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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Four.

Long were the nights,
When my days once revolved around you,
Counting my footsteps,
Praying the floor won’t fall through,

When my mother accused me,
Of losing my mind,
But I swore I was fine,

I tap my pen against the wooden table, biting my lip softly as my brain freezes and halting the lyrics flowing from me.
“You concentrate any harder and they’ll run away from you” A musical voice says from in front of me and I raise my eyes, my brown eyes meeting a pair of hazel ones and a dimpled grin.
I chuckle softly in reply; “They seem to have already run away” I tell him, closing my song book over and giving up for now as I tuck the pen into the book.
He chuckles, his smile dazzling, “Can I sit?” He asks me, pointing to the empty chair across from me.
“Of course” I tell him softly, smiling warmly at him as he places himself down instantly upon my answer, resting his, what already smelt like coffee, down in front of him.

“I’m Matt” he tells me, sticking his hand out across the table and I admire all of the tattoos creeping along his arm.
“Would it be creepy to say, ‘I know’?” I question him as I slide my small hand in to his large one as I look up at his face, tearing my eyes away from his tattoos.
He grips my hand a little bit firmer, making them fit perfectly together, “Nope.” He tells me, his grin somehow getting bigger and more beautiful “Because I know who you are too” He tells me, and I giggle as he releases my hand almost reluctantly.
“That’s alright then” I state positively, my face glowing and he laughs, his golden eyes lighting up.

“So, me being nosey” Matt starts, smiling at me “What are you doing here?” He questions me and I smile at him softly, a small giggle passing my lips again.
I raise my songbook up slightly, “Writing new songs and finishing old ones. Well trying, actually mostly failing” I conclude and he laughs at my answer softly.
“So how’d you find this place, it took me six tours to find it” Matt tells me as he looks down to his cup, biting his lip as and I smile at him as my heart flutters in my chest, feeling weird, I hadn’t felt like this in years.
“I always seem to find the best things when I’m either lost or I’ve lost something” I tell him and he nods his head in understanding as he looks back up to me, connecting our eyes, and I grow warm, blushing uncontrollably.
“Do you lose things or got yourself lost often then?” He questions me teasingly, and I giggle again, shocking myself at how easy this was coming to me.
“Seems like it” I joke back to him and he laughs loudly, the booming sound making my stomach flip and my heart race as he shakes his head slightly, a smile still on his perfect lips.

Within thirty minutes Matt had me in hysterics and a permanent smile on my face.
“He really did that?” I question and Matt nods his head, while I almost snort along with him, our smiles and laughter flowed between us both, and it felt nice to be so carefree.
My phone buzzes in my pocket, and I look at Matt apologetically as I reach in for it, pulling it out and sighing at the name buzzing in front of me.
“Sorry” I tell him softly, my eyes filling with apologies and he smiles at me understandingly before placing the phone to my ear.

Marco” Damien’s voice echoes through my ears and I roll my eyes at him, of course he’d play games the second I answer.
“Wrong number D” I tell him softly, almost annoyed at him for interrupting me and he laughs into the phone.
Right number actually, we’ve got an interview at the venue in about thirty minutes, so be there sugar plum!
“Will do D, see you” I reply before hanging my phone up and smiling softly at Matt, a new kind of sorrow pulling at my chest at the thought of leaving Matt.

“I have to go” I tell him softly, and his smile twitches slightly in disappointment.
“Can I get your number?” Matt questions as I stand and I smile at him softly, my cheeks heating up a bit.
“Sure” I reply and he fishes his phone out passing it to me quickly, as I pass him mine as my mind races, this wasn’t me, I don’t do this, but with Matt, maybe I do.
I type my number in effortlessly before passing it back to Matt and he passes mine back, my stomach filling with butterflies all over again at the contact.
“It was great to meet you Matt” I tell him softly, leaning over the table and pecking his cheek softly.
Matt blushes slightly, “It was great to meet you too” He murmurs before I turn to leave, my feet carrying me away from the man that had me hooked at hello.

I look back to him, blushing as his eyes follow me out of the store, before looking down as my phone vibrates in my hands.

