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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Eighteen.

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October 1st

“Where is she?” I hear Jimmy’s excited voice squeal sounding far away but still close enough to wake someone.
My eyes flutter open, and I look around the well decorated bedroom, the room was neutral, and calming. A smile flicking across my face as my eyes drift to a picture of Matt and me, sat on the bedside cabinet, the first picture Matt had taken of us.
“Jimmy” Matt’s gruff voice hisses, and I hear Jimmy whine loudly as I look over to a clock on the bedside table.
The red numbers informed me that it was 8.34am, and my eyes widened briefly, slight shock at how long I’d slept.
“If you wake Maria up Jimmy, I’ll hurt you” Matt’s voice drifts into my ears and I giggle softly, before my eyes flicker to the bed noticing the side next to me had obviously been slept in.
I smile softly, pushing the thin sheets from my legs, noticing that I was still in my leggings and top from last night before I carefully rise from the bed, placing my feet on the soft carpeted ground.

I smiled as my eyes drifted further around the room, noticing the slight feminine touches but also noticing it was quite simple, like it was hardly lived in.
My smile dropped softly as that thought ran through my head, before my eyes fell upon my bag, placed carefully with my shoes beside an open door, from my place on the bed I could see that the door obviously led into an extravagant bathroom.
Raising myself to my sleep, I yawned softly, wiping the sleep from my face as I turn back to the bed quickly fixing the sheets and making the bed behind me before I bee line for my bag, picking it up and waltzing into the bathroom.

Within ten minutes I’m shaved, showered and dressed.
I sign softly as my fingers scrape across the scar on tip of my shoulder blade and I frown slightly, noticing the slight irritation to the area surrounding it.
I turn towards my bag, as banging comes from the bathroom door, making me jump in fright.
“Maria!” Jimmy’s excited squeal comes from inside of Matt’s room, close to the door and I smile softly before walking over to the bathroom door.
I pull the door open, and smile at Jimmy as he swoops in and lifts me of the ground in a welcoming hug.
A flinch occurs but either Jimmy doesn’t notice or he ignores it as he squeezes me tightly, letting my face fall into the crook of his neck.
“Hello Jimmy” I breathe out and he chuckles, swinging my small frame slightly before he places me down.

He grins at me as he removes his arms off of me, his eyes falling up and down my petit body.
“You look beautiful” He tells me sincerely, no tone of flirting in his voice, more emotion, like how a brother would speak to his sister.
I blush, not taking the compliment at all, as I smile at him, “And you look incredibly tall!” I exclaim, obviously ignoring his comment and he looks down to my shocking 5’0 frame.
He chuckles before a welcoming grin worms its way onto his face.
“Welcome to Cali!” Jimmy exclaims happily, and I smile at him warmly, instantly thanking him.
“Are you almost ready?” Jimmy questions me, looking over my almost completely covered body.
“Almost, I just have to pull my socks on and put my cream over my shoulder” I tell Jimmy and his eyes travel to my bare legs, his eyes resting on my scars briefly before his eyes flicker up to my shoulder.
“Do you need help putting the cream on” Jimmy questions and I instantly fidget nervously as his eyes flicker across my face again.
“Or I can ask Matt to help you if you need help” Jimmy tells me softly, a comforting tone to his voice.

I smile at him, walking back into the bathroom and collecting my bag, before walking back over to him and placing the bag softly on Matt’s bed.
I pull my cream from the side pocket where I’d packed it, before turning back to Jimmy, who had followed me but kept his distance.
“Can you apply this to the scaring across my back?” I question Jimmy, and he nods his head as I pass him the tube of cream.
“Do you have to do this often?” Jimmy questions me as I watch him place a small amount of cream onto the tip of his right hand, before I turn, lifting my hair away from my back.
“Mostly every morning and every evening” I tell Jimmy softly, flinching softly as Jimmy’s calloused fingers touch the left side of my back slightly before he starts rubbing the cream along my scar.
“Seriously” Jimmy mutters, his tone shocked, “Why?” he questions me as his fingers rub circular motions on my back along the scar.

I sign softly, licking over my lips as his fingers come away from my back for a few seconds before they return the coldness of the cream cool against my warm skin.
“When I first got the injuries, they got infected” I tell Jimmy softly, thinking about the pain and ugliness that had come from the healed wounds on my body, “The skin that has healed is really thin and can easily get infected or ‘split’, so I have to keep it clean and moisturized or the skin could rip or become infected again” I tell Jimmy softly as he finishes rubbing the cream into my back and I let my long hair fall back down.
I turn as his fingers remove from my back, seeing him wipe his fingers on his jeans and I giggle softly, accepting my cream off of him before I lean back into my bag, getting a wipe from a packet and passing it over to him as I thank him softly.
“Thanks” He mutters, wiping his hands with the wipe while I re-open the tube and place a small amount of cream onto my fingers tips and applying it softly onto my left arm up until my elbow along the scar on the inside of my arm.

