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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Eleven.

September 2nd – 6:25am

Lainey sniffles against my shoulder, leaving a solid wet patch, “I hate it when you leave” She whispers to me as we hug tightly.
“You’ll see me soon Lainey” I tell her softly, kissing her cheek as I pull away, wiping her tears with my jumper.
“Best friends forever” She whispers, raising her pinkie finger into the air in front of me.
I curl my own pinkie around hers and smile at her, “We’ve been best friends since we were five Lainey, it isn’t going to change now” I tell her, chuckling softly as she bites her lip and a small smile makes it onto her face.
“I know” She whispers back to me, a sheepish smile worming its way onto her face, “I’m just… I’m going to miss you.” She murmurs, and I pull her into my arms again, flinching as the bus horn goes off.
I pull back from her, “See you soon baby girl” She murmurs to me softly, as I step back from her.
“See you soon Lainey” I murmur back, before I turn away and jog towards the waiting bus.
I pause in the door of the bus, waving to my family as the door closes over.
“I love you guys” I call back to the just before the door closes, and the bus starts to move as I stare back at them.

“MARIA” Gregory calls loudly, and I roll my eyes, walking up the stairs and past Brendon, who’s eyes were focused on the road in front of him intently.
“Yes?” I question softly as I walk into the lounge area.
Gregory, Sebastian and Damien grin at me from their places on the sofa, waving their hands in the air.
“Come join the live chat!” Damien exclaims, making a space on the couch for me as I walk closer.
I squeeze myself in between Sebastian and Damien, giggling as Seb pokes one of my tickle spots below my ribs.
“U Stream?” I question the boys as Damien places the laptop on my lap to give a better view of all of us.
“Only one that would work” Damien mutters in my ear and I nod my head, watching as Seb holds his own laptop, our band twitter up showing multiple questions.
“How many people are online?” I question them, looking across our faces as Greg switches the TV on with the remote beside him.
“Two thousand nine hundred and sixty nine, I think” Gregory murmurs, his eyes flickering to the laptop briefly before they focus back onto the television, where a morning show played.

My eyes flickered from the laptop to Sebastian’s where he was reading questions to himself from our twitter profile.
“What about that one?” I question Sebastian pointing the question out and watching as Sebastian double clicked on it, reading it for himself.
Sebastian chuckles softly, nodding his head in agreement.

“Okay we’ll answer some questions now!” Damien chirps loudly, as my phone vibrates in my front pocket.
“Do we like Justin bieber?” Sebastian states softly while I pull my phone from my pocket, burying myself into Damien’s side.
“Who the fuck is Justin Barber?” Gregory questions, his face scrunching up in confusion.
Damien pauses, looking over to Gregory while I chuckle.
“It's Beiber Gee, that kid we saw on MTV last week” I murmur to him, “I bought Erin those concert tickets, floppy hair. You said he looked like a cheap version of Damien” I comment and Greg snorts.
“Oh him” He exclaims before he shrugs his shoulders, “He’s ite. I haven’t really listened to his music.” Gregory comments, as I look down at my mobile, opening the text.

Hi. I Iz Jimmy. :3 – Captain Dimples

I smile, rolling my eyes.

strange, I thought your name was Matt? :P – Sargent Sarcasm

“He’s alright. Good on him for proving teens can be discovered on YouTube” Damien says, nodding his head to prove his point.
“No problems with the kid” I mutter as my phone vibrates in my hands again.
“Pray is an alright song” Sebastian mutters softly and I chuckle, opening the new message up.

This is Matt’s phone. I however am Jimmy. – Captain Dimples

Nice to text you then? – Sargent Sarcasm.

“What would you rather be a horse sized duck or a duck sized horse?” Damien says, reading a question sent to his twitter account from his phone.
“Horse sized duck” I reply instantly, my face straight making the boys laugh loudly.
“No second guesses?” Greg questions me and I look at him.
“Would you like to be a duck sized horse? I thought not. Horsed size duck? Yes.” I tell him, very serious, making him laugh harder.
“I think we’re finished with this question” I state pouting slightly making the boys chuckle louder.

