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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Twenty Six.

October 9th

His face was the same from the last time I’d seen him, his eyes were the same pale blue, almost grey and they had the same crazed expression I’d seen so many times before, I almost felt paralyzed with fear as he glares at me.

My breathing becomes shallower as he gets closer and his face holds so much anger as he storms towards me.
YOU FUCKING SLUT!” His voice screams, bouncing around the room, spit hitting me in the face as he reaches me, grabbing my forearms tightly.
I push myself back, my arms starting to ache as I stare up into his eyes, once holding so much love for me now only holding my fate.
“Please John” I whisper softly, tears starting to block my vision as he raises his hands angrily, before connecting them back to my arms roughly and I shrink back into the corner of the room.
“Please what slut?” John hisses to me, his blue eyes slitting as I whimper loudly, only fuelling his anger and abuse.
“Please don’t hurt me, please John baby” I whisper, tears now escaping my eyes as he shakes me, shoving me harshly back into the wall, my head bouncing off the wall and leaving me dazed.

“Shut up you dirty fat cunt” John hisses to me, his blonde hair tousling as he shakes me aggressively.
“John, stop. Plea-”

“MARIA” Damien’s voice exclaims as I sit up sharply my head bouncing against the top of my bunk roughly and tears streaming down my face as I scratch at my chest, most probably leaving deep painful marks and bruises behind.
“Ouch” I mutter out wincing at the pain shooting through my skull as I raise my left hand and rub the top of my head while I let my tears trek down my face freely.
“Are you alright sweet heart?” Greg’s voice questions me, causing me to jump from being startled as he appears beside Damien, the two now watching me intently and I nod my head, moving my hand down to wipe my face before I turn and look at them.

“Just a bad dream” I tell them, taking a few deep breathes to try and calm myself, it was a hard task, but over the years I’d perfected in doing the job by myself, I was lucky it hadn’t gotten out of hand, or someone could have gotten hurt.
“A bad memory?” Damien questions me, and I immediately clench my eyes shut, shaking my head at them.
“Yeah, it wasn’t a really bad one it was just that memory” I say to him, cringing slightly as I lie to them, any memory with him in it is bad before I shake my head looking into his green eyes, “It stopped before it got too bad” I tell them softly, and they both smile sympathetically at me, their eyes flashing with sorrow.

I smile back, shrugging my shoulders as Greg winces as his eyes connect with my forehead, he hated seeing me hurt, so even a bruise made him wince these days.
“You may need to ice that bubba” He tells me softly, offering me his hand which I accept as I try to remove myself from my bunk, flaring as I get out of my blankets.
I stumble slightly as my feet touch the floor, Greg’s hands steadying me as I try to gain my balance.
“You sure you’re alright?” Damien questions me softly, coming up from his crouching position and looking me over as I hang onto Greg, my movements sluggish and not connected as I attempt to wake myself up.

“Mmmmm, just tired” I mutter to him, my voice still filled with sleep as I rub my eyes, yawning loudly.
“How long did you get?” Greg questions, and I look over to the clock we keep in the bunk area, almost groaning, far from enough.
“3 hours roughly” I tell him, letting another yawn pass my lips as I cover my mouth and Damien walks off to the kitchen area.
“Did you take your pills?” Greg questions me, his green eyes filled with worry as I shake my head, I hated depending on the pills to help me with life.
“No” I tell him again, slowly removing my hands from his and steadying myself before I start making my way to the kitchen area after Damien.

A smile lights up my face as I see Gracie at the table, wedding plans surrounding her, and a stressed look on her face.
“Oh my god, thank fuck you’re awake. Seb abandoned me to go to a fucking skate park with Zee, can you believe it? Bastard” She babbles loudly to me her blue eyes connecting with my brown ones, before they widen dramatically and she gasps “OH MY GOD, what the hell happened!”
“I had an argument with my bunk, he won” I state sarcastically, silently telling her not to even ask and she rolls her eyes, giggling loudly at me.
“Oh, knock him out next time” She replies back and I smirk at her nodding my head approvingly, that’s why I loved Gracie, always looking to the brighter things in life.
“Oh I plan too; he’s getting a left hook next time!” I exclaim to her and her head rolls back as a laugh escapes her lips, before she looks at me, rolling her eyes at me, a happy grin on her face.