Sargent sarcasm then? – Captain Dimples.

Captain Dimples? We both epically fail. – Sargent Sarcasm.

I chuckle rolling my eyes as my feet slap against the pavement as I walk through the empty streets of Atlanta, it was peaceful and beautiful.

I’ll have you know, I find myself amazing ;) – Captain Dimples.

The only one who does! ;) – Sargent Sarcasm.

“Oh my god” I hear from beside me, and I raise my head, seeing about four twelve year olds staring wide eyed at me as my phone vibrates in my hand.
I smile at them, sliding my phone into my pocket and like I had done the day before, decide to give them a chance as well.
“Hey guys” I call to them, and each of their mouths drop open as I walk towards them, “Can you guys help me?”
They all nod their heads, seeming to somewhat snap out of their dazed states, “Sure” The smallest male says bouncing the rest of the way towards me.
“Can you give me directions to Lakewood?” I ask them, even though I knew the way around and they all point to my left, their faces still showing their shock.
“Thanks” I state to them, and they all nod, before the smallest male asks for a photo, setting off the chain reaction between them as they start to bounce and squeal.

I chuckle softly, almost fifteen minutes later as the last female; a tall blonde girl hugs me tightly as her friends walk into a store close by, it was a small record store and even I was fond of it.
“Thank you” She tells me softly, a happy smile on her face, before she walks over to her friends, clutching her now signed wallet.
I smiled watching after them for a moment before I pulled my vibrating phone from my pocket.

“Yellow” I greet as I place my answered phone to my ear, leisurely walking along, my feet slapping against the floor as I show a guard my pass to re-enter the event grounds through the artist entrance.
Damien’s a dick, you have five minutes to get to the interview.” Greg’s voice flows into my ear and I can’t help but to groan in annoyance.
“Moron” I hiss out, picking my pace up and forming a light jog.
Yeah, be safe, and see you later beaut!” Greg coos to me before dial tone meets my ears as I jog through a crowded area around the back and away from the many fans, swerving through tents and people.
I quickly look at my phone again, reading my text.

Hey! My mum thinks I’m awesome too! ;D – Captain Dimples.

LOL! That’s sad that you even admit that ;) – Sargent Sarcasm.

I breathe deeply, panting as I stand outside the building two minutes later, the usually ten minute walk having took me two minutes to jog.
“You look like you’re about to have a heart attack” An American accent comments from behind me causing me to jump slightly in fright as I turn cautiously, still bent over to see Mr Synyster Gates.
“Feels like it!” I comment softly, forcing myself to laugh while placing a strained smile on my face and he grins at me, pulling the building door open.
“Going in?” He questions me, and I nod head, standing up straight as he gestures for me to enter first.
“So, are you here for an interview?” Synyster questions me, and my shy and scared side comes out.
“Yes” I tell him faintly, walking beside him but keeping a solid distance between us.
“Cool” He comments, smirking at me, “I’m doing one too, who’s yours with?” He questions as we walk through the halls, passing the reception desk.
“I think it’s with Kerrang! Or something, how about yours?” I reply quietly, while Synyster’s eyes remain glued to me causing me to squirm nervously.
“Mines with Spin or something” He replies almost instantly and I nod my head to him, my actions almost robot like.

“Is there a reason you’re so quiet?” Synyster questions me, and my hands fidget at my sides, something that catches his attention.
“No” I tell him softly, flashing him a fake smile, “I’m… I’m just shy” I tell him, and he nods his head, his eyes unbelieving.
“This is me” I tell him, pausing at a plain oak door with a glass panel while I stare at Synyster, my doe eyes wide as he grins at me.
“Pleasure to meet you” He tells me, and I smile at him, my lips straining in a smile, and his grin falters, his eyes showing annoyance.
“You too” I tell him as I pull the door open, slamming it behind me as I practically run into the room to get away from him.

