my chest, it truly did hurt my heart.
“I hope you’re proud Jake, this is your dream and we’ve finally got it. A headlining tour in England AND America as well as Europe, Asia and Australia. Can you believe that?” I question him, looking at his grave as the sun gleams against my skin, the early morning rays warming the area around me.
“I wish you were here Jacob, I wish you and Thanatos were here to share this with us” I tell him as I sniffle softly, five years and it still hurt, it still made me want to sob at the thought of him being gone.
“Watch over everyone Jacob, keep our family safe” I tell him softly, clutching at his ring around my neck with my right hand, as I wipe my falling tears with my left.
“This isn’t a goodbye, it’s just a see you soon” I murmur, chuckling softly as memories pour into my head, “I love you Jacob.”
I walk away from his grave, just like I had done with Thanatos’s, the pain thudding at my chest softly as I walked past Mr Harold, smiling back at him as his smiles sympathetically at me.

As I wipe my tears while climbing into my car, my phone vibrates in my pocket and I instantly pull it out, smiling as Lainey’s name flashes across the screen.
I accept the call and place it against my ear, a small smile on my face, “Hello.” I greet her easily.
“Oh thank god you picked up, I tried to call Gregory but he didn’t answer” Lainey breathes into the phone.
“He probably fell asleep again” I tell her, and she chuckles, it sounded fake, but honestly that was Lainey.
“You guys haven’t left yet, have you?” She questions me as I pull my seat belt on, the phone squished between my shoulder and head.
“Nope” I tell her, replacing my left hand back to the phone again as I use my right hand to fiddle with our friendship necklace that I had put on this morning.
“Great, I’ll be at yours in about ten minutes” She tells me before the dial tone reaches my ears.
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