“What areas are you planning” I question her, turning my back to her as I place my fingers above the coffee pot, feeling the heat radiate up and onto my palm as Gracie sucks in a breath.
“I just sorted where we want it, but that’s about it” She mutters as I grab two cups from the cupboard, closing the door back over as Greg and Damien exit the still bus, shouting their goodbyes to us, a skateboard under Damien’s arm.
“Where’s it planned?” I question her, lifting the coffee pot up and pouring liquid into both cups.
“We both want to get married in France; we’ve sorted the certificate out and everything, but it’s just the planning and all that shit. I’m awful at this” Grace mutters as I crouch down, opening the fridge and getting the milk out.

I stand straight, pouring the milk in both cups before putting the carton back into the fridge, “So you want to get married in France?” I question her, grabbing both cups, one in each hand “Have you decided a date?” I question, going to sit next to her and passing her a cup.
She sends me a grateful smile as she takes a long drink from the cup, groaning in pleasure, “October 22nd” She murmurs to me, sending me a sheepish smile as she uses her free hand to push all the information towards me as place my feet under my bum, getting myself comfortable.
“You’re bloody crazy, but I’ll help you out” I tell her, rolling my eyes as I take a sip of coffee before putting it at the top of the table and reading over all her notes quickly, they didn’t want something extravagant which is what I adored about the two.

“Okay, so you want to get married in France, why not Seb’s hometown, it’ll be easier on his grandparents to get there then, less travel for them and how about the local church in the town?” I question her, taking some of her notes into my hands and she squeals happily, placing her mug down.
“Oh my god, you’re a fucking genius” She tells me, clapping happily as I chuckle, my eyes raking over the notes once again, as I ruffle through the sheets, seeing a picture of a dress, Sebastian may have a serious case of OCD but he always left everything to last minute, including his wedding.

“Is this the dress you want?” I question her and she immediately nods her head and I grin at her, the sketch was beautiful, elegant, it was Gracie, from the lace to the hem.
“I’ll see what I can do girlie” I tell her, pulling the picture away from the pile, rummaging through my pocket and getting my phone out, I quickly take a picture of it and send the photo to Nana, seeing if she’s able to make the dress on such short notice.

“First job is to call Reverend Franck” I tell her and she grins at me as I hand my phone to her, silently giving her a kick up the butt.
“You know I can’t speak French” She mutters to me sheepishly, pushing my phone back to me and I roll my eyes, of course.
“You’re lucky I love you” I tell her, dialling the familiar number before placing the phone to my ear.
“What time do you want to get married?” I quickly ask her, taking the pen from the table and writing her answer down as the phone rings, someone picking up on the fourth ring.

Que Dieu vous bénisse pour appeler, comment puis-je aider?” a familiar old voice answers, his tone laced with happiness.
Bless you for calling, how may I help?

"Révérend Franck?” I question into the phone, making my voice deeper and using my throat to pronounce words, looking over to Gracie watching as she gives me a thumb up, and I grin back at her, I hadn’t spoken in French for a while, I had missed my second language.
Reverend Franck?

Oui, cela est-il, comment puis-je aider?” The voice answers me and my grin immediately brightens.
Yes, this is he, how may I help?

“C'est Maria West, nous sommes rencontrés quand j'avais 14 ans et j'ai passé beaucoup de temps dans votre paroisse où je visite, je ne sais pas si vous souvenez de moi?” I tell him, looking down to the sheets in front of me, reading over a few more notes.
It's Maria West, we met when I was 14 and I spent a lot of time in your parish when I’d visit, I'm not sure if you'll remember me?

Oh, mon enfant! Bien sûr, je vous souvenez! Comment puis-je aider?” He exclaims brightly, his tone brightening even more and I giggle at his enthusiasm.
Oh, my child! Of course I remember you! How may I help?

“Je vous appelle à cause des plans pour un mariage, le couple aimerait se marier dans votre église.
Quel couple de mon enfant? Avez-vous enfin trouvé la une?” I tell him, and he breathes out into the phone.
I'm calling on account of plans for a wedding; the couple would love to get married in your church.

Quel couple de mon enfant? Avez-vous enfin trouvé la une?” He questions me and I chuckle softly, smiling at his obvious curiosity and concern from me, no doubt this man was one of the few men I trusted in my life.
Which couple my child? Have you finally found the one?

“Oh, ne me Révérend, vous souvenez Sebastian et Graclin?” I reply to him, chuckling softly again.
Oh, not me Reverend, you remember Sebastian and Graclin?

Oh mon enfant! Bien sûr, je me souviens peu de Sébastien, ses parents étaient les parents les plus superbes, et comment cette communauté les manque!” He exclaims to me, and I smile sadly, thinking about how the loss of his parents still affected Sebastian greatly, even if he didn’t want to speak about it, he was always so angry at himself that he couldn’t remember them.
Oh my child! Of course I remember little Sebastian, his parents were the most superb parents, and how this community misses them!

