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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Twenty Three.

October 5th – 7pm

“Baby?” I call softly as my eyes flicker over the dimly lit room, hearing the front door close softly as I sit up in Matt’s bed, rubbing at my eyes.
I hear footsteps make their way upstairs, and I yawn softly, my eyes on Matt’s bedroom door watching as the door opens slowly, and Matt walks in.
I jump out of his bed as I see the blood on his face, pushing the sheets off of my body.
“Oh my god, what happened?” I question him, quickly going to his side and softly placing my hands on his face, my eyes flickering over his swelling eye to his bleeding nose and his split lip.
He smiles at me weakly; “Baby don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it looks” He tells me softly, his tone soothing.
I shake my head, removing my hands from his face and grabbing his hands; pulling his behind me into his bathroom.

Upon entering I push him over to the counter, before I turn sinking to my knees and pulling a the cabinet door open, grabbing the first aid kit.
“It’s kind of sad that you already know where the first aid kit is” Matt jokes as I stand back up and turn back to him, smiling at him as he sits on the cabinet.
I shrug my shoulders softly, opening the small box and retrieving antiseptic wipes and some tissues.

“Want to tell me how you did this?” I question him, placing a bunch of tissues in his left hand and slowly directing his large hand to his lightly bleeding nose as I stand in between his legs, his right hand curling around my right hip softly.
His eyes follow me as I grab an antiseptic wipe, watching me as I apply it to his face.
Matt flinches and I smile at him sympathetically, “Sorry” I whisper to him, and he just smiles wincing again as I wipe away the blood around his lip.

“Me and Brian… had words” Matt tells me, and I freeze, taking my eyes away from his bleeding lip and up to his eyes before I resume finishing taking care of his lip.
“About me?” I question him hesitantly as I finish and he sighs loudly as he clenches his eyes shut for a second.
“Baby-” Matt starts, his fingers running softly over my slightly exposed right hip.
“Matt, you can’t argue about me” I tell him, cutting him off from whatever he was about to say, “I’m a girl, easy to replace. He’s your best friend.” I tell him softly, putting the wipe down as Matt removes the tissue from under his nose, the bleeding now stopped, He chucks the tissue beside him, before pulling me close by my hips softly.
“You’re not just any girl though” Matt whispers to me, resting his forehead against mine and I shake my head smiling at him softly.

“I am” I tell him softly, sending him a soft smile as he sighs loudly while my fingers run through the back of his hair, “You shouldn’t create drama with the guys and girls, they’re your best friends” I murmur to him, feeling his fingers rub my hips softly as he sighs once again.
“I can’t believe they said all of that to you though” Matt murmurs to me, his eyes holding obvious anger.
The anger leaves his eyes quickly as I rub the back of his neck, sending him a reassuring smile, “They were just protecting you” I tell him, kissing the tip of his nose and making him smile at me, “That’s their job as your best friend.”
“I wish they would have done their ‘job’ in a nicer way” Matt mutters, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer to his body.

I smile softly at him, kissing his nose softly again and grinning at him as his dimples become deep in his cheeks before I look down to his once white shirt.
“Strip” I mutter to him, and he raises his eyes brows questionably, and cheeky smirk on his lips.
“If you want me you’ll have to ask nicely” Matt teases, and I slap his huge arm softly, blushing bright red and rolling my eyes.
“You have blood on your shirt Sanders” I tell him, rolling my eyes as I grin back at him, my cheeks still warm as he chuckles loudly.
“Of course!” He replies, winking at me and I giggle shaking my head at him.

Matt quickly pulls his shirt from his head, and I look down to his toned chest receiving a noticeable smirk from Matt.
“Like what you see?” He teases me, and I blush once again, feeling my cheeks turn a deeper shade of red while I roll my eyes.
“Oh I love it” I reply back sarcastically, taking the shirt from his hands and receiving a questioning stare from him.
“I’ll go downstairs and soak this in the sink while you finish cleaning yourself up” I tell him softly, answering his unasked question.

Matt pouts at me, and I raise my eyebrows in question, asking him my own silent one.
“You’re not going to be my hot nurse anymore” He tells me, making me blush bright again.
I slap him softly once again as I lean in, pressing my lips against his.

