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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Three.

July 30th

“Thank you West Palm Beach, you’ve been bloody amazing” I screamed to the crowd, receiving thousands of screams back before I walk off the stage, feeling the energy continue to pump through me, I lived for this.
I grab my towel from the side stage, thanking the roadie to pass it to me before ringing it through my damp hair and across my sweating neck.
“Fucking hell, that was brilliant!” Damien exclaims, as I high five my younger brother, ruffling his hair slightly and he glares at me playfully before someone calls him away from me.
“I’m going to have a shower, grab my denim jacket from the interview room and then go watch Avenged, anyone coming with?” I ask, looking over the males in the room, watching them as they all watch me.
They each shake their head and I shrug my shoulders skipping towards the shower block, as I hum happily.

Ten minutes later, I’m sporting new clean clothes and I no longer smell like B.O, instead smelling like cherry blossom body butter, one of my favourite scents in the world.
I smile softly as I walked down the corridors of the building where the interviews were held, it was familiar and warm to me.
It didn’t take me long to reach the room we had been in previously, and I sigh softly, knocking on the hardwood door.

I push the door forward slightly, and poke my head in, instantly becoming clammy with nerves as all eyes snap onto me and I smile softly, my lips tight.
“I was just talking about you” Tony tells me, a grin on his face and his voice chirpy, settling some of my nerves but not all of them.
I chuckle nervously, running my fingers through my drying hair, “Good things I hope” I reply to him as I step into the room fully, my eyes flickering around and landing on each male figure quickly before returning to Tony.
“Is there even anything ever bad to say about you?” He questions me and I roll my eyes at him as he grins at me charmingly.
“Always the charmer Tony” I tell him as I send him a tight smile, my voice a whisper and the band he’s interviewing chuckle.

“Sorry to disturb your interview” I state to them all softly, placing an apologetic smile on my face, “But my denim jacket seems to have gone missing during my set and numerous people said they last saw it here” I tell Tony, raising my eyebrow at him as he grins almost mischievously.
My eyes stay glued to Tony, watching as he smirks at me and shakes his head, “No idea what you’re on about.”
“Tony your lying is worse than mine” I tease him, my voice soft and tender, “Only if you could keep a straight face!”
He chuckles and my eyes sweep across the room as I fidget nervously, landing on my jacket, which was indeed placed on a very high cabinet that I would never be able to reach.

“You suck” I mutter softly, and Tony laughs while the band looks at me confused before their eyes follow my gaze, and flicker back to me, chuckling at the obvious problem.
“Strangely enough, nothing to do with putting it up there” He states to me and I widen my eyes at him.
“Please get it down, I’m challenged” I pretty much beg him, and he shakes his head to me, chuckles racking through his body as he watches me.
“Sorry love, I can’t. Was paid to leave it up there” he says, and I almost pout at him, but I hold myself back.
“I’ll pay more?” I state, making it seem like a question and he once again shakes his head at me.

“Can’t you just get a new one?” The bassist questions and my eyes flicker to him, while I ring my hands nervously before I smile weakly to him.
“This holds… sentimental value” I murmur him and he nods his head in understanding, an easy smile crawling onto his face as the drummer climbs to his feet, towering over me as strolls over to the unit and easily grabs my vest jacket.
He smiles, chucking the jacket at me and I flinch slightly as I catch it with both hands.
“Thank you” I chirp happily to him, my mood instantly brightening and he chuckles, his crystal blue eyes lighting up as they watch me, for once a stare not making me feel uneasy.
“No problem, great set by the way” He compliments me, and I lose some more of my nerves as I instantly grin to him.
“Thanks, that means a lot!” I tell him, my voice delicate and Tony laughs, smiling widely at all of the men around us.
“Yeah, she pretty much shat herself with nerves before she went on!” He exclaims to them and I roll my eyes, poking my tongue out at him.

“So where are you going now?” Tony questions me and I cock my head to the side, this was one of the most laid back interviews ever.
“Shouldn’t you be doing their interview?” I question Tony, nodding my head in the bands direction as I wave my hand towards them slightly.
Tony waves his hands in the air mockingly and I chuckle, a grin making its way onto my face.
“I’m actually going to watch these perform” I state to him, nodding my head before I wave and turn to the door.
“Have a nice day” I call behind me, looking them all over but my eyes connecting with a pair of golden ones before I drag myself away, “And thanks again Jimmy!”

I bounce down the corridor, placing my jacket on quickly before I step out of the building, exhaling at the cool breeze suddenly caressing my skin.
A young woman waltz towards me as I walk away from the sheltered area, a huge smile covering her red painted lips.
“Hi” She greets as we finally get close enough to each other, and I admire her beauty, her skin was perfect and clear, and her eyes sparkled at me in joy.
“Hello” I chirp, smiling brightly back at her as I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear.
“I was wondering if you could sign my shirt and I could get a photo” She questions me, and I look at her shirt; smiling at the old beautiful disaster logo wrapped around her torso, it was our first shirt to ever be released.
I pull a silver sharpie from my front pocket, “What’s your name cutie?” I question her and she blushes at me, her eyes lighting up.
“Jenna” She squeaks out and I chuckle, leaning forward and signing her tee effortlessly, my signature complimenting the curvature of the logo.

She grins, pulling a camera out from somewhere as I squeeze my sharpie back in to my trousers and she holds it up high while I wrap my arms around her shoulders, leaning our faces together and smiling brightly.
Seconds later a flash goes off, blinding me momentarily before Jenna pulls the camera down, quickly looking at the screen and nodding her head in appreciation of the photo.
Jenna grins at me, before sliding her camera into her bag and I smile at my next thought, deciding to give her a perfect opportunity, I’d missed interaction with fans, so why not branch out again.
“Seeing as you’re the first fan to approach me today, and I’m in an amazing mood, wanna hang out?” I question her, and a shit eating grin spreads across her face as her eyes widen in fascination.
“Really?” she exclaims causing me to laugh lightly, I loved the reactions.
“Yep, as long as you’re willing to stand through Avenged Sevenfold and then go and meet my band mates” I tell her, and she jumps up and down, hugging me briefly, before she grabs my hand.
“You’re my new best friend” Jenna tells me, and I grin at the ginger haired girl.
“Lovely to know Jenna”
♠ ♠ ♠
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