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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Fourteen.

September 20th 2011

“You guys look tired” Our interviewer states to the boys while I chuckle softly and Damien smirks.
“I’m hung-over” Gregory mumbles, laying his head on the back of the couch as I snicker with Damien.
“And he’s sexually deprived” Damien chirps in, and Gregory glares at him, tilting his head to the side.
“But that’s mainly because he’s ginger” Damien states again and I laugh loudly.
“Dee you can’t say that” I tell him, my voice almost quieter than a whisper, “You’re ginger too.”
His eyes widen for a minute before he snorts nodding his head along, “That I am, that I am.”

We all chuckle and I lean back further into the sofa we sat on, my small frame in between Damien and Greg.
“So, you guys other than being hung over, tired and sexually deprived, look well” The interviewer states again and Brian thanks him.
“How’s tour been treating you?” He questions and grins come onto all of our faces.
“Tour is fucking amazing!” Brian chirps happily and I nod along, agreeing with him.
“It’s better than the Van days, that’s for sure” Gregory cuts in, his head off the back of the couch and looking between all of us.
I shrug my shoulders, scratching my face briefly, “I don’t know” I comment, looking back at him, “The Van holds a lot of good memories, I kinda miss it” I tell them all and Sebastian agrees quietly.

The interview nods his head, murmuring a comment about how not many bands would say that.
We all chuckle, shrugging our shoulders, claiming our difference.
“Okay so you guys have been frequently described as the next big thing, a gang like group and good people” He tells us and we each raise a questioning eyebrow.
“Gang like?” Brian questions him and the interview for NME nods his head, blushing slightly.
“You were described as a scary intimidating group when first introduced, the guys protective, weary but then Maria comes in and the entire concept disappears because she’s too loveable” He tells us and I snort loudly, a grin on my face.
“I’m too loveable?” I question, as the boy’s chuckle softly, amusement on all of our faces.
“Seems like it” The interviewer comments.

“Okay, so I’m going to ask some personal questions to each of you, if you don’t want to answer just say pass and we’ll ask a different question” He tells us and we nod our heads in agreement.

“First question; Sebastian, we’ve come to an understanding you’re recently engaged, congrats dude. When are you and your misses tying the knot?” NME questions Sebastian and I watch as he licks his lips.
“Honestly? We’re thinking of doing a shot gun wedding” Sebastian says softly, chuckling as he speaks, “Me and Gracie have always been spontaneous when making decisions and when we come to it we’ll just do it, you know” Sebastian says, running his fingers through the back of his hair.
“All we need is these guys and we’re set, they’re all our best friends” He tells NME and the interviewer nods his head, happy with Sebastian’s answer.
“So your fiancé doesn’t want a huge white wedding, with swans and shit like that?” NME questions an almost amused smile on his face.
Sebastian chuckles, shaking his head, “She couldn’t give a shit” He tells him and I smile fondly nodding my head in agreement, “All Gracie cares about is that me and her are getting married” He says shrugging his shoulders.

NME congrats Sebastian again, and a proud grin makes its way onto Seb’s face.
“So, Brian, they’re has been rumours that you’re dating an American lass and she’s on tour with you, are these true?” NME questions Brian, turning his gaze to him.
Brian grins at NME nodding his head, “My girlfriend is indeed American, and she is indeed on tour with us. She’s helping doing Merch with Gracie” he tells NME and NME nods his head in agreement.
“Last time we saw you, you were in a serious relationship, you we’re seventeen, what happened then?” NME questions Brian and Brian shrugs his shoulders.
“We drifted apart, I mean, I loved her but after Jacob died we just lost whatever we had. She couldn’t understand that I needed to mourn and in the end I fell out of love with her” Brian says softly, no regret in his voice as his shrugs his shoulders.
“Just like that?” NME questions Brian and he shakes his head.
“OF course not just like that, over a period of four months, we tried to make it work, but we couldn’t. And I felt guilty for a while after but it just wasn’t right” Brian states and NME nods, dropping the conversation.

“Okay then Damien, you’re with your partner of what two years?” NME questions and Damien nods his head, a small frown on his lips.
“Yeah” He comments, nodding his head and I squeeze his arm softly.
“We actually don’t know anything about your boyfriend so could you give us the basics?” NME questions again and Damien shrugs his shoulders.
“His name is Antonio, he’s Italian, and I met him in Italy when I was on holiday with Maria”
“So a long distance relationship for you then?” NME questions and Damien shakes his head.
“Antonio lives in the UK, like an hour away from where I live” Damien states, shrugging his shoulders slightly.
NME nods his head before turning towards Gregory.

