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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Thirteen.

September 19th 2011

“Thank you Maria” Damien states, counting through a pile of ten pound notes.
“You best be sharing that money with me” I state to him, a smirk on my face as I rest my legs over his.
“Of course” He tells me, rolling his eyes as Sebastian walks in from the bunk area.
“I can’t believe you windled nine hundred pounds out of them all” Sebastian mutters as he looks over to us briefly.
“They should have believed me when I told them Maria was dating M.Shadows” Damien states and I blush, rolling my eyes.
“I’m not dating Matt” I tell them both and the both look at me, rolling their eyes.
“Yet” Sebastian mutters again, and I stick my tongue out at him.

“Let’s just face facts here Ria” Damien starts, separating half of his earnings as he stares at me, “You two will be together in like a months’ time.”
I blush lightly as Damien hands me my share of his profits, and Sebastian chuckles.
“Maybe” I agree with him, biting my lip as he joins Sebastian in chuckling.
“So what are you spending your hard earned cash on, Kiddo?” Sebastian asks me; his voice soft and quiet like usual as he takes the spare spot beside me on the couch.
I blush again before I look up to him, “A plane ticket” I comment and they both snicker.
“To go see Matt?” Damien questions me and I nod my head in response.

Sebastian stares at me as I smile stupidly, his eyes looking over my face.
“Are you happy Maria?” He questions me seriously, and concept of joking removed from his voice.
I look into his eyes as Damien leans forward, his face becoming strangely serious too.
“I’m the happiest I’ve been in years” I tell them both, looking down to my hands briefly, “And it’s not just because of Matt, although he does make me happy and he is a large amount of it at the moment. He helps me see that I can love again” I murmur to them softly as I look up at them.
“But I’m happy because I’m starting to move on again, I’m starting to find myself again” I tell them both and the grin at me, immediately crushing their arms around me.
“There’s our girl” Damien murmurs into my ear, “She’s coming back full storm” He jokes softly and I roll my eyes at him, giggling softly.
“I never left, I was just, hiding away” I mutter softly, squirming my way out of their arms.

“So what are you two then?” Sebastian questions me, as I stand from the couch walking over to our small fridge.
“We’re taking things slow” I murmur and Damien chuckles from behind me.
“What’s that? Fuck buddies?” He jokes and I turn my head scowling at him.
“Get bent” I snap at him and he grins at me in return, while I bury my head back in the fridge.
I grab a bottle of water, before closing the fridge back over and walking over to the driving area, pulling open the door and smiling at Brendon.

“Hey B, I’ll take over” I tell him as he slows down at a red traffic light.
He smiles up at me, yawning briefly before he removes himself from the driver’s seat and I quickly take his place, placing my bottle in the vacant cup holder.
“Night kiddo” He murmurs, ruffling my hair before he leaves the small area, closing the door after him.

My voice murmurs after him softly, before I turn my eyes back onto the dead roads.
Within seconds the door opens and Damien’s head pokes in, his body following shortly after.
He takes the seat beside me, his eyes glued to my face as I concentrate on the road.
“Please stop staring at me” I mutter, my eyes briefly flickering over to his face before I focus back onto the dark road.
“I’m sorry” Damien mutters to me, and my eyes flicker over to him again as I pause at another red light.
“I’m assuming this apology isn’t for staring at me” I question him, and he looks down at his lap as the bus starts moving again, my eyes focused ahead.
“I pushed you too far with the sex jokes” He says softly, his voice laced with guilt and I bite my bottom lip, instantly feeling guilty about snapping at him.

“No D” I whisper back to him, shaking my head as my eyes remain on the road and my foot remains on the gas.
“I was annoyed that you assumed that, after everything, I mean I always tell you everything before the others cause you don’t judge, well they don’t either but you somehow, and I’m not sure how, but you always know how I feel about the situation, yet the rest of the guys don’t pressure me with that but you’re constantly bringing it up lately” I tell him and I hear him sign from beside me.
“I’m… I’m just worried Ria” He tells me softly and my eyes briefly flicker over to his face, noticing the full on guilt and worry in his features.
“Go on” I tell him, licking over my dry lips as he signs softly.

“I miss my best friend” He tells me softly and I furrow my eyebrows.
“I mean you’re still my best friend but I miss the carefree girl I remember from when I was fifteen” He tells me softly and I bite my lips, holding the forming tears in.
“Damien” I say softly and he signs again before pointing in front of me.
“Turn left” He murmurs softly and I follow his orders.
My eyes remain glued to the road, and Damien coughs softly.
“I miss the girl that would prance around in her bathing suit in her backyard and not be ashamed of her body. I miss the girl that swore like a fucking sailor, and drank like one too” He says softly beside me, and I swallow the lump forming in my throat.
“People change Damien” I say softly, and I can see him from where I’m seated in the corner of my eyes shaking his head.

