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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Twenty Four.

October 6th
9.50 am

“Morning” I chirp happily to my boyfriend as he collapses onto the seat beside me on the sofa.
Matt cuddles into my side, burying his face into my lower left boob and the top of my stomach.
“Comfy there Mattie” I coo to him softly, chuckling as he grunts at me, placing a soft kiss to my clothed stomach.
“You weren’t there when I woke up” Matt whines to me, tilting his head up and opening his golden eyes.
A pout forms on his lips as he stares up at me and I smile down at him, running my fingers through the bottom of his hair.

“I’m sorry” I mutter back, placing a soft kiss to his pouting lips causing him to grin at me.
“It’s fine” he tells me, and I lean my head against the top of his while stretching my legs over his body.

“Is Z up yet?” Matt questions me, a minute later, his eyes staring up to me curiously while I shake my head.
“Nope, he fell asleep at like 4 this morning so I don’t expect him to be up for a while” I tell Matt softly, looking down at him as his head tilts up to me, raising an eyebrow.
“I couldn’t sleep, and he was down here in the kitchen, we talked” I tell Matt softly and he nods his head, not pressuring the topic.
Matt takes hold off my hand, his fingers entwining with mine before he brings my hand to his mouth, placing a kiss to it.

“I don’t want you to leave” he mutters to me, and I stare down into his gold eyes.
“I don’t want to leave either” I tell him back softly, placing a kiss the top of his head and cuddling deeper into his side.
“Do you have to leave today?” He questions me, and I almost just tell him I’d stay.
“I have to” I mutter, sighing softly, “I have a photo shoot tomorrow and you have tour as well Matthew” I tell him and he groans at me, burying his face back into my side.
“Fuck tour, pack me into your case” He tells me and I smirk down at him, giggling softly before I kiss his neck.
“Okay, I’ll just tell the guys I’m kidnapping you” I tell him, and his head pops up from out of my side, a smirk on his lips.
“It’s not kidnap if I want it” He counters and I laugh softly at him.

“You should come visit me soon then” I tell my boyfriend and he nods his head as it now rests on my boob.
“I will” He tells me, before leaning forward and kissing my cheek.
“So who was calling you last night?” He questions me, and I look down to him as his head lies on my chest, his eyes closed.
“Oli and Damien” I tell Matt softly, running my fingers over his scalp in a soothing Manner.
“Damien called me to tell me that You Me at Six and Underground Heroes pulled out of tour but we’ve got Bring Me The Horizon and All Time Low stepping in, as well as Black Cards joining the party for a couple weeks” I tell Matt, smiling at how nearly all my best friends would be with me at once.
“Isn’t one of the blokes from Bring Me a Horizon called Oli?” Matt questions me, and I giggle at him.
“It’s Bring me the Horizon baby” I tell Matt softly before nodding my head, even though he couldn’t see it, “And yep, the Oli that called me last night is from Bring Me the Horizon.”
“Oh” Matt mutters and I watch as his jaw tenses slightly, making me chuckle softly.

“Are you jealous?” I question Matt, tilting my head to the side and watching as a blush spreads across his cheeks as he opens his eyes, looking into my brown ones.
“There’s no need to be” I tell him before he can answer, “Oli’s one of my closest friends, he helped out when Jake died, gave me a place to stay for a while when I wanted to be in England but didn’t want to be in my hometown and was just a great friend. He called last night because he got attacked on stage and just needed a chat, he said and I quote ‘I need a person to chat to that has a vagina, gives good advice, is one of my best friends and isn’t family. Pretty much you’” I murmur to Matt and he chuckles softly, closing his eyes again as he holds me tighter, his grip comforting.

“You know all the bands you’re touring with?” Matt questions me softly as my fingers trace over his arms, circling the lines of his tattoos.
“Yeah, we’re all pretty much family. I’ve known the guys from All Time low since we were 15, Alex and the guys have been my best friends ever since.

The guys and I toured with FOB when we first started out, Pete’s like an uncle; I haven’t met the rest of Black cards yet.

I met The Blackout! A few years back when they first came on scene, I’m close with Sean, and the guys get along with the rest of the guys.

