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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Two.

“So here we are with Beautiful Disaster, who we haven’t seen in almost six years” Tony, our interviewer states to the camera, a smile on his face, I was comfortable with him, we’d all known him since we were at least fifteen, so it was easy to be in his company again, “During this interview we’ll talk and joke while the guys, and girl answer questions. And you’ll get to see the best band ever back together! So let’s get this shit on!”

Tony: Hey guys, how’re you doing?
Greg: Hey Man, we’re good, mega fucking pumped to be back!
Damien: Yeah, I almost shit myself. *Laughs loudly, while the rest of his band mates roll their eyes and chuckle.*
Brian: He’s not even joking, he almost fucking imploded. *Entire band chuckles*

Tony: Well it’s nice to see you guys together still.
Sebastian: We’re here because it’s our dream as well as Jacob’s.
Greg: Yeah, this is what Jacob wanted, and just because my fuck face isn’t here, I know he’d still want us to rock out for him while he watches over with his jack. *Everyone chuckles nodding their head.*

Tony: After his death, was there a chance of you not carrying on?
*The room drowns in silence momentarily as pain passes through each person’s face, before Maria leans forward, her face suddenly going emotionless*
Maria: I didn’t want to do this without him, you know? But it’s what Jacob would have wanted, and I’m going to make him proud.
Tony: He’d be beyond fucking proud of you guys.
Brian: Thanks man that means a lot.

Tony: So you’re at warped.
Sebastian: Forth time we’ve been here and we can’t wait to play!
Maria: Especially because there isn’t something like this in England, I mean the festivals and those are epic, but Warped is every upcoming bands dream.
Damien: Warped fucking makes people!
Brian: People make people, dipshit.

Tony: So I see you guys still I have the exact same bracelets, rings and now a necklace from the last time I saw you all which was what, when you guys were 17?
Greg: Fuck, I’m starting to feel old. *Everyone in the room chuckles*
Maria: Sucks for you, seeing as you and Bri are the oldest.
Brian: Fuck you, what did I ever do to you Maria? *Everyone laughs, while Brian and Greg pout*
*Maria rolls her eyes and holds her wrist up, showing us her rubber bracelet*
Maria: Yes, we do indeed, and they are still alive. *Everyone nods, holding their own wrists up showing the camera’s their identical bracelets.*
Tony: And you still have the rings, and now, a necklace you all seem to be sporting.
Damien: We have metal bracelets somewhere too. *Everyone nods head in agreement*
Sebastian: Yeah, but it’s a bit too classy for us! *Laughter falls from the bands lips*
Maria: But seriously, we haven’t taken these off since we bought them, except the metal bracelet obviously.

Tony: I know this might be personal, but I’m assuming Jacob had them too, so what happened to his?
Maria: it’s cool. One of my older brothers, who is also actually our manager got Jacob’s metal bracelet, and my younger brother got Jacob’s necklace.
Tony: What about his ring and the rubber band?
Damien: Maria has his ring on her chain, and Mamma West has Jacob’s rubber bracelet.
Greg: We didn’t want to hide them in a box, and we know that if they’re with the people there with they will always be cherished. *Everyone nods their heads in agreement*

Tony: Okay so let’s talk music, you guys have a 4 track EP and two albums previous before you went on hiatus, and you have the EP that got released just before you guys came back onto the scene, sending your fans into a fucking frenzy and now they want to know, are you making a new album or what?
Sebastian: We’re working on it. *All band members chuckle.*
Tony: So you are?
Maria: We’re doing a tour over a twenty four month span, so added together roughly about eighteen months’ worth of tour. Six months’ worth of break in-between, but we hope, and this is a big hope, that are third album comes out by time our first year on tour finishes.
Tony: Wow, so by next summer?
Brian: Give or take, but we’ve got a lot of stuff because of our three to four year break.

Tony: Yeah, how did you Hiatus go?
Damien: Fucking brilliant after the first year.
Greg: Yeah the first year was shit.
Brian: Hardest time of all of our lives.
Maria: I don’t even want to remember the first three years.
Tony: That hard?
Sebastian: We were all fucking messes. I mean, we just about survived. If it wasn’t for each other, I don’t think we’d be here now.
*everyone nods their heads*
Greg: Yeah, it was like, so our best friend, our brother is gone. What the fuck do we do now?
Maria: Our mum and Dad didn’t know what to do either, I mean, they lost their son. Our entire family was just down the drain, thank god for my parent’s because even with these guys, in all honesty my family and these boys saw me through.
Brian: They were some of the darkest days of my life.