“You didn’t change” He says softly, his eyes burning softly into my skin, “You died” He whispers as I pull the bus idle while we wait behind a red light.
“But now, I see it, you’re slowly breathing again. She’s there and she’s in reach but every time I go to grab you, she hides again, or she gets scared, and she has no control because he made her like this. He ruined you” Damien whispers softly and I wipe my face as a tear leaks down, looking over at him.
“Can we talk about this later?” I question him, breathing deeply as I collect myself.
“Sorry” Damien whispers to me as my phone vibrates in my pocket and I shake my head flashing Damien a smile.
“Nothing to apologise for D” I murmur to him softly before he squeezes my shoulder and exits the small compartment while I pull my phone out of my pocket and place the available Bluetooth in my ear, connecting it to my phone quickly.

“I feel like such a dick” I state into the earpiece as I answer my phone, instantly hearing the familiar chuckle in the receiver while I grin with my eyes focused on the road.
“Hello to you too Maria” Matt greeted me, his voice amused as I laugh softly, “And why do you feel like a dick?” He questions, his voice flowing in beat.
“I’m using a Bluetooth, my dad uses one of these” I murmur and Matt laughs softly.
“Gah, whatever shall you do?” He questions sarcastically, his voice filled with amusement.
“I feel like an old business woman” I complain to Matt and he laughs again, making me grin widely.
“Well you definitely don’t look like one” He compliments and I feel my face heat up.

“Shush” I tell him, completely embarrassed from Matt’s compliment making him laugh loudly.
“Cute” He murmurs into the phone and I blush again, softly rolling my eyes.
“You never fail to make me blush, Mr Saunders” I murmur back softly and I hear him sign into the phone after he chuckles softly.
“I miss you” He tells me and I smile almost sadly, softly agreeing with him.
“I miss you too” I tell him, my eyes flickering over the dead roads.
“Did you think about visiting?” Matt questions me softly and I blush, biting my lip briefly.

“How does the end of the month sound?” I question him softly and he immediately agrees.
“How long for?” He questions me, his voice holding obvious excitement.
I chuckle softly, licking my lips over, “We have about a week, Damien’s going to visit his beau, Seb’s taking Grace to France to visit his only living relatives and the twins are going to Spain to visit their grandmother-”
“And Maria is visiting Matt” Matt comments in third person and I snort softly.
“Dork” I mutter and Matt gasps playfully, while I giggle at him.
“Book your flight” Matt tells me and I chuckle softly.
“Yes sir” I reply sarcastically and Matt growls at me playfully.
“And you called me a dork!” He exclaims to me while I laugh softly, before voices appear on Matt’s side of the phone.

‘Is that Maria?’ I hear a familiar voice question in the background and Matt’s voice tells them to fuck off.
Struggles can be heard from the phone and I chuckle as I listen to Matt growl at someone while they whoop loudly.
Seconds later somewhat heavy breathing is heard in the phone and banging, while my eyes flicker over the streets.

“Maria” Jimmy’s voice echoes into the phone and I chuckle softly.
“Hey Jim” I greet him warmly, hearing more banging coming from Matt’s side of the phone.
“Hey Ree, how iz you home skillet” Jimmy questions me, his voice attempting to be ‘gangster’ and I giggle loudly, letting multiple laughs escape my lips.
“Perfect” I tell Jimmy, “How about you?” I question him, my eyes flickering across the empty motorway.
“I’m good” Jimmy practically cheers to me, “But Matt’s on his man period” Jimmy says loudly, instantly receiving yells in the background while I laugh softly.
“Sucks for him” I tell Jimmy, “You too” I state sympathetically causing Jimmy to chuckle.
“So when is Matthew dearest introducing his girlfriend to the band?” Jimmy questions me and I blush.
“I don’t know” I reply to Jimmy, “Why don’t you question his girlfriend?” I tease Jimmy and he gasps dramatically.

“Matt Saunders, you pussy!” Jimmy calls his voice quieter than before while I hear Matt’s voice yell back at Jimmy.
“You still haven’t asked this girl to be your girlfriend yet?” Jimmy’s voice questions Matt, and I laugh as Matt starts swearing at Jimmy.

“Jimmy open the fucking door” Matt’s voice growls softly and I laugh loudly, hearing Matt groan seconds later.
“You’re on speaker too?” Matt’s voice questions and Jimmy laughs evilly.
“Yes, Maria and I are arranging our Wedding” Jimmy tells Matt and I laugh as Matt groans, muttering curse words at Jimmy.
“Does your mother hear you swear like that Matt?” I tease him and Jimmy cackles, shouting a burn as I hear a lock slide.