And I met Oli and BMTH in 2004 when they were first starting out too. I made a joke that their first album was rubbish and Oli made a joke back, we just clicked. The guys actually hated him at first but he’s a proper nice lad” I mutter to Matt, smiling down at him as he opens his eyes to look up at me.

“Are they all your best friends then?” Matt questions me, his tone curious, “I mean, you said that you’re not that good with people” Matt says softly, his voice drowning out.
“Oli, Alex, Jack, Ry, and Pete are pretty much mixed into the best friend area, I’m friends with the other guys but it’s different you know?” I reply back, shrugging my shoulders softly.

An hour passes before either me or Matt attempt to move, only inching around as Zack appears at the bottom of the stairs, his hair messy as he yawns loudly.
“You best go get ready if you want to drop me off” I whisper into Matt’s ear, and he nods his head, heaving himself off the couch.
Matt mutters a morning to Zack as they brush past each other, smiles on their faces before Matt hurdles up the stairs.

“You’re leaving?” Zack questions me indicating over to my bags beside the door as he takes a seat on the couch opposite.
“Yeah” I tell him softly, smiling at the guitarist as my phone vibrates in my pocket.
“Oh, are you coming back?” Zack questions me and I smile at him, stretching slightly in the seat before I laze on it.
“I think so” I tell him softly and he grins widely, his green eyes brightening.
“That’s good, I thought they scared you off then!” Zack jokes to me and I chuckle softly shaking my head.
“Nah, I’m staying, even if your friends don’t like me” I joke back, and Zack’s grin gets wider.
“’Atta girl” He jokes as the front door opens loudly, a loud banging coming from the hallway.

“Does Matt ever lock his front door?” I question, taking my eyes away from Zack’s green ones and flicking them to the passage when, as Jimmy sprints in while Zack chuckles.
“Nope he doesn’t” Zack comments as Jimmy dog piles onto the sofa, squashing me in the process.
“Oh my god” He wails dramatically, wrapping his arms around me and clinging on desperately.
I choke out a giggle, wrapping my much smaller arms around Jimmy before I try to push him off.

“YOU’RE LEAVING ME AND NOW YOU’RE TRYING TO PUSH ME OFF OF YOU? I SEE HOW IT IS” Jimmy practically screams in my ear as Leana enters the room, while I attempt to wiggle from his grasp.
“Jimmy for god’s sake, you’re actually killing her!” Leana tells Jimmy, upon seeing us.
I stare at her as she grins at us, not caring that her husband was practically on top of me.

“Jimmy get off of my girlfriend, will you?” Matt’s voice comes from the doorway, and I sigh in relief.
Jimmy pouts from on top of me, hugging me tighter.
“But I want to keep her, you’re letting her leave!” Jimmy complains to Matt and I chuckle softly.
“Jimmy if you get off of me you can tag along with Matt and visit me next month?” I try to compromise with the older man, giggling as his eccentric eyes look down at me and a grin appears on his face.
“YES!” He screams happily, squishing me into his chest before he rolls off of me onto the floor.
“BITCHES BE HATIN’” He screams happily as he jumps up, striking a pose before he collapses on top of Zacky.
“Fuck Jimmy” Zacky whines as Jimmy wiggles about, trying to get comfortable as Matt walks over to me, giving me his hand and pulling me to my feet.

“I’m going to miss you!” Leana exclaims dramatically, pushing Matt away from me and wrapping me in to a hug.
I giggle into her shoulder, hugging her back as Matt balances himself sending a mock glare to Leana.
“I’ll miss you too” I tell her softly, sending the slightly smaller girl a huge grin before Jimmy pushes her out of my arms.

“Jimmy” She whines as Jimmy hugs me tightly, before he sticks his tongue out at her, laughing manically in my ear.
“She’s my best friend, meaning I get more Maria loving then everyone else” Jimmy says, lifting me up from the ground as I giggle softly.
“Jimmy dude, move” Zack whines to Jimmy, “I want to say bye to Maria as well” Zack whines, and Jimmy giggles girlishly before he sprints off, me in his arms as he cackles loudly.
♠ ♠ ♠
I might start to re-write this, but this is a tad fillerish as I need a connector chapter for the next couple to come, also I changed my internet to firefox and I'm currently hating it. Holla.