Tony: You said ‘our mum and dad’, as in not plural, can you elaborate please.
Maria: My parents pretty much adopted all of these.
Damien: I was adopted after Jacob, Brendon and Zach. Mamma and Papa are my parents to me. They’ve been there when the woman who gave birth to me wasn’t and I love them because they are my mum and dad.
Sebastian: Mum and dad adopted me last, it’s not a secret that my birth parents died when I was young and the system is killer, and they took me away from that, they’re my mum and dad and I’m forever grateful to them.
Brian: Greg and I are no longer in contact with our birth father, but he even said they’re more parents to us than he ever was, so he told us to call them our parents and him our uncle, which he wouldn’t even have the privilege of anyway.
Greg: Which I’m fucking fine with, was going to do it anyway.

Tony: So Maria, you’re your parent’s only birth child?
Maria: My parents have ten children, seven of those ten children are adopted, but my mum doesn’t give a care about that, we’re all her babies.
Tony: Makes sense, so are you the youngest?
*Everyone chuckles*
Sebastian: Nah, she isn’t but everyone treats her like it.
Greg: Yeah, that and she’s the only girl.
Brian: She will never have a life.
Damien: Poor child.
*Maria rolls her eyes*
Maria: I have one younger brother, Zach.
*Tony chuckles, as does the band*

Tony: Okay, question from fans time.
Greg: Bring it bitch!
Tony: From Charlotte in Germany, Favourite gig?
Greg & Brian: Spain festival! We were all about like 17 at the time; it was around a month before Jacob died.
Damien: Warped tour, Texas. We were about 16.
Sebastian: Glasgow. 17 years young.
Maria: My favourite gig has to be the show we did in our hometown back in England on Jacob’s 18th birthday.
Damien: Epic show.

Tony: Jens from Texas, Favourite band?
Greg: I will forever be a Guns ‘n Roses kid.
Brian: Queen.
Maria: Evanesance.
Damien: Foo Fighters and Nirvana.
Sebastian: Greenday all day.
Greg: Greenday is pussy music.
Maria: Your mum is pussy music, fool.
Damien: I’m sure mum will be thrilled to see that comment.
Maria: FML, I’m dead.
Sebastian: That you are.

Tony: Okay. Paige from France, most played song on your iPod at this moment in time.
Sebastian: Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T’s.
Greg: S&M by Rihanna.
Maria: Whore.
Greg: That I am.
Damien: We’ll be alright by Travie McCoy.
Brian: Poker face by Lady Gaga.
Maria: Warmness on the soul by Avenged Sevenfold and Looking up by Paramore.
Tony: Good choice.
Maria: Cheers mate.

Tony: Tina from Spain…
Maria: Gee, shut up. *Everyone chuckles.*
Tony: Okay, Celebrity Crush, Male AND Female.
Brian: She really stressed the AND, didn’t she?
Tony: Seems like it.
Maria: Female has to be Hayley Williams, and not just because she’s one of my best friends. The woman is stunning and I totally would if I was lesbian.
Damien: I totally would if I was straight! *Everyone chuckles*
Maria: And I have to say, I like me some British boys. Definitely, Sean Smith from the Blackout! Josh Franchesci from You Me at Six, and M.Shadows is really handsome, so he’s in there too.
Greg: The Rev, by far. Or Dave Grohl, man love bitch, man love. Female? That’s got to be Megan Fox; you cannot go wrong with Megan Fox.
Maria: She’s pretty, like wow. But I don’t know.
Greg: Hush child, you don’t know.
Maria: My point.
Brian: Christofer Drew, I guess, and definitely Sierra Kusterbeck from VersaEmerge.
Damien: Johnny Deep, Taylor Lautner and Synyster Gates. A female? Well Maria, but the whole concept of Gayness is I like men. *Maria blushes, and everyone chuckles*
Greg: We get it, you prefer Penis, Shhh.
Sebastian: Cassadee Pope from Hey Monday and Professor Green, I guess.