“Eh bien, Graclin et il ne veulent rien de plus que le marier dans votre église.” I tell him and I hear him chuckle happily, he’s always wanted to marry Seb off, because he’d married Sebastian’s parents and it was tradition.
Well, Graclin and he want nothing more than the get married in your church.

Je serais heureux de se marier entre eux mon cher, quand ils veulent se marier?” He tells me and I smile at the sincerity in his voice.
I would be blessed to wed them my dear, when do they want to be wed?

“Eh bien, révérend, vous savez comment notre mode de vie trépidante est, nous sommes désolés si court préavis, mais ils veulent se marier le 22 Octobre, de cette année.” I tell him, my voice turning sheepish for Graclin.
Well, Reverend, you know how hectic our lifestyle is, so we're sorry on such short notice but they want to be married on October 22nd, of this year.

Eh bien l'enfant, ils sont dans la chance, ce jour-là semble tout à fait clair, à quelle heure ils veulent être mariés par?” He tells me, and I look up to Graclin, nodding my head and giving her a thumbs up with my free hand.
Well child, they are in luck, that day seems completely clear, what time do they want to be married by?

“Ils veulent se marier au moins 13 heures, donc quel que soit le temps que vous êtes à l'aise avec le reverend” I tell him, a grin still on my face as I look at Graclin, she was bouncing with excitement.
They want to be married by at least 1pm, so whatever time you are comfortable with Reverend.

Ils doivent être épousée par 12 heures, puis mon enfant” He tells me, and I squeak out happily, making him chuckle as I let out a giggle, my best friends were finally getting married.
They shall be wedded by 12pm then my child

“Merci beaucoup révérend, vous n'avez aucune idée de comment ils sont reconnaissants” I tell him, my voice holding so much happiness for my best friends.
Thank you so much Reverend, you have no idea how grateful they are

Tout pour votre enfant de famille, que Dieu vous bénisse et merci de m'avoir choisi, au revoir.” He tells me and I feel immediately blessed, he always had that aura, even when you only spoke to him he gave you hope.
Anything for your family child, god bless you and thank you for choosing me, goodbye.
“adieu le reverend”
Goodbye Reverend

Graclin pounces on me as I pull my phone away from ear, placing the now disconnected phone on the table as she squeezes me tightly.
“Oh my gosh, thank you!” She exclaims, kissing my cheek repeatedly as I wrap her into a hug, giggling slightly at Gracie’s excitement.
“It’s fine” I tell her and she grins at me, a smirk working its way onto her lips and her eyes filling with mischief.
“Do you speak in French to Matt? Because it’s sexy as fucking hell. If I was lesbian I would so fuck you right now” Graclin tells me and my jaw drops open before I start laughing, only Gracie would come out with a comment like that.

“Oh my god Grace, no I don’t” I tell her, my laughs turning into giggles as I look at her while she wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.
“Well you should, I would jump your bones if you spoke to me like that and I was your boyfriend, in all honesty I’d do you if you weren’t” Graclin tells me and I roll my eyes, giggling loudly, she really made me wonder sometimes.
“You’re awful” I mutter to her, a grin on my lips as we both giggle loudly, Gracie’s blue eyes alight.

My giggles start to cease and I look down to her notes, smiling as I see ‘Mrs Sebastian Smith – West’ with hearts surrounding it.
I look up at her, watching as she stares at a picture of all of the guys, including Jacob and me as well, before everything changed, a smile on her face as her eyes flicker over it, it was hung up beside the door, a small reminder of how far we’ve come.
“Where is everyone?” I question her, and she looks around the empty bus, before looking back at me, finally noting the empty bus.
“Sebastian, Zachariah, and Brendon went to a skate park so Zach can practice” Gracie tells me and I nod my head, “Brian and Jenna went out somewhere, and then Greg just left to go out with Lainey while Damien’s gone to visit Antonio after he drops another Skateboard off to the guys” Grace says to me, and I raise my eyebrows in question, quite shocked at the statement.

“Greg and Lainey have gone out?” I question her, and she grins at me nodding her head as she laughs easily, her blue eyes shining.
“He asked her out on a date” She tells me and my jaw drops open as I stare at her, Lainey could be cruel to Greg when it came to this, and Greg never seemed to think with the right head.
“You’re joking right?” I question her again and she shakes his head, her blond curled hair floating around her shoulders.
“I saw it with my own eyes, he asked her if she’d go out with him, no strings, he seriously wants to be with her” Gracie tells me and my eyes widen, a grin taking over my face, this was great.

“Looks like they’re both finally growing up”
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