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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Twenty One.

October 4th

“Do you think they’ll like me?” I question Matt as he pulls up in front of an extravagantly beautiful home, my tone holding obvious nerves.
Matt squeezes my hand softly before leaning forward and kissing my cheek.
“I’m sure they’ll love you” He tells me softly, pushing one of my fallen curls behind my ear.
I smile at him, kissing his lips softly before I lean my forehead against his, “Ready?” He questions me, his golden hazel eyes staring at me intensely.

“Ready” I state, nodding my head as I lick over my lips nervously, turning away from Matt and pushing the car door open.
My feet land on the ground, and I left out a soft ‘ooft’, hearing Matt chuckle I raise my eyes, following him with them as he walks around the front of his car and over to me.

“Meanie” I whine to him as he takes my hand, a pout on my lips while he grins at me, pulling me behind him softly as he leads the way.
I follow behind him silently, pausing slightly as he just pushes the front door open, welcoming himself into whoevers home it was.

Seconds after I close the door, Jimmy appears, an excited squeal breaking his lips as he pushes past Matt and hugs me tightly, receiving a small flinch from me.
Jimmy ignores my flinch as he squeezes me tightly.
“Oh my god, I’ve missed you so much!” He exclaims to me, lifting me from the ground and spinning me around.

I giggle softly, holding onto his arms tightly before he places me down.
“Bien-ve-nido a la ca- asa de Jimmy!” Jimmy yells happily, his Spanish broken; swinging his arm around in a crazy manner before he pulls me into him, his arm long arm wrapping around my small shoulders.
“Gracias por darme la bienvenida Jimmy!” I reply back softly as Matt takes my hand back into his and Jimmy stares at me in amazement.

“You. Are. Perfection” Jimmy murmurs, making me blush brightly as he removes his arm and skips in front of me.
Matt chuckles as I go back to his side, burying myself into him in embarrassment as we follow behind Jimmy as he leads us through his home.

“Lea, Lea, Lea!” Jimmy sings loudly and obnoxiously as he skips through his bright house, making me giggle as I watch him.
“We’re out here Jim!” Leana’s voice calls from the back of the house and Jimmy squeaks happily, leading us into a beautiful kitchen.
“Help yourselves to drinks!” Jimmy cheers to us, before he sprints out of his house, Matt turning to the full island covered in bottles.

“Want something baby?” Matt questions me softly, his head tilted in question at me and I look across the island, noticing it was only alcohol.
“Does Jimmy own something non-alcoholic?” I question Matt softly, my tone joking and he grins at me, letting my hand go before he heads over to the fridge, pulling it open.

“Root Beer, Sprite, Grape Soda, Cream Soda, Coca cola vanilla, Fanta Strawberry, Fanta grape, Mountain Dew, Water and Coke” Matt lists off, and my face scrunches up.
“Coke Vanilla?” I question Matt, my nose scrunching in disgust, “Ew” I mutter and Matt chuckles, shrugging his shoulders.
“It’s alright, Jimmy loves the stuff” Matt tells me and I grin back at him, almost rolling my eyes.
“I wouldn’t think he would need more sugar in his system” I tell Matt softly and he laughs loudly.
“Water please” I say softly as he looks at me, his eyes holding an expression I’d never seen from a man whom I was in a relationship show towards me; pure adoration.

I blush looking down, a smile on my lips as I realise this, before I look back up at him, my eyes connecting with his golden ones.
Matt’s face lights up as he takes three large strides over to me, a bottle of water and a can of sprite in his large left hand.
Our bodies seem to fit perfectly together as Matt places the drinks on the counter beside me, before he wraps me into his body, he mouth nearing mine.

“Whoa” a male voice exclaims, and Matt pauses while I blush lowering my head.
Matt chuckles softly, pulling me into his side tightly as he looks over to the voice.
“Hey Dan” Matt greets warmly, and I raise my eyes seeing a buff familiar man standing in the kitchen a small smile appearing on my face.

“Westy!” Dan cheers at me, ignoring Matt and I send the built man a wave.
“Hello Dan” I greet him, my soft voice warm, feeling Matt’s eyes burn into the side of my head.
“You two know each other?” Matt questions we and I turn my head towards him, looking up into his golden eyes.

“I met Dan at Kat Von D’s birthday party in 2008, we always run in to each other at her party every year now” I tell Matt softly as Dan chuckles loudly.
“Literally we always seem to run into each other. I spilt my beer down her, this year, last year, the year before and the year before that” Dan comments and Matt chuckles, rolling his golden orbs at Dan.