Tony: Favourite colour from Oli, Brighton.
Maria: Red.
Brian: Blue.
Greg: Green.
Sebastian: Did you notice the twin’s colours matched their names? Dorks. Yellow.
Damien: Purple, Bitch.
Tony: Birthday?
Damien: January 1st 1989
Maria: February 1st 1989
Greg & Brian: September 24th 1988
Sebastian: December 19th 1988
Tony: What about Jacob’s?
Maria: September 2nd 1988

Tony: Okay, Full Names.
Brian: Brian Donald Renault Redfield.
Greg: Gregory Levison Adrian Redfield.
Maria: Maria Ann West.
Damien: Damien Cain Price.
Sebastian: Sebastian Shane Steven Smith – West.
Maria: And if anyone’s wondering, Jake’s was; Jacob Joshua Hunter West.
Tony: Okay, use one word to describe yourself.
Greg: Whore.
Maria: That or slut for you Gee.
Greg: True.
Damien: Trusting.
Sebastian: Thinker.
Brian: Responsible.
Maria: Lost.

Tony: Two things that get you fucking angry beyond belief.
Maria: Homophobes & bullies in general.
Greg: Bullies and Racists, me and Bri are half Spanish. But we are full British citizens and racist comments are thrown at us all the time, seriously we’re no fucking different then ‘pure English’ people or Black people, we all have feelings, think before you speak.
Brian: Rapists and Cunts.
Damien: I’m not an angry person, but Homophobes and Bullies. Just because I like dick doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.
Sebastian: rapists & Bullies.
Tony: You all harbour a strong hatred for bullies then?
Maria: I know for a fact that Damien was jumped for being gay, and I was bullied throughout my school years for no reason.
Tony: You were bullied?
Greg: Yeah her bullies fucking hell, what cunts.
Sebastian: Even put her in hospital four times.
Tony: Damn, anything you want to say to them?
Maria: All I can say is I’ve forgiven them already, because I bet they’re hitting themselves for it now.
Greg: She’s too nice. I say this though; you are the scummiest of scum, you lowlifes.
Brian: I second that.

Tony: Five things you can’t live without on tour.
Greg: My laptop, I die without porn for so long.
Maria: My eyes are forever burned.
Tony: You’ve seen Greg’s dick?
Brian: She’s seen all of our dicks.
Maria: Sucks for me.
Greg: Okay, Laptop, Phone, Drumsticks, toilet paper and Condoms.
Brian: Laptop, Phone, iPod, Bass Guitar & my lucky glasses.
Damien: My lucky pick, Phone, Laptop, Water & my friends.
Sebastian: Phone, iPod, my necklace, Laptop and my Blanket.
Maria: Photo’s, Laptop, iPhone, Batman Duvet, and my ring.

Tony: Who’s your Hero?
Maria: Jacob.
Brian, Greg, Damien & Sebastian: Maria *Maria shakes her head and blushes before muttering ‘idiots’.*

Tony: Okay last couple questions. Kill, Shag, Marry; Pete Wentz, M.Shadows, Alex Gaskarth, or Kill, Shag, Marry; Hayley Williams, Eva Spence, Lady Gaga.
Brian: M.Shadows seems to be coming up a lot.
Damien: He’s hot, he can.
Maria: True that.
Greg: No offence but I’d rather not do the Male ones.
Brian: Second.
Sebastian: Third.
Maria: Pussies.
Greg: Kill, Hayley Williams, seeing as that’s gross and for respect of Chad. Shag Gaga, and Marry Eva Spence, she’s lovely!
Sebastian: Kill Hayley, sorry love. Shag Eva and Marry Gaga.
Brian: Kill Gaga, Shag Eva and Marry Hayley.
Damien: Kill Eva, Shag Hayley and Marry Gaga, I love that woman. Kill, M.Shadows, he just isn’t my type. Shag Pete although that’d be mighty weird and Marry Gaskarth.
Maria: Kill Gaga, Shag Eva and marry Hayley. Out of respect and because he’s like a brother I’d kill Pete. Shag Gaskarth, although that’d be weird too. And marry M.Shadows.

Tony: Okay, this is the last question guys. Where do you want to be in a year’s time?
Sebastian: Married maybe.
Greg: Not a father, that’s for sure.
Damien: On Stage.
Brian: Maybe settling down, definitely not giving this up but a girlfriend would be nice.
Maria: I don’t mind, as long as I’m happy.
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