Seconds later I hear Jimmy’s groans through the phone and Matt’s voice echoes through my ears again.
“Sorry about him” Matt murmurs and I laugh softly.
“Jim’s cool!” I tell Matt, “However completely retarded” I tease, chuckling as Jimmy shouts his protests in the background while Matt laughs.

“Are your boys there?” I question Matt hearing the commotion in his background.
Matt chuckles softly, voices now yelling in the background, “Yeah, we’re gonna have a barbecue” Matt tells me warmly and I smile softly.
“I’ll let you go then” I tell him softly and I hear Matt splutter.
“No, no, I didn’t mean it like that” Matt exclaims his voice almost blurring together.
I chuckle softly, pulling off of the motor way and into a travel lodge.
“Matt calm down” I coo to him softly, as I cut the engine, pulling the keys out shortly after, “It’s okay, I’m going to get some sleep anyways” I tell him softly and he signs.

“I really do miss you” He tells me softly, the voices in the background now much quieter.
I smile, biting my bottom lip again, “I miss you too” I tell him, before we both say goodbye and I hang up, removing the Bluetooth and stuffing my phone and the keys into my pocket.

I walk out of the small cornered area, my water bottle in hand and smile at Damien.
“Are we here?” He questions me and I nod my head asking him to head in and get the room keys, before I go to the bunks.
I walk past the bunks, pausing outside Brendon’s.
“Bee” I call softly, pushing his curtain to the side.
I smile upon seeing my brother’s sleepy face, a smile on his lips as his eyes drift closed again.
“What’s up?” He questions me, his voice laced with sleep.
“We’re at the hotel; Damien’s gone to get the keys. Wanna get in there?” I question him, stepping back from the bunk as he lazily pulls himself too.

I watch him stumble out, before I head to the back lounge.
Opening the door I chuckle softly, seeing the guys staring intently at the TV in the corner, controls in their hands, while the girls stay curled into their side’s boredom on their faces.
“Having fun?” I question them and the girls look at me, fake desperation on their faces.
“SAVE US!” Gracie cries to me, and the boys notice me in the doorway.
“Hey come play!” Sebastian calls, kicking my controller over to me.
I smile over to him, shaking my head, “We’re at the hotel guys” I tell them softly and Greg pauses the game making the three other boys groan.

“We’re here?” He questions jumping up, “Why the fuck aren’t I getting drunk yet then?” He questions us, walking to the door way and ruffling my hair.
“Hey shorty” He coos softly, sweeping my fringe in front of my eyes.
I slap his hand away, glaring up at him playfully, “Hey Ginger, when are you dying your awful perm back brown?” I question him, a smirk on my lips as he glares down at me, his fingers creeping up to his currently blonde hair.
“Fuck off” He mutters; his glare on my face and I smirk, victorious.
“Aw, don’t be like that Gee, I’m sure we can find a hooker that doesn’t mind ginger guys” I mock and Greg grinds his teeth while everyone else chuckles softly.
“Maybe we should have let Matt keep you” Greg mutters before he disappears into the bunks.

I pout slightly, awing loudly. “And it was just getting good” I complain hearing Gregory mutter cuss words from the bunk area.
Everyone chuckles as they rise to their feet, stretching before they start to evaporate to the bunks, grabbing their overnight bags.

Sebastian walks beside me as we exit the bus, his arm over my shoulders as he watches Gracie walk in front of us, talking animatedly to Jenna.
“Are you coming to the bar with us?” He asks me softly, and I look up at my natural blonde best friend, shaking my head.
Greg appears then, a pout forming on his lips, “Please?” He begs me, his bag over his shoulder as we walk to the hotel.
“You guys know I don’t like drinking or being around drunk people” I tell them softly and they both pout at me.
I groan, closing my eyes as I wrap my arm around Sebastian’s waist.
“You guys that isn’t fair” I complain to them both, before opening my eyes again and looking at them still pouting before I sign.

“We have an interview tomorrow” I tell them as we enter the hotel and they carry on pouting.
I look forward, watching as Jenna and Brian head off to the elevators calling back to us saying they’ll be back in twenty, while Gracie turns back to us a smirk making its way on her face.
“Maria you have to join us” Gracie states, skipping over to all of us and standing in front of me, a pout forming on her lips.
“Two hours” I mutter, lifting my overnight bag higher on my shoulder while they cheer loudly.
“You love us!” Sebastian tells me and I roll my eyes, hugging his side softly.
“Someone has too” I reply to him, smiling up at my blonde best friend.
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ergh, I know I haven't updated any of my stories in forever, i've been in the hospital. Have this lovely chapterino to make up for it, slightly fillerish but eh.