“Give us the lowdown on you then Greg, from what we’ve heard the last time you were in a serious relationship you were 15” NME says and Greg frowns slightly, before he nods his head.
“Yeah” He says softly nodding his head, “She was in a car accident and died less than a week later” Greg tells NME before he smiles sadly.
“I’d known her since I was three, started dating her when I was nine and was with her until she passed, I thought we’d be together forever” Greg says softly and I squeeze his leg, showing him silently my support.
“Wow, that’s… That is rough” NME says softly, flashing Greg a sympathetic smile.
Greg nods his head, “I think she’d be proud though, she was one of our first fans with Gracie and now she’s with Jake. I hope they’re both proud.”
“I know it’s got to be tough talking about the person you loved after they’re gone, how’d you cope with it now?” NME questions softly, and Greg smiles at them.
“I’ll never forget Sofia, she was my first love. But one day I’ll move on, get married, grow old and still be playing drums, but things happen and when I do move on I hope she’ll be proud of my choice” He tells NME softly, his hand slipping into mine and I squeeze it, my other hand rubbing his arm softly.
“The way I coped after she died? I depended on weed, but that didn't last long. I guess I then became addicted to sex” Greg admits, a smirk making its way onto his face.
NME chuckles softly and I roll my eyes, “Yeah, don’t we all know” Brian mutters, scrunching his face up.

I smile at my best friends, before looking at NME as he gazes at me.

“So Miss West, you are a mystery to the world” NME tells me and I smile softly.
“I just like to keep my life privet” I tell him softly, an easy and shy smile on my face as I shift nervously.
“Well there are some rumours about your life, can we clear them up?” NME questions me and I swallow nervously, sending him a tight smile.
“Go for it” I tell him softly, and he smiles at me reassuringly.
“Just remember if you don’t want to answer say pass” He tells me softly and I nod my head.
“Okay first rumour, you hate Justin Bieber, wait is this even a real question?” NME questions his helper to the side and I giggle softly, as the helper confirms it for him, and his eyes widen.
“Fucking weird” NME mutters before he looks at me expectantly.
“No problem with him” I tell NME softly, my hand still connected with Greg’s, “He’s a good kid.” I murmur softly, nodding my head.
“Okay next rumour, you and Greg are fuck buddies” NME says and Greg chokes on his own spit.
“That’s fucking disgusting” Greg murmurs and I agree with him.
“No way, I love Greg but I couldn’t ever do that with him.”

“Okay final rumour, after seeing a small glimpse new tattoo on your skin it’s rumoured you’re a domestic violence survivor” NME says, and Greg squeezes my hand as I lick my lips over, panic coursing through my veins as I shift nervously.
“Dude, can you not bring domestic abuse up?” Sebastian pipes up softly to him, and Damien murmurs his agreement.
“It’s a tough subject for some people in the room” Brian says to NME and the man nods his head, quickly changing the subject.
I slump into Greg’s side, and he and Damien wrap their arms around me, holding me together while I keep quiet for the rest of the interview, hardly paying attention and only adding my input occasionally.

The interview finishes shortly after, and we all stand, immediately heading for the door to leave the small room.
“Maria” NME calls as me and Greg follow behind our friends, I pause and so does Greg, turning towards the small man.
I push Greg forward as the interviewer gets closer and he nods, slowly slipping out the door.
“What’s up?” I ask warmly as he stands in front of me awkwardly, and I flash him a soft smile trying to comfort him.
“I’m really sorry if I upset you” He tells me softly, flashing me a small strained smile.
I shake my head, smiling at him, “It’s cool, I guess I just didn’t expect the question” I reply and he stares at me curiously.

“Is it true?” He asks me softly, and I stare back at him, nodding my head stiffly.
“Yeah, I’m a survivor” I tell him softly, my voice holding no shame and his face becomes sympathetic.
“I’m a domestic abuse survivor” I murmur softly.
“I won’t include it” He tells me softly and I shrug my shoulders.
“You can if you wish” I tell him softly, “People can find out about it via old newspapers or even the charity I’m starting, they’ll know soon enough” I tell him softly and he nods his head.
“There were a lot of rumours about it” He tells me and I nod my head in agreement.
“I’ve heard a few” I tell him, before we talk briefly and then both say goodbye and I meet my band mates.
“What was that about?” Greg asks me softly as we trail behind the others, our arms wrapped around each other’s waists.
“He apologised” I tell Greg softly as we walk, “He felt guilty because he thought he made me sad.”
“And” Greg questions me, his eyes flickering over my face.
“I admitted to it” I tell him softly, smiling at him.
He stares at me, a small sympathetic smile on his face.
“Really, why?” He questions me, and I shrug my shoulders.
“One way to move forward is to admit what you are, and I’m a survivor.”
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