Damien looks up at me as I sigh heavily leaning against the closed door, his eyebrows furrowing in confusing.
“Sup?” He questions and I look around the room; it was light and airy, four couches and a table sat in the centre and the rest of the room was empty, me and Damien the only people in here.
“Just… There are a lot of men on tour” I say softly, and he frowns, standing from the leather couch before bounding over to me and wrapping his arms around my small waist.
“Yeah, and no one will touch you” He whispers softly kissing my temple before pulling me towards the furthest sofa away before the door clangs open, bouncing off of the cream wall.

In strolls a mismatched woman, wearing an apologetic smile as she waltz into the room.
“Sorry I’m late” She tells us, dragging her female camera woman behind her, “Some people do not get the concept of ‘move the fuck out of the way’” She tells us, as she pulls a pad from her bag before taking a seat opposite us, her eyes cat like and mysterious.

“it’s fine” I comment softly a small chuckle passing my lips as I lean over the table, shaking her hand in greeting.
She smiles brightly at me as her Camera woman shakes hands with Damien.
“I’m Janice” She tells us before she points to the young girl next to her, “That’s Winter.”
I lean over, swapping hands with Damien and shake Winter’s hand, introducing myself quietly to them.
“Nice too meet you both” Damien comments, a broad smile on his face.
“Likewise” Winter tells us, placing her bright white hair into a ponytail after I let her hand go.
“Let’s get started, shall we?” Janice asks rhetorically and I smile softly, as I lean back into the sofa, making myself comfortable.

Winter nods, placing her large camera on a stand, before quickly pulling out a sound block and giving Janice a thumb up.
“All okay?” Janice questions Winter, and she nods, smiling at us softly before she turns her attention to her camera.
“Okay, here we go guys!”
“Hey, it’s Kerrang! Podcast at Warped Tour and we’re with two fifths of Beautiful Disaster, and they defiantly are beautiful!” Janice comments brightly and Damien chuckles sweeping his fringe to the side as he gets comfortable onto the couch, while I blush.

Janice: Hey guys, how’re you today?
Damien: Ello Janice, I’m mighty fine thanks, yourself?
Janice: I’m good, interviewing my favourite band, so yeah, I’m better than good. How about you Maria?
*Maria chuckles*
Maria: I’m good thanks, just had the meanest cup of coffee so I’ll be happy for the rest of the day.
Janice: That good?
Damien: Knowing Maria, she’s found the perfect coffee shop and it’s orgasmic.
*Maria laughs loudly*
Maria: Orgasmic D? But it was probably the best cup I’ve had in a while, definitely a café I will visit each time we’re here.

Janice: Okay, so you guys are playing three more days of warped tour?
Damien: Yeah, and then we’re going home for four weeks before going back out and on a tour of UK & Ireland then Europe.
Maria: And then we’re going to Australia/Asia briefly before we head back over to the States and Canada.
Janice: So you’re pretty much covering the world?
Damien: Yeah, we’re getting as many shows into our two year tour as possible!

Janice: Let’s talk albums and songs, tell me about your first album.
Damien: Our first album, I feel was us introducing ourselves to the world, I mean we aren’t just one genre which a lot of people like.
Maria: The songs, compared to our second are sort of mismatched I guess, I mean if you listen to the album it’s telling a story, like our second does, but with the first you won’t know the story unless you’re one of us.
Damien: Compared to the second the first albums story is hidden, I guess.
Janice: And the second album?
Maria: The second album is pretty much about heartbreak, there is no other way to describe it.
Janice: Have you two dealt with a lot of heartbreak then?
Damien: I think we’ve dealt with our fair share.

Janice: My next question, do any of the band members have other halves?
Maria: Gregory, Brian and I are single.
Damien: I’m with my partner of two years and Sebastian is dating his childhood sweetheart.
Janice: How cute, how is dating while you’re on the road.
Damien: It’s hard, I mean the long distance thing can put a toll on anyone’s relationship but if you truly like or love a person then there’s no stopping your heart. Fuck the liars and groupies, follow your heart.
Janice: That’s cute, and I can see you’ve actually got follow your heart inked?
*Damien looks down, slightly fingering the curved letters on his skin*
Damien: I have indeed.

