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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Seventeen.

September 31st
9.44 pm

I sign, squeezing the bridge of my nose with my index finger and thumb as thumps continue on the back of my seat.
I don’t believe in violence, but the person behind me was changing my thoughts quickly.
Another thump jolted my seat again, and I groaned loudly, removing my seat belt and standing tall.

“Excuse me” I say softly, seeing a young child with wide shocked eyes and a young woman sat behind me.
The woman raised her blue eyes from a magazine, her face slacking instantly as she looks at me.
“Is the boy next to you your son?” I question her, indicating to the boy sat behind me, who like the woman, sat with a slack face.
She nods her head, no words escaping her mouth.
“Okay, not to be rude” I tell her softly, “But I’ve asked him twice to stop kicking my seat, so could you please get him to stop for the next fifteen minutes of this journey?” I ask her and she nods her head at me before I turn back in my seat, instantly hearing her rip the boy a new asshole.
Guilt washes through me quickly, and I shake my head, pulling my seat belt over my small waist as the light comes up over head.


I grin, hoisting my bag higher up on to my shoulder as my eyes scan across the waiting people.
He stood there, in a pair of board shorts hanging on his hips with a tee that had the sleeves ripped off, his sunglasses on top of his head and a baseball cap pulled down, the beak facing the back and as our eyes connected a grin formed its way onto his lips.

“Matt” I called, running around the group of people and straight into his arms.
His chuckles rocked through my ears as we clung tightly to each other, my face buried in his neck.
We stand there, just letting everyone else pass us for a few minutes before we both pull back, Matt kissing my forehead softly.
“Let’s get out of here before someone recognizes us” Matt whispers in my ear softly, before he connects our hands, quickly taking my bag from my shoulder and slinging it over his.

“How was your flight?” He questions me as we walk to the exit of the airport and I look over to him, a small smile on my lips.
“It was fine” I tell him softly, thinking over the cruel 10 hour flight, “There was a little kid behind me that kicked the back of my seat for like four hours straight” I tell Matt, chuckling softly as we exit the airport and Matt leads me towards the dark car park.
Matt chuckles softly as he leads me to a black SUV, and I look the car over, rolling my eyes softly.
“Nice car” I comment, smirking at Matt as he walks me to my side, opening the door for me and helping me into the car.

Matt chuckles as he helps me slide into the seat and I blush, sticking my tongue out at the taller man.
I pull my seatbelt around me before I pull the car door closed, watching Matt walk around to the boot quickly placing my bag into the trunk before he gets in the driver’s side, climbing into his car easily.
He pauses as he pushes his keys into the ignition; sending me a small smirk and I chuckle softly, rolling my eyes at him.
“Bite me” I mutter to him, and he laughs loudly, pulling his seat belt over his chest before he effortlessly starts the car, pulling from the space.

“What kinda car do you have” Matt questions me after ten or so minutes of comfortable silence, his hand in mine as he drives along.
“A 69’ mustang” I tell him softly, watching as his eyes flicker over to my face curiously.
“Really?” He questions me and I chuckle softly, nodding my head.
“Yeah, Jacob and I found it in a junk yard near our house back when we were 15, saved for it and we got it a week after he turned 16. We spent the next year putting it back together” I tell Matt softly, a fond smile on my lips.

“You put a car back together?” Matt questions me, shock in his voice and I smirk up at him.
“Don’t sound too shocked Matthew” I tease back, and he sends me a grin as I chuckle softly.
“So you and Jacob put this car back together?” Matt questions me, pushing the subject further.
“Mainly me” I murmur to him, “Jacob hated doing the labour part of fixing cars, he had a OCD about being clean, but weirdly enough, he loved searching for the bits to fix it. And growing up around boys, you get used to being dirty, muddy and playing rough” I tell Matt, smiling fondly as I think over my childhood.

“My oldest brother, Dean, his best friend, Clark is a mechanic and those two were always glued at the hip, so seeing as I pretty much trailed after my brothers when I was younger, Clark would be there and he’d teach me all these little things, like how to change oil, or a tyre. In the end I could change a tyre by time I turned nine” I tell Matt and he chuckles softly, his fingers tracing across the top of my hand softly.
“Clark would offer to baby sit me when I was younger and he’d spend hours throwing all the knowledge about cars onto me, he learnt that my brothers let the information go straight through their heads but I actually absorbed it all and took interest” I explain to Matt, and he grins at me in which I smile back at him.
“That’s pretty fucking cool” He tells me, and I giggle softly, grinning at him.

“I’m a cool kinda girl” I tell him smugly and he laughs a permanent grin on his face.
“Of course you are!” He exclaims, and I roll my eyes, poking my tongue out at him.
“The guys want to meet you” Matt tells me, his face holding only remains of his grin as he focuses on the road.
“The guys?” I question him, and his eyes quickly flick over to me before they focus back onto the road.
“Err, yeah. Jimmy, Leana, Zacky and Michelle, you know” Matt says, and I watch him as he shifts in his seat nervously.

“What’s up” I question him, and his eyes flicker over to me again before he shakes his head.
“Nothing” he murmurs to me, his thumb rubbing softly over the back of my hand while I stare at his handsome face.
“How do you do that?” Matt murmurs less than twenty seconds later, and my eyes flicker across his face as mine puckers softly in confusion.
“Do what?” I question him, my tone holding obvious confusion.
“You see people are upset, ask them what’s up and then when someone brushes you off you don’t mind” Matt states to me softly and my eyes widen in slight surprise before I giggle softly.

I shrug my shoulders, even though I’m positive he didn’t see it, “You can’t force people to tell you” I tell him softly, “They’ll tell you when they’re ready, so until then you just have to leave it” I tell him and he smiles at me, chuckling softly.
“You’re pretty perfect, you know that?” He tells me softly and I feel my face heat up.
“No I’m not” I reply immediately and Matt grins over at me, his eyes rolling slightly as his thumb skims across the back of my hand.

“Get some sleep” He tells me as I yawn into my free hand, my eyes drooping slightly, “I’ll wake you up when we get home” He tells me, and I immediately close my eyes, welcoming the dark abyss.
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