“Okay, next question. If you weren’t musicians where would you work?” Sebastian reads off of his laptop, his voice almost too soft for the mic to pick up as the laughter dies out.
“Aquarium worker” Greg replies instantly, and I giggle leaning forward to look at him.
“No second guesses?” I taunt him, while we all chuckle.
“I don’t think there’s a way to top that answer.” Damien mutters a grin on his lips as he chuckles along, shaking his head, “But I’d probably be working with kids or something.”
“I had a scholarship for Chelsea football team but I gave that up for music, so I guess I’d be a footballer or some shit” Sebastian states, his eyes flickering to the laptop screen briefly as my phone vibrates.
“Erm, I wouldn’t be able to do an office job. I think I’d kill myself from boredom, so either an architect or a charity worker or something” I say softly, nodding my head as I lean against Damien while his arm wraps around my shoulder.

“Who got the most GCSE’s?” Sebastian reads off, and the boys chuckle.
“Maria” They all state loudly while I blush bright red, burying my face into Damien’s side.
“She’s an over achiever and got like 15 or something” Gregory comments.
“Come on Maria tell us what you got again” Damien mutters poking me in my ribs.
I giggle softly as he hits my tickle spot while I slap his hand away.
“Four in art, two in English, two in maths, two in science, one in history, one in French, one in childcare.” I mutter and the boys grin in success while I shrink back in embarrassment.
“We’ve embarrassed her” Greg coos leaning over Damien and grabbing my cheeks, while I slap his hands away.
“Get bent Greg” I mutter making him laugh loudly, while he removes his hands from my cheeks.

“Okay, relationship updates?” Damien questions us all, reading a tweet from his phone.
I look over to Sebastian to see a huge love struck grin on his face.
“I’m newly engaged” Sebastian comments and we all whoop, cheering loudly, “Gracie is sleeping on the bus, and she’s doing merch this year, say hi to her” He comments, a blush hitting his cheeks.
I chuckle, leaning sideways and ruffling his hair.
“Brian is off the market now ladies” Greg calls loudly, receiving a ‘fuck you’ from the bunk area, making us chuckle.
“I’m in a relationship” Damien says softly, a love struck look coming on his face.
“It’s complicated for me and West, she’s going to be an old lady with 90 dogs while I have like a million kids scattered over the world” Greg states making me laugh loudly.
“It’s true” I comment, as we all chuckle and I look at my new text.

I’m stealing your number from Matt’s phone. He won’t know as he’s asleep :3 but you’re my new best friend, K?. – Captain Dimples

I chuckle softly, rolling my eyes before they flicker back to the laptop screen, smiling as I see our forms squished together, yet we’re all comfy and smiling.

Sounds great ;D Best friends forever then? – Sargent Sarcasm

My eyes flicker up to the TV as Gregory flickers through the channels, nothing interesting popping up.
“Just put a DVD on Gee” I murmur softly, curling myself closer to Damien for warmth.
“Any suggestions?” Gregory questions us all, and my eyes flicker over to the DVD rack.
“If I remember rightly Jennifer’s Body should still be in there” I tell Greg and he nods his head, raising the control and switching the DVD player on.
Within seconds the title screen is up, and Greg presses play while my phone vibrates.

Duh West, that’s what us best friends do ;D – Unknown Number.

How silly of me? I’m guessing this is Jimmy. - Maria

No duh, nice jumper by the way ;D – Jimmy

I don’t know whether to say thanks or be mildly creeped out… - Maria.

“Where is your first show on this tour?” Damien asks, and Greg mumbles out ‘Canterbury’, his eyes focused on the TV.
“I’m tired” Damien mutters leaning his head on top of mine.
“Me too” Gregory mutters, leaning against Damien, his eyes focused on the TV as minutes pass.

“Turn the chat off?” I question them and they nod their heads.
“We’ll be back later with the other bands” I state to the laptop, flashing it a smile before I bid a goodbye, switching U Stream off and shutting my laptop down as my phone vibrates once again.

I’d be edging towards both. BUT Y U STOP U STREAM ;D – Jimmy

My new best friend is a stalker, goodie ;D – Maria

“So what I want to know” Gregory starts while Sebastian and I place our laptops on the floor, before we all curl up, “Is who has gotten you all smitten Maria” He questions while my cheeks flame up, and I bury my head into Damien’s shoulder.
Damien chuckles loudly, murmuring an ‘I told you so’ as both Greg and Seb start to poke my rib area making me squeak loudly.
“No one” I squeak to them as they both carry on poking me, while I lamely attempt to slap their hands away.
“Bull shit” Gregory sings leaning over Damien, who sat chuckling at my current problem.

