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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Twenty.

October 3rd

I giggle softly as Matt growls playfully at me as I attempt to peek through my fingertips at what he’s doing as I sit at the breakfast bar in his kitchen, feeling the cool metal from the stool brush the bottom of my feet.
This was nice, we had managed to keep what we have, Matt didn’t mind what I had told him yesterday, he had taken it all in his stride.

“Can I look yet?” I question him, and he grunts at me, before I feel his presence behind me.
“Now you can look” He whispers to me, his warm breath on my neck and I blush at the closeness.
My eyes flutter open as I remove my hands from my face, and I look in front of me, aweing at the site.

On the counter sat three items, the first item; a tall bouquet of red roses sat in a pretty plain clear vase. The second; a small rectangle box, the lid off revealing a beautiful plain silver heart shaped necklace with ‘xoxo’ inscribed on the front, and lastly the third item, a small cupcake covered in pink frosting and tiny sugary hears with a tiny sign sticking out from the top saying ‘be mine’.
I giggle, turning round on the stool and wrapping my arms around Matt’s neck, placing our lips together.

When we pull apart, Matt seems to be glowing with happiness and I giggle softly again, grinning at Matt.
“Is that a yes?” He questions me and I giggle, feeling the happiness flowing through me, nodding my head as I look at him, my arms still wrapped around his neck, and my fingers muddled in his curls.
“That’s an, ‘Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend” I tell him softly, and his dimpled grin makes my heart go crazy.

“I should go get ready before Jimmy gets here” Matt says softly before he places a soft kiss to my lips.
“Have fun” I tell him softly, and he re-pecks my lips, a happy grin on his face as his eyes sparkle.
“I’ll be back down soon, enjoy your cupcake and unlock the door for Jimmy and Lea please” Matt tells me softly, and I nod my head, quickly pecking his cheek before he turns, his muscular back flexing softly as he walks away, his sleep pants hanging low on his hips.

My eyes follow him upstairs, and I hold in my sign of happiness.
I swivel around in the seat, pulling my phone out of my pocket and seeing a message sign on the screen.

I slide my finger across my iPhone screen and smile instantly, seeing Damien, Greg and Lainey’s name flash up with messages.

From Demon:

Ria! How is Cali? And Matt ;D I miss you! D;

I chuckle, rolling my eyes at Damien before I click the reply button, a small smile on my face.

To Demon:

It’s beautiful and hot. I miss you too!

I smile as I quickly snap a picture of the three items in front of me, attaching it to Damien’s text before I send it to him as my answer.

From Gee-Dizzle:

I miss you like fucking craaaaaaaaaaaazy. Why must we split up again? <3

My smile loosens slightly at Greg’s text as I dip my finger into the cupcake’s icing before placing it into my mouth, wiping the icing from my finger onto my tongue and savouring the creamy taste.
I wipe my finger on my clothes in an unhygienic manner before attacking my phone again as it buzzes, an indication of a new text.

To Gee-Dizzle:

I miss you too Gee! And it’s good for character building <3

My eyes flicker up to the window, looking outside briefly before I look back at my phone, clicking Lainey’s text and opening it.

From Larry:

You’ve abandoned me for what? A week’s holiday? Y HV U LFT ME HUR?

I smile fondly at Lainey’s text, she was still the same, still the over dramatic weirdo I’d met at five.

To Larry:

I’ve abandoned you to spend a week with my
boyfriend, plus, you’re bringing Zach over next week. You’ll see me then moron

I quickly read over Damien’s new reply, chuckling softly as I read the ever so blunt, ‘I hope you said fucking yes.’ Replying quickly with a simple ‘yes’ before I place my phone down, and dip my right index finger into the pink icing, taking a small amount on my finger before I open my mouth, sucking the icing off.

The doorbell rings, and I jump up, heading over to the sink to wash my hands quickly before I grab a tea towel off of the side, drying my hands and then walking from the kitchen to the hallway.
I waltz over to the large heavy oak doors, unlocking the deadbolt and pulling them open, a huge grin on my face before it drops slightly as I see a beautiful woman with long dark blonde hair standing there instead of the expected Jimmy and Leana.

“Hello” I greet softly, a blush hitting my cheeks as she smiles warmly and softly at me, her designer clothes fitting to her body perfectly.
“Hey, you’re Maria right?” She says softly, and I instantly recognize her from the photo’s Matt had shown me.
“Yeah, and you must be Michelle” I question quietly, and her face brightens instantly as she nods her head, proving my assumption was correct.

“Yep!” She chirps to me, a happy smile on her face before he holds up a small leather book.
“Matt left this at ours the other day” She tells me softly, and I nod my head as she passes me the leather book.
“Do you want to come in, Matt’s upstairs getting ready” I tell her, my voice just above a whisper, and once again she smiles at me warmly, before shaking her head.
“I’ve got a hair appointment” She explains to me, pointing up to her practically perfect hair, “I just wanted to drop that off” She explains, and I smile softly at her.

“Oh, it was a pleasure to meet you then” I tell her, and she grins nodding her head at me before she pulls me into a hug.
“Welcome to the family” She whispers in my ear softly, before she pulls back, waving to me as she walks back down the winding path leading from the front door.
My hand is raised as I wave back at Michelle, smiling at her as she walks toward an almost brand new silver BMW and I close the front door, Matt’s book still in my hand.

I walk back through Matt’s entrance hall, book in hand as I enter the kitchen to see Matt seated at the counter, only in a pair of tight jeans with his shirt beside him, placed on the counter carelessly.
“Michelle dropped this off” I tell him, catching his attention and watching his head snap up towards me and his eyes follow me as I walk closer to him.

His eyes glint in thankfulness as I place the book on the table before going over to him.
Matt opens his arms, pulling me into his lap softly and we cuddle close, my small body fitting perfectly against his larger one.
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