“They’re really deep scars” Jimmy tells me softly and I raise my eyes as I look at him while I finish applying the cream to my arm and move onto my left shoulder area.
I nod my head, agreeing with Jimmy’s assumption, “They’re with me for life” I tell Jimmy softly as I rub the cream into my shoulder while he watches me.
“How did you get them all?” He questions me softly, and my eyes flicker back to him as I finish applying the cream and place it tube back into a bag and grab a wipe for my own hands.
“A knife” I tell him, my tone soft yet hinting onto the blunt route as I wipe my hands off with the wipe.
Jimmy’s eyes flicker over my face before all of his worry disappears and a grin hits his face.

I smile back at him as a bubbly voice comes from the hallway calling his name.
Jimmy squeals, running over to the door and yanking it open before pulling a woman at least two inches taller than me into the room.
“Jimmy, Matt told you not to wake Maria” The woman scolds lovingly and I chuckle softly as she smiles at me warmly, skipping away from Jimmy and towards me.
“Hey Maria!” She greets and I know instantly who the woman with her arms around me is.
“Hey Lea” I greet her softly, wrapping my arms around her into a hug.
“You’re even more beautiful in person!” Leana compliments me and I blush as she pulls away from our hug.

I blush again, once again ignoring the statement as I change the topic quickly, looking at Leana’s simple shirt.
“I love your shirt” I tell her softly and she chuckles, putting her arm around my shoulders as I quickly lean into my bag and grab my socks.
Jimmy and Leana lead me from the bedroom; there bubbly talk filling my ears as they lead me through the light hallway of Matt’s house, and downstairs.
“Matt hates us” Jimmy chirps happily as he and Leana carry on leading me through the downstairs hallway of Matt’s house.
I giggle softly as Leana swings mine and hers connected hand as they pull me into a kitchen, “Why?”
“We woke Mattie poo up” Jimmy coos, and my eyes find Matt’s slumped form sat at a large breakfast bar.
A giggle escapes my lips as I see Matt hunched over the counter, fast asleep.
“How long did it take him to crash” Jimmy question Leana quietly and Leana watches Jimmy walk closer to Matt, leaving the two of us behind.
“About two minutes after you left the room” Leana tells him and Jimmy grins, walking next to Matt and smiling at us mischievously.

His hand waltz through the air and I watch as he pushes Matt’s hand out from under his chin.
Matt’s face tumbles to the counter, jolting Matt awake.
“Jimmy” Matt whines, landing a solid punch into Jimmy’s gut with his right hand as he rubs his now red face while me and Leana chuckle.
Jimmy groans, bent over as he clutches his stomach.
“You suck Matthew” Jimmy complains back as he stands straight before he skips over to me and Leana, and Matt’s gazes turn to us.

“We’re off” Jimmy practically screams, quickly eloping me in a hug before he runs out of the house, screaming his head off about ducks.
Leana giggles at her partner, before she pulls me into a hug.
“Have fun and I’ll see you in a couple of days” She whispers in my ear softly, as my eyes flicker to Matt while he watches us.
“See you Lea” I say softly and she pulls away, running after her husband out of Matt’s house.

My eyes flicker over to Matt, and he stands; his golden hazel eyes glued to me as a grin forms on his face.
“Morning baby” he greets me, and I grin back at him as he strides over to me.
“Morning” I reply to him softly, my cheeks feeling warm as I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his arms around my waist.
“How did you sleep?” Matt questions me, and I can hear the slight tiredness in his voice.
“Like a baby, thank you” I reply softly, looking up to his face and grinning as he leans down, quickly pecking my lips.
He grins at me as he looks down at me, and I leaf my fingers through his curling hair softly.
“What do you want to do today?” He questions me softly, and I notice how tired he seems.
“How about we curl up in your living room watching films?” I question him softly, watching as his grin flickers larger slightly and his eyes gleam.

“Are you sure?” He questions me, and I smile up at him.
“Positive” I confirm for him, and he grins down at me, resting his head against my own.
“I missed you so much” Matt whispers softly, his golden eyes focused on my own and I rake my fingers through his growing curls.
“I missed you too” I tell him softly, leaning up and placing my lips against his quickly.
Matt grins at me, his arms tight around my waist as we stare at each other, a small dimpled smile on his face. And that’s when I realised looking into his hazel eyes; right here, with him is where I wanted to be forever.
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