Matt responds eagerly, pulling me closer to him and in between his legs once again as I wrap both my arms around his neck, one hand still clutching his tee while he rubs my hips softly.
He pulls back, not going too far with me and I kiss his swollen lip again softly, pulling one of my arms back and running my index finger over it.

He flinches slightly, and I sigh softly, “Want some ice too?” I question him and he shakes his head.
“I’ll get you a glass of water and a pain killer then” I tell him softly and he smirks at me.

“I don’t need Advil” He tells me and I snort, rolling my eyes at him as I comb his long hair from his eyes with my free hand.
“Okay then tough guy” I joke, receiving the beautiful dimpled grin from him and feeling butterflies swarm my stomach.

“After this we’re going to bed, and I’m going cuddle you endlessly” Matt states and I giggle, smiling up at him.
“Big bad M.Shadows is a huge softie” I tease to him, watching as a slight blush hits his cheeks.

I pull away from him, feeling his hands leave my body reluctantly before I turn, exiting from the bathroom quickly and heading out of his room.
I softly skip my way down the stairs, Matt’s white shirt tucked in my hands as I make my way down into the hallway.

I smile as I see Matt’s jacket and keys thrown onto the table in the hallway, my roses standing tall in the vase behind them.
My feet make soft pattering noise as I walk over the cooling tiled floor and into the kitchen, seeing a glass on top of the counter.

I drop Matt’s shirt into the empty sink putting the plug down before twisting the hot water tap on letting the water rise over the top.
I brush my hands over the shirt slightly, pushing it around and watching as some of the blood starts to blend with the clear water, tinting it to a light pink colour.

A swift knocking sound comes from the front door, and I furrow my eyebrows, twisting the tap off before looking to the clock beside the fridge.
I sigh softly, my eyes flickering down from the clock and away from the time, telling me it was just past nine pm.

My feet travel through the kitchen and into the hallway, no noise echoing before I pull the door open.

Green eyes flicker over me, and I fidget nervously under the older man’s gaze.
“Hey Maria”
“Hello Zackary, do you want to come in?” I question him softly, stepping to the side slightly; unsure what to do before I bite my lip as he smiles at me warmly.
He breezes past me, and that’s when I notice the overnight bag over his shoulder, and an almost sad look in his eyes.
“Matt will be down in a minute” I tell Zack softly, closing the door behind him smoothly.

I feel his gaze on my every movement, making me even more nervous as I turn back to his curious eyes.
“I’m really sorry about what everyone said earlier” Zack tells me softly, and I smile at him, shaking my head.
“Don’t worry about it Zackary” I tell him softly as I wring my hands, watching as his eyes follow my movements.

“Don’t be so formal” Zack tells me softly, and I instantly nod my head, taking his order, “Please call me Zack.”
“Sorry” I tell him softly, my gaze not meeting his properly but seeing him smile widely.
“Please don’t apologise” Zack tells me, starting to reach for me, but pausing and pulling his hand back, “Just be you” He murmurs softly.
I nod my head, sending him a small smile as I lick over my lips, while he slowly lowers his bag to the ground.

I send Zack another smile, my feet taking me past him and back into the kitchen.
I instantly hear his soft but much heavier footsteps behind me as I head over to the sink, leaning over it and poking Matt’s shirt again.

“Ignore what Brian and the girls said” Zacky’s soft voice tells me, and I once again abandon Matt’s shirt and turn towards the green eyed man.
I lean against the counter, watching as Zack takes a seat on the very stool I had been sitting in this morning.
I smile at him softly, shrugging my shoulders lightly too, “it’s okay” I tell him, avoiding eye contact, “I’m used to it.”

“You shouldn’t be” Zack tells me softly, an annoyed emotion flickering in his eyes.
I smile at him softly, shrugging my shoulders, “It’s fine, but I want you to know I’m not using Matt” I tell Zack softly, and he looks at me, his eyes flickering across his face.
“I know” Zack tells me softly, a grin working its way onto his lips, “You really like him don’t you? You’re not using him for money” Zack states and I instantly blush, nodding my head shyly.