I stared at them all, my eyes flickering between the three boys, and my usually pink cheeks a flaming red.
Footsteps echo through the bus and Graclin appears from the bunk area, a small smile on her lips.
“What’s with all your noise?” She questions us as Seb and Damien pin me to the chair.
“This isn’t fair” I mutter looking at them wide eyed before I turn my head to Graclin.
“Gracie” I squeak out, putting on my puppy dog look, “Help me!” I call, watching as she stands chuckling at me.
“Okay guys, explain to me what’s occurring” Graclin commands the boys and all three of them chuckle.

“Maria has a crush” Greg sings loudly, causing my blush to travel further down my neck.
“Oh my god!” Graclin squeaks placing herself onto Sebastian’s lap, her eyes glued to me, “Spill woman” She tells me, slapping Sebastian’s hands as the creep up her shirt, now gone from my arms.
I bury my face into Damien’s chest as he wraps his arms around my body again, chuckles running through his chest.
“Tell us!” Graclin whines, poking my neck, and I turn my head glaring at her.
“You were meant to save me” I complain to her, receiving a devilish smile in return from her.
I close my eyes signing loudly, “I hate you all.” I complain again, making them all laugh.

I open my eyes, smiling as we all curl up together, “I met him on warped tour” I tell them softly, smiling as I remember the first time I met Matt, an instant blush warming my cheeks.
Damien chuckles leaning his head onto my side and closing his eyes.
“Yes, carry on” Graclin insists, edging me forward and making me chuckle.
“He took me on a date, and he’s asked me on another one too” I tell them softly, giggling as Graclin claps happily, smiles taking over all of their faces.
“What’s his name?” Gregory questions me, his voice interested.
I giggle, biting my lip, “His name is Matt” I tell him, and Graclin coos, poking my hot cheeks.
“How does he make you feel?” She questions me and Greg splutters slightly, his head snapping to Graclin.
She glares at him, clicking her tongue, “Not in a sexual way, dick’ed” she mutters to him and he makes an ‘o’ kind of face, nodding his head.
“I get butterflies when I think of him; my knees get weak when I speak to him, and when I see him? My thoughts get all jumbled and I don’t know what to say” I tell her softly, ducking my head as I feel my entire face become red.

“Why am I missing out on the orgy?” Brian’s voice says from the bunk doorway, and I thank god as I lift my head up, everyone’s eyes now on him.
“Come join it” Greg says, making room for his younger brother beside him, “We’re currently discovering about Maria’s future boyfriend” He tells Brian, and I watch as their ‘big brother’ faces appear.
“Really now?” Brian questions and I groan softly.
“He’s not my future boyfriend” I mutter softly, and Graclin laughs loudly.
“No it’s her future husband” She teases me, and my cheeks warm up again, making Gregory, Sebastian, Damien & Brian smirk.
“So when’s your next date?” Gregory questions me, a playful smirk on his face.
I glare at him, rolling my eyes, “Like I’d tell you guys. You’d hunt him down” I mutter and Gregory’s smirk gets bigger.
“Of course I wouldn’t” He states innocently, and I watch as grins appear on Brian, Gregory and Sebastian’s faces while Damien laughs.
“It’s just a date. Nothing might happen” I tell them, mumbling against Damien’s shoulder.
Each of them chuckle as I blush, and I roll my eyes.
“You each get a sick enjoyment out of this, don’t you?” I question them, and each of them nod, smirks on their faces.

“So who actually is it?” Sebastian questions me, his tone soft and curious, as he leans against me, Graclin now on his other side, her head on his chest.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” I tell him, catching my best friend’s attention.
“Really now?” Gregory questions, while Brian raises a perfectly shaped eyebrow.
“Hit us with your best shot” Brian tells me and I bite my lip, looking down to my lit phone, my eyes raking over the picture of Matt and I.
“His name is Matt” I start and the boys groan, making me chuckle softly, “He’s a front man in a band that we all love. And his last name is Saunders.”
“The only front man I can think of with the last name Saunders is M.Shadows” Brian murmurs, and everyone turns to me, their eyes suddenly widening.
“No fucking shit” Sebastian mutters, Graclin and him staring at me.
“Bullshit” Gregory mutters his face holding disbelief, “There is no way you could be dating M.Shadows."
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The aquarium thing is from a We Are The Ocean interview like last year I think?
It was honestly hilarious and they said my name, and addressed me, what nice guys.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY, I <3 u xoxoxxo


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