Janice: So how many tattoos do you two have?
*Damien stares down at his tattooed arms*
Damien: I lost count after my tenth.
*Maria chuckles softly*
Janice: How about you Maria?
Maria: I have about ten.

Janice: Okay so I know that one of your best friends is Hayley Williams, am I right Maria.
Maria: You are indeed.
Janice: So how did you two meet?
Maria: we actually met at warped when we were about 14, we just clicked. And instantly became best friends.
Janice: So what’s your opinion on Paramore breaking up?
Maria: They haven’t broken up; two previous members have just parted ways.
Janice: But you were good friends with Josh and Zack too weren’t you?
Maria: I still am, I’m not going to turn my back on a person because things were said. That’s their business, not mine.
Janice: Not a lot of people would do that; most of them would choose a friend.
Maria: I’m not most people, I’m me.

Janice: Okay, moving on, what instruments does each band member play and how long have they been playing.
Damien: Brian plays Bass Guitar and Piano, he’s been playing guitar since he was five or something and he started learning Piano when he was ten because his mum forced him too.
Maria: Sebastian plays Cello, Guitar, Piano and Flute, and I pretty sure he learned to play all of those instruments by time he was twelve except Piano, because I started teaching him that when he was fourteen.
Damien: I play Piano which I started learning because of Maria here at 12, Guitar from the age of 7, violin at 11, and Trumpet from the age of 18.
Maria: Gregory can play the drums obviously; he’s been playing since he was about three or four, the Piano from ten, Saxophone from 11 and guitar from five.
Maria: I can play the guitar; I started teaching myself to play when I was about four. Piano from the age of about seven, then by fourteen Greg was teaching me how to play the drums.

Janice: It’s no secret that the guys in the band had shitty childhoods, so who taught you all how to play?
Damien: Brian and Greg were actually forced into Piano lessons, Greg asked for drumming lessons and they both had guitar lessons.
Maria: Sebastian had a teacher at a school that taught him Cello, Flute and Guitar, and then I taught him how to play Piano.
Damien: I taught myself violin and the Trumpet. My dad started to teach me how to play guitar before he died and I just carried on teaching myself then Maria taught me Piano.
Maria: I taught myself Guitar and Piano and Greg taught me how to play the drums

Janice: What were your first instruments then?
Damien: My first guitar I bought was a second hand one that I found in a charity shop for a tenner when I was twelve, I still own that guitar. It’s my baby. But my first guitar was the one my dad left me once he passed away, it’s a Gibson 1931 L-2 Argentine Grey and I fucking adore it.
Maria: My first instrument was a black Gibson 1931 L-oo guitar my parents gave me when I was six, I still have mine too, she’s called lucky.

Janice: So you guys are going to be working on your new album, how’s that going?
Maria: It’s going, I mean we’ve got the album name and a few songs already down.
Janice: You’ve got the album name?
Damien: Yeah, Maria and Jake came up with it before he died, but we’ve added to it.
Janice: Wow, I’m getting even more excited now, can we know what I’ll be called.
Damien: Sure, I don’t mind.
Maria: Promises that have been kept. (Letters to Jacob)
Janice: I like it, so are these songs letters to Jacob then?
Damien: Sort of, they’re more of what the title says they’re pieces we’ve written that either has the promise in the words or they are a promise. I know that there is a song; Maria’s currently writing that’s actually something she promised to Jacob she would share with people and now she’s doing it. Stuff like that.

Janice: So I read somewhere, last week actually that Maria and Sebastian aren’t allowed to do interviews alone together and neither is Greg and Damien, can you explain that?
*Maria and Damien laugh*
Damien: Maria and Sebastian can’t do interviews on their own because they’re both too quiet together, they’d hardly speak through the entire thing.
Maria: And Damien and Greg aren’t allowed to do interviews together because they cause too much nuisance when they’re alone.

Janice: Do you want to say anything to your fans before you go?
Damien: Beauty comes from within the soul, so you’re beautiful no matter what!
Maria: Stay strong and stay safe.
Damien & Maria: BD loves you, and thank you!