My eyes shoot over Dan, noticing his jacket clutched in his hand.
“Are you leaving?” I question him softly, feeling the nerves of having a familiar face leave settle in.
Dan grins sheepishly as Matt takes hold of my hand, squeezing it softly.
“I’ve got a date” He tells us and I smile at him.

Five minutes later, I wave goodbye to Dan as he leaves the house, nerves settling in my stomach as I keep my grip on Matt’s hand and my other hand wrapped around my bottle of water.
Matt pulls me behind him, flashing me his beautiful dimpled smile that made my knees weak as he opens the patio doors.

“Finally I thought you two were having a quickie!” Jimmy explodes as we enter his backyard, and my cheeks grow in heat as I look down, hearing Matt’s laughter.
“N’aw, Dan fucking interrupted us!” Matt jokes and I feel my blush grow further as I raise my head, offering a shy smile to the people staring at us, feeling uncomfortable as I feel glares being sent my way.

“Guys this is Maria” Matt practically chirps to them, a large happy smile on his face as I wave with my hand holding my bottle of water, smiling awkwardly at the staring people.
Leana jumps up as they all remain quiet, everyone’s eyes staring at my scared shoulders.

“Maria” She exclaims happily, wrapping her arms around me, a beautiful smile on her face as she bounces, her white dress rippling slightly.
“Hey Lea” I whisper back, squeezing Matt’s hand softly before I let go, hugging the small woman in front of me back.
She grins at me, pulling me after her towards the girls, who were seated closer to the pool whereas the guys we seated closer to the BBQ.

Leana squeezes my hand tightly as I stand beside her, in front of the three women seated in lawn chairs, large sunglasses on their heads and alcoholic beverages in their hands.
“This is Lacey” Leana tells me, pointing to a woman with short dark brown hair and a pretty face. The woman raises an eyebrow at me, rolling her eyes before she goes back to her drink, almost ignoring my presence.

Leana slits her eyes at Lacey before she moves onto the familiar Michelle who held a welcoming and happy smile on her lips.
“Hey Maria, how are you?” Michelle questions me, interrupting Leana’s introduction causing me to smile brighter at Leana’s pout.
“I’m good thank you” I reply, my voice quiet as I look into her hazel green tint eyes, “How about you?”
Michelle grins at me warmly, holding her glass of wine up, “I’m perfect” she tells me, and I chuckle softly, grinning at her as Leana chuckles as well.

I turn my head to the last woman, a blonde.
I smile at her softly, and she almost sneers at me, an unpleasant glare fixed on her beautiful face, making her seem ugly.

“That’s Gena” Leana tells me, smiling at me sympathetically as Gena stares at me, her face scrunched up in disgust as her eyes travel from my chino clad legs up to my bare shoulders.
“Hello” I greet them softly, watching as Gena and Lacey turn away from me and resume their previous conversation, ignoring me completely.
Michelle signs loudly, obviously annoyed with the two girls before she pats the space next to her.

I gladly accept her offer, placing my bag to the floor as I seat and looking over to Matt as he talks with Brian, an almost annoyed expression on my boyfriend’s face as they share words.
My eyes travel back to Michelle’s and I quickly divert them as I see her watching me, my hands nervously unscrewing the bottle of water.
My fingers clutch the loose lid tightly as I place the bottle to my lips, gulping down a mouthful of water before I screw the lid back on, feeling Michelle’s and Leana’s eyes on me.

“How’d you like HB so far?” Michelle questions me as I place my bottle on the floor, and I raise myself back up, sitting straight as my eyes connect with her.
My tongue dampens my dry lips as my hands fidget nervously and I smile at her softly.

“It’s beautiful here” I tell her, smiling adoringly, “I love the beach, it’s so much better than the ones back home” I tell her, my voice just louder than a whisper and I hear Gena let out a scoff.
My eyes look up to her, seeing her and Lacey staring at me, a sneer on both of their faces.
“Ignore them” Michelle mutters to me, rolling her eyes at them before she smiles brightly at me, her face lighting up and enhancing her beauty.

“Matt seems highly taken with you” She tells me and I blush brightly, diverting my eyes to my lap, a smile tugging brightly at my lips.
“I’m very much taken with him too” I mutter back softly, grinning at her brightly.
A scoff comes from behind me and I turn, seeing Brian stand behind me, a sneer on his face.
“Taken my ass” He mutters, and Michelle glares at him, obviously hearing his mean words.
I smile at him, my smile faltering slightly as he glares at me, ignoring his previous words.

Brian huffs loudly, before he storms off, turning into Jimmy’s home.
“Sorry about him” Michelle tells me softly, her eyes glaring after her husband before she stands sending me a sympathetic smile and following after him.
I look up, signing softly as I look at Matt seeing him shake his head as he speaks to Johnny, a frown pulled at his lips.

