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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Fifteen.

Matt’s POV
September 28th 2011

“So, who is it?” Michelle questions me with a smirk on her face as we sit outside, wrapped into Brian's side, Zack and Gena staring at me as they sit opposite.
I rub the back of my neck nervously, grinning slightly as I blush, making them all laugh, Gena and Brian seeming more reserved, sharing looks every few seconds.
“Fuck you guys” I mutter to them, a grin still on my lips while they chuckle and I finish my beer off.
“I’m going to Jimmy’s” I tell them, standing up and the girls whine loudly.
“Tell us who it is” Gena whines to me and I smirk at her, chuckling softly as I head back into Brian’s house.
“Her names Maria” I call back to them, before I close the back door behind hearing the girls start to murmur between themselves.

A chuckle rumbles from my throat as I shake my head, exiting Brian’s house and jogging ten or so house down to Jimmy’s.
“Jimmy” I call as I open the door, instantly receiving a reply from the back of his house.
I walk in, slipping my sneakers off beside the door and walk through Jimmy’s house to his living room.
“What’s up Man” I greet him as I walk into his living room, practically collapsing beside him on his sofa.
His blue eyes flicker to me briefly, before they return to a magazine in his hands, his eyes wide.
“Leana got back from visiting her family in England this morning” Jimmy tells me, his eyes still focused on the magazine in front of him.
“Yeah, I know dude” I tell him, my brows furrowing in confusion as he shoves the magazine into my hands.
“Have you seen this?” He questions me and my eyes flicker down to the magazine.
My eyes flicker to the picture, on the first page.

“It’s an interview” I state and Jimmy nods his head.
“Read it” He tells me, and I stare at him questionably.
“What’s wrong?” I ask him, lowering the magazine, “It’s just a band interview about Beautiful Disaster.”
“Yeah but there’s something in there, it’s an interview about Maria alone” He tells me, pressuring me to read it.
I sign, nodding my head and my eyes flicker back to the article.

Walking into the room you immediately feel intimidated by the small group of people who resemble a gang, however once you see the tiny lead singer, flashing her warm beautiful smile you immediately feel welcomed.
Beautiful Disaster is a band made up of the closest friends you could imagine, founded when the teens were merely eleven by the two first original members Maria and Jacob West, a brother and sister duo, who were then joined by the twins, Gregory who oozes confidence and his quieter more responsible younger brother Brian. Sebastian, the quiet thoughtful member of the band joined next and lastly Damien, the kid with more energy than needed, bringing their first album out before any of them hit 15.
You can tell the boys look up to the only female in the band, who also happens to be the youngest out of them all. From stage she oozes confidence, but here in front of people doing a small interview the small woman hides, blushes constantly and never raises her voice.
It’s strange as she talks to you, you yearn to be careful around her, scared she’ll break with one touch and you can see the way the men with her today watch her and care for her that she’s well protected, well loved.
Maria’s far from intimidating; in fact, the woman is one of the most respectable, polite, caring, nicest women I’ve had the privilege to talk to. She seems completely perfect, and when we tell her this, she turns out to be completely modest too, denying the fact and stating she is just like any other person, with faults and all.
Maria speaks fondly of her family and band mates when she talks, never saying a bad thing. She refuses to swear, but doesn’t judge others when they do.
She’s the ideal woman to take home to your parents, she doesn’t’ swear, doesn’t drink alcohol, well once a year, but that hardly counts and she doesn’t do drugs, she’s an amazing person and beautiful inside and out.