“I’m not dating Matt for his money or anything, because in honesty I don’t need his money or fame. Nor have I ever wanted either” I say softly, trying to choose my words carefully.
Zack stares at me, his green eyes now curious and I fidget once again under his gaze.

I sigh softly, knowing I now had to explain it, “By time I was 15, I had more money than what I knew to do with. And now at the age of twenty three, I could be retiring and still not worry about my future grandchildren’s future” I tell Zacky softly, and he instantly gapes at me.
“You’re shitting me?” He questions, he voice holding obvious shock.

I shake my head, licking over my lips nervously, “It’s nice to know, because I never thought I'd have this actually” I tell Zacky, opening myself out to him fully, “I was quite content with singing in my room away from people, getting my grades, going to school and then planning to be a therapist or some sort” I murmur softly.

“To me, this was all a dream. My singing career was something I’d never reach. The only reason we got so famous was because one of my friends sent a video of the band at a talent show into Pete Wentz and by chance he watched it and loved us” I tell Zacky softly and he grins at me.
“You never thought you’d get anywhere?” He questions me, and I shake my head.

“I knew the guys would. They were all so confident in it, I was never too confident with my voice” I tell him softly and he gapes at me.
“You’re not joking are you?” He questions me and I shake my head, sending him a soft smile.
“But your voice is perfect! The second I heard it you were one of my favourite vocalists” Zack exclaims to me, and I feel my cheeks turn crimson.
“Nothing is perfect Zacky” I mutter softly, looking away from his curious eyes as I hear soft footsteps echo from the hallway.

Matt appears seconds later, a towel around his neck, his chest bare and a pair of sleep pants hung low on his hips, the blood free from his face, yet the bruises around his lip and left eye already forming heavily.
His face lights up as he sees me, before it quickly becomes confused seeing Zack seated opposite me.
“Hey man” Matt greets, scratching the back of his neck, and I swiftly walk forward.

“Night Zack” I call softly, sending him a small smile as I walk past him before I stop next to Matt shortly.
“I’m going back to bed, meet you up there” I tell him softly, planting a sweet kiss to his cheek before I exit the kitchen, going back to bed.


October 6th – 3.49 am

My eyes wonder over Matt’s peaceful face, smiling adoringly as he breathes in deeply, his eyes closed shut and his face buried into his pillow.
I pull myself from him slowly, chuckling softly to myself as his grip starts to get tighter around me.
I wiggle out of his grip, quickly replacing my missing body with the pillow my head had been previously resting on.
Matt grunts softly, pulling the pillow close to him and burying his face into it, causing me to coo quietly at his actions before I turn, quickly and quietly exiting his room.

I do my usual routine of walking through his house; admiring the beauty and the architect as I walk down the lightly lit hallway and downstairs, a small smile coming onto my face as I spot the kitchen light on.

My feet make no sound against the tiled floor as I enter the kitchen, seeing Zack’s form perched on one of the stools at the breakfast bar.
“Can’t sleep?” I question softly, instantly making Zack jump in shock and making me feel guilty as he turns to me, his face flushed red and I frown, cowering slightly.

“I’m sorry” I whisper to him, standing in the door slightly and he sends me a soft smile, shaking his head.
“No need to apologise, I just didn’t hear you” Zack tells me, licking over his piercings as I walk further into the kitchen, heading to the seat next to Zack.
My fingers manage to pull the silver stool out, pulling it away from Zack before I climb up, instantly seeing amusement in Zack’s eyes as he watches me.

My eyes flicker to his, connecting my brown ones with his greens ones for the first time briefly.
“Are you alright?” I question him, my eyes flickering over his slightly swollen eyes.
“I just don’t understand how Gee could be so mean” Zack mutters to my, raising his tattooed hands and rubbing his green orbs.

“From what Matt’s told me” I start softly, licking over my lips and I think my sentence over, “Val hurt him really bad. And I’m just guessing here, but Val was Gena’s friend, but at the same time so is Matt. Gena watched on as Val hurt Matt and now she feels that she needs to protect Matt but at the same time she probably still feels as though she should remain loyal to Val who was seen as Matt’s other half” I tell Zacky my theory, shrugging my shoulders softly to defend his wife.