“So where did you get them done?” A sharp voice questions, and I turn my head, looking into Gena’s blue eyes as she stares at me, a wicked grin on her lips and a mean look in her eyes.
“Excuse me?” I question her softly, my eyes flickering to Leana as she glares at Gena.
“Your boobs, who did them for you and when were they done?” She questions me, a mocking tone to her voice.

My mouth falls open slightly at her question and I look down to my well filled out chest, I must admit for such a small person, I had developed a large chest.
“They’re not fake” I mutter softly, feeling incredibly embarrassed as she grins spitefully at me.
Gena laughs loudly, Lacey joining in her laughter as I sit my posture stony.

“It’s okay; I know they obviously fucked up your other surgery. I mean the lipo is obviously fucked, you still have chub, your nose is crocked and your shoulders are fucked as well, at least your boobs came out good!” Gena tells me, her voice sounding incredibly fake, like she was forcing herself to be horrible.
I swallow deeply as I feel the tears start to clog up at the back of my throat.

“Gena” Leana hisses, standing up in front of me and shaking her head as I swallow, looking down to my lap.
“Lea, it’s fine” I whisper to her softly, looking up to the small fuming girl, and she turns to me, staring at me shocked.

I stand as well, picking my bag from the floor, “Can you show me to the bath room?” My voice cracking slightly as I question her, wanting to be away from the Blonde cackling woman as she continues to mock me loudly with the brunette beside her.
Leana stares at me briefly, before she nods her head, grabbing my wrist and pulling behind her.
I stare down to the ground as I follow after her, feeling the tears start to prick my eyes as Leana leads me into her home.

I feel her tug my wrist as she enters her house, encouraging me to follow her, before she quickly closes the patio doors behind us.
“The bathroom is that door over there” Leana tells me, and I raise my head looking to the door her finger is pointing at.
“Thank you” I croak out softly, quickly moving my footsteps so that she doesn’t see the tears in my eyes.

I enter the bathroom, quickly shutting and locking the door behind me and breathe deeply before looking into the mirror.
“It’s okay” I mutter to myself, wiping away the stray tear as I look at my reflection.
“You’re not fat” I tell myself, fighting away the voices in my head that were trying to say different, “You’re not fat, you’re not ugly. You’re perfect the way you are” I mutter, my voice no louder than a whisper as I stare into my chocolate eyes.

The woman staring back at me sighs as I do, her face holding no visible scars like her body does, but her eyes holding years’ worth of hurt.
Her hand rakes through her hair as my hand does, and I see the two old bracelets her dead brother made her on her wrist, the first one almost twenty years old, and a now faded flash of orange, yellow and red, the second wasn't as old, but just as loved.

I smile to myself in the mirror, pushing the darker mean thoughts to the side and only thinking of the positive ones.
“You’re not fat” I mutter to myself again as I hear yelling outside the bathroom, and I clench my eyes shut as I hear their angry voices.
“Don’t mess up” I mutter to myself, before I shake my head and grab a tissue from the roll beside the toilet, quickly dabbing it around my eyes in a soothing manner and removing any evidence of my tears.

“For fuck sake!” A voice practically screams outside of the bathroom door, making me jump and hit my arm against the sink.
I whimper slightly as my skin quickly turns red and a small pain comes from my arm.
“Ouch” I mutter, chucking my piece of tissue into the toilet and flushing it as banging comes to the door, making me jump again as they hit the door.

I rub my arm, practically running at the door and quickly unlocking it, before pulling it open.
“Fucking finally” Brian growls loudly as the door slants open, his face becoming more sour then I would think possible as he sees me.
“Sorry” I tell him stiffly; still rubbing my arm, this time however more because of nerves and Brian rolls his eyes at me as I slide past him.

“Listen” He says, his voice stern and I pause, turning to face the older man as he stands in the entrance of the toilet, “I know you’re using Matt for sex, money and whatever, so just leave will you. No one actually wants you here. Plus if you need to take time out of meeting his friends to stick your fingers down your throat then you’re definitely not wanted” Brian mutters to me, a sneer on his face before he slams the door back in my face.

I swallow again, before turning around, seeing Matt walk into the hallway, his eyes meet mine and I bite my lip slightly as my throat clots up.
“Baby, are you okay?” He questions me, and I nod my head, bowing it slightly as he steps forward, bring me into his arms and I let one of my tears free.

Matt leans down, placing a kiss to my forehead comfortingly and he rubs my back softly, his presence calming me hugely.
“Do you want to go back outside?” He asks me and I raise my eyes, looking into his golden ones while he raises his hands, removing my stray tear from my face.
“Don’t listen to them” He tells me, his voice soft, “They’re just being fucking cunts.”
I smile up at him, nodding my head as he squeezes me tighter, kissing my forehead again in a soothing way.