We watched as she comforted her best friends when they struggled to tell things, such as Greg, who we discovered lost his greatest love when he was merely fifteen, we later, found out that Maria was the one out of all of them to hold him when he cried.
“That’s the thing about our friendship” Greg tells us, awhile later, “Maria will never judge us, she’s too good of a person. Maria held me so many times when I cried, she was and still is the only person I feel comfortable crying in front of, she’s the only person I’ve cried in front of. She’s my best friend and I owe the girl so much, she gave me and my brother a home, people who love us, she gave us a family but most of all she’s there for me. I love her and no matter what she’ll always be the most important woman in my life other than my mother, she’s been there since I was merely seven years old and now we’re twenty three, that’s sixteen years of being best friends.”
Maria merely shrugs her shoulders to Greg’s comment, and Greg whines telling her she needs to take a compliment, but Maria tells him that she’d always do that for him, they’re not just ‘best friends’ they’re brother and sister.
Brian, Gregory’s younger twin brother, nods his head, agreeing with his brother’s comment about their best friend, “She’s the kind of woman that won’t judge someone because of how they look or act, she’ll dig through them to find the true person and even if they mess up she’ll end up forgiving them.”
“She’s bought so many good things into my life” Sebastian tells us, a fond smile on his face as he talks about her, “She not only gave me a family who I care for more than anything in the world, but like she did with Greg she introduced me to my now fiancé when we were four years old. Her and my fiancé are closer than anything as their parents have always been best friends. Maria will always be the one of the main and most important females in my life, if not the most important.”

Maria’s covered in blush from her ‘brothers’ comments, sitting nervously from all the attention directed at her.
When we question her, she doesn’t say one bad thing, (not even when we bring up the dreaded Bieber!) and her voice is almost like a musical whisper drifting through the air.
We watch her as she takes the questions easily, only hitting a nerve when we ask her about one specific rumour.
Her band mates quickly jump in, asking to not speak about the area around each of them, claiming it’s hard for them.
Maria however, softly nods her head as we speak to her later, “I’m a survivor” She tells us, her voice holding no shame at all, and we can hear a hint of pride.
“I’m a survivor of domestic abuse” She states even quieter, as if to wrap her own mind around the fact, before she smiles pulling her cardigan to the side and showing us a beautiful tattoo crossing a large deep scar across her collar bone area.
“One half is teal, in support to rape victims. The other half is purple in support to domestic violence. And it says free to be’ because I always felt trapped, and now, now I’m free to be me.” She explains the tattoo, allowing us to be the first to photograph it properly, before she starts to tell us about a charity she’s building up.

Maria’s probably the most unselfish person I’ve ever met; she constantly wants to see people happy, even strangers on the street. That’s only one of the reasons she’s getting this article about her, there’s millions of more reasons, but I still have to put another quote in and I’m almost over my word count.
“I always remember when we were younger, and Maria would be bruised from being beaten up at school or something, she’d always smile no matter what.” Damien tells us, “The girl will brighten everyone else’s day even when she wants to cry her eyes out. One time when we were like sixteen we were in Maidstone, it’s like an hour away from our hometown and there was this woman, she was obviously homeless at the time, and Maria gave her food, bought her new warm clothes and put her in a motel for the night. Now? The woman is married, has two beautiful children and works for us with the band. Maria gave her that chance, not the rest of us. She changes people’s lives, which is all she’s ever wanted to do. And she changes them for the better, people can hate on her, but she’s such a good person.”

Maria West, lead singer of Beautiful Disaster is not only a hero to many people, but she’s a hero to her brothers. She’s the type of woman young girls yearn to be when they’re older and anyone who meets her will agree with me, she changes lives constantly, for the better.

“Domestic Abuse?” I whisper softly, my eyes glued to that single word.
“Dude, didn’t she say she wanted to tell you a lot when she comes next week?” Jimmy questions me, and I nod my head, thinking over the multiple conversations with Maria.
“It kinda makes sense though” I tell him, thinking about things people had said, rumours I heard.
“How so?” Jimmy questions me, and I take my eyes from the magazine looking up to him.
“She always seems scared around people, men mainly” I tell Jimmy softly, thinking about our first date with the male waiter, “And Syn said when he tried to talk to her she froze up, and seemed scared and weary of him. Plus little things she says and does, it just makes sense” I murmur, thinking about Maria.

“So what are you going to do? Wait for her to tell you?” Jimmy questions me, and I scratch the back of my neck as his feet land on his coffee table and I chuck the magazine beside them.
“Yeah” I tell him, leaning further back into the couch, “I have no right to know, and if Maria wants me to know about it, she’ll tell me.”
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