Zack gapes at me, and I shift nervously, “You’re seriously attempting to defend her?” Zack questions me and I furrow my eyes in confusion.
“Am I not meant to?” I ask him back, and he just stares at me in amazement, his green eyes unblinking.
“Jimmy was right” Zack tells me softly, his eyes flickering over me before they return back to my brown ones as I fidget again.

“May I ask about what?” I question him softly, and he raises an eyebrow at me.
“I can’t see how Brian said this was an act; this is truly you, isn’t it?” Zack questions me again, ignoring my last question.
“This is me, people either hate me or love me. Sort of like Marmite, there's no in between” I tell him softly, and he chuckles at my reference.

“Jimmy said you were selfless, honourable and giving but I thought he was being biased” Zack tells me sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck, and I almost roll my eyes.
“Jimmy is biased” I mutter softly, and Zack shakes his head, a grin on his facing holding amusement.
“Jimmy also said you were too modest as well” Zack pipes up and I instantly blush making his grin become wider in amusement.

Zacky’s eyes watch me curiously, and my fingers twitch, catching his attention.
“Are you nervous?” Zack questions me, and I smile at him; almost shyly.
“I’m not used to being in a room with someone I don’t know that well” I tell Zack, trying not to harm his feelings.
“You’re not used to being with strangers?” Zack asks me, no harm of his feelings looking present but curiosity covering his face.

I smile at him softly, “It probably sounds really childish” I tell Zack softly, letting out a small chuckle, “But I was never too good on my own in a group of people, my parents got really worried when I was like seven so they took me to some specialist and he diagnosed me with Social Anxiety Disorder” I tell Zacky softly, and he looks at me, almost shocked.

“Isn’t that almost impossible to be in social situations then?” Zack questions me, and I shrug my shoulders softly.
“Sort of, I was lucky to find the guys when I did. Or I’d be friendless” I tell him, chuckling softly, “I was on medication for it, it’s meant to be some mental defect. By time I was fifteen the only people I would talk too were the friends I already had, and then by time I turned eighteen I was a huge social retard without the medication” I tell Zack, making a joke out of my situation and flashing him a small smile.

“Wow, that’s crazy” Zack murmurs to me, his tattooed hands on the counter in front of him, “So, you don’t seem too bad now, are you still on the medication?” He questions me and I shake my head softly.
“I stopped taking them just before my twenty first birthday; I was literally relying on them to get me through situations where I had to be social. So now I just push myself into the situation, it’s easier that way, I have less time to freak out and I get used to people more” I tell him, flashing the green eyed man a smile as he stares at me.
“That makes sense” He mutters, nodding his head, our eyes connecting as he stares at me.

“It just takes me a little while to get comfortable with people” I tell him, shrugging my shoulders carelessly.
“You seem pretty comfortable with me” Zack comments softly, a small grin on his face as he watches me.
“Why shouldn’t I be?” I ask him rhetorically, smiling back, “You’ve been nice to me, Matt trust’s you and in all honestly, you sort of remind me of my brothers” I tell Zacky softly, and his grin widens.
“You’re perfect for him” Zack mutters, shaking his head in almost amazement.

I grin at Zack as he grins at me, noticing his eyes drooping slightly, a tired look on his face.
“Get some sleep Zack, and then tomorrow or later today better yet, go home and make up with Gena” I tell him softly and he stands, nodding his head in agreement.
“Night” He mutters to me, flashing a small grin before he turns, pausing after a few steps and turning back to me.

“Can I have a hug?” He questions me, and I pause slightly, before standing up.
“Uh, sure” I reply, before moving closer to him and hugging his torso.
He squeezes me softly, before leaning back and ruffling my hair, a chuckle passing his lips as I slap his hands away playfully.
“Welcome to the family kid” He tells me, smirking my way before he turns, exiting the kitchen and leaving me behind.
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Beautiful Disaster:

"I made you something” He tells me as he reaches into his pocket pulling a thin twist of ribbon out, a blur of red, orange and yellow flashing up to me as he secures it around my wrist softly, double knotting it.

Unholy Confessions:

Her hand rakes through her hair as my hand does, and I see the two old bracelets her dead brother made her on her wrist, the first one almost twenty years old, and a now faded flash of orange, yellow and red, the second wasn't as old, but just as loved.

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