Matt clutches my hand tightly as he leads me back outside, while I take a deep breath, walking slowly behind Matt as he walks to the seating area beside a for once what seems like a quiet Jimmy and Leana.
I follow behind Matt as he takes a seat, sitting at his side and avoiding everyone’s eyes, keeping them on my lap.

Matt releases my hand as chatter consumes around us, and seconds later a material covers my shoulders.
My eyes snap over to Matt seeing his fingers coming off of the edges of his jacket, now on my shoulders and creeping back down to my hand.
“Thank you” I whisper to him softly as he reconnects our hands, his golden eyes smiling at me as he brings our hands to his face, placing a soft kiss to the back of my hand.

I shuffle slightly closer to Matt, keeping my eyes down on my lap as his thumb strokes the back of my hand while everyone joins us.
I tilt my head slightly to the side as someone takes a seat beside, holding my cringe in as Brian appears in my view.

“Maria?” Michelle’s voice calls softly, and I snap my eyes over to her, seeing her smiling face staring at me.
“Do you have any siblings?” Michelle questions me, tempting me to join in everyone’s conversations.
I smile at her, nodding my head once, “yes” I tell her softly, my eyes flickering down to mine and Matt’s hands, “I have nine.”

“Nine?” Michelle questions me rhetorically, and my eyes flicker back to her, flickering over Matt’s friends briefly before they connect with her hazel green tint eyes.
“Someone got busy” Brian mutters, him and Gena smirking at each as they snicker.
“Nine brothers” I supply for her ignoring the two, and Zacky raises his eyebrows at me, while Michelle grins.

“Must have been hard growing up with them” Leana jumps in, adding her comment and sending me a grin from her place beside Jimmy who sat beside Matt.
“It was entertaining” I reply to her, sending her a soft smile as Matt squeezes my hand encouragingly.
“isn’t one of your brothers dead?” Johnny asks bluntly, making the area turn deadly quiet.

No pun intended.

Leana reaches over slightly, slugging the short bassist in the arm.
“Seriously?” She hisses to him, and I watch those two, sending Johnny a strained smile.
“yeah, one’s dead” I state softly, trying to avoid the conversation that could come from my sentence as Matt squeezes my hand tightly before he lets go of my hand wrapping his arm around my waist, hiding it under his jacket and bringing me closer to his toned body.

“I was just asking a fucking question” Johnny hisses to Leana, rubbing his red arm as he glares at her as she glares at him.
I sign softly, looking down to my lap as Jimmy quickly changes the conversation for me.

Matt’s fingers grip my hip softly, slipping under the bottom of my tube top as he rubs his fingers across my pierced hip.
I look up at him as his fingers fiddle with the bar on my hip, his jacket covering his hand as he squeezes my hip softly.

“What are you doing?” I whisper up to him, making my voice quiet so only he can hear me.
His gold eyes look into my brown ones, a playful hint in them.
“You have your hip pierced?” He whispers back, his dimples prominent in his cheeks as he smirks down at me.

I roll my eyes at him, chuckling softly as he grabs my right hand with his right one, squeezing it tightly.
“Yes Captain Dimples, I do” I whisper back, sending him a grin of my own as Brian mutters a snide comment from beside me, which I somehow don’t hear, but Matt does causing him to tense up.

“Ignore it” I tell Matt softly, telling him the advice he had told me earlier and he smiles down at me softly, his dimples melting my insides.
“She’s got him fucking wrapped around her fat fingers” I hear Gena hiss from opposite us, making it loud enough for everyone to hear and Matt tenses again while I watch as he clenches his jaw.
“I can’t believe he’s dating a fat chick” Laney mutters back and Matt hisses angrily as he sees tears start to form in my eyes before I look away from him, back to my hands.

“Come on” He tells me softly, his eyes flickering over to the girls, “I don’t want you to be fucking abused” Matt says loudly catching the girl’s attentions.
I watch as the two both bow their heads, Brian and Johnny copying in their actions to the girls as Matt pulls me up carefully, grabbing my bag and fixing his jacket on my shoulders.
“Later Jim, Leana, Chelle” Matt says softly, completely ignoring the rest of his friends and I frown slightly.
I bid goodbye to Matt’s friends softly, smiling at Leana, Jimmy and Michelle before Matt pulls me behind him and into the kitchen.
“Hold on” I tell Matt softly, and he pauses, placing my bag on the side while I go over to the sink, placing my bottle of water beside it before walking back over to him and connecting our hands.
I look up at Matt, smiling at him softly before I lean forward kissing his lips softly, “Thank you.”
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