I smile, biting my lip softly as the camera goes off.
“Thanks guys” Janice gleams, shaking mine and Damien’s hand quickly, a grin on her face and I smile back before shaking Winter’s hand and then watching the two leave.
“That was entertaining” Damien says softly, placing his arm around my shoulders as I grab my bag.
“Mmmmm” I mutter back as Damien walks me to the door, opening it softly and leading me outside the room.
I look up to see Synyster standing with the Rev and Zacky Vengeance as we walk from the room, they all look towards us upon hearing the door open and grin widely at me.
I grip on to Damien’s waist subconsciously as I struggle back a smile, and Damien tightens his hold, walking me away from them, and I sigh at myself, feeling more annoyed with myself than ever.

“So, I feel like having a movie marathon, I invited Red, and we can pyjama party while the guys beer party” Damien tells me softly, pulling me with him through the winding corridors and dragging me away from the negative thoughts about to pour in.
“I like the sound of that” I reply, my voice seeming like a mere whisper, but Damien hears it anyway and grins at me as my phone vibrates in my pocket.
I pull my phone out, leaning into Damien slightly as I quickly open my received message.

I’m a sad kind of person ;D I know this might seem quick >.<, but do you want to go for dinner tonight? We’re leaving tomorrow morning and I’d love to see you before then :] – Captain Dimples

“So who’s captain Dimples?” Damien questions me as I blush, and bite my lip, staring at the message as we walk from the building into the heat.
“A guy” I reply softly, looking up to Damien’s face quickly, blush spreading across my cheeks while my stomach fills with more butterflies.

Like a date? – Sargent Sarcasm.

Damien grins at me, tightening his hold around my waist as we walk through the crowds.
“You actually spoke to a guy?” He questions and I bite my lip again, feeling my face become even redder.
“Yeah” I tell him softly, smiling up at him as he grins widely, a proud aura falling from him as he squeezes me softly.

Yeah :] – Captain Dimples

“Accept his offer then!” Damien insists pulling me into our empty tent.
My eyes widen as I stare at him, “Are you crazy?” I question him, and he smirks at me, “I’ve only known him for like two hours!”
“Maria, live a little. You obviously like him; you’re bright red, so just take a chance. Don’t ignore and then wish you would have done it in the future” Damien encourages me, removing his arm before stripping himself of his t-shirt.
I smile at him, moving a fallen strand of hair behind my ear.
“Thanks D” I reply as he pushes me onto a camping chair leaning against our bus.
“No problem, it’ll be our secret” He says, taking a seat beside me and pulling two bottles of water from a cooler hidden under the bus.

I’d love too. :] – Sargent Sarcasm.

“What did you say?” Damien questions as I look up, a small smile on my face.
“What do you think I said?” I question back teasing him slightly.
Damien claps his hands, fist pumping the air, “My girl is growing up!” He squeals pulling me into his side briefly as my phone vibrates.

Great. :) I’ll meet you at your bus at 6? :] – Captain Dimples

Sounds good :] – Sargent Sarcasm

“Damien” I say with my eyes wide, “You have to help me! I don’t even think I brought a date worthy outfit” I state and Damien chuckles, rolling his eyes as he brings his phone from his pocket.
He stares at his phone briefly, his fingers flying across the keyboard before he looks up at me grinning widely, his eyes so sure of himself as he jumps up, grabbing my hands and pulling me with walking us both onto the bus.
“I’ve got you covered, how long do you have till he comes?” Damien states, letting my hands go as I follow behind him and he rushes back to the bunk area.
“He said he’d meet here at 6” I call back to Damien and he mutters something before he comes out with accessories in his arms.
“Damien, they’re accessories, I need an outfit” I say as the bus opens and in walks my redheaded best friend, carrying two dresses in her hands.

“Have no fear, Hayley is here!” She exclaims to me, jumping across the sofa and attacking me in a warm hug.
“I love you guys” I tell them softly and they grin at me, excitement flowing from them.
“How long have you got to get ready?” Hayley questions me, pulling her red hair into a bun.
“About two and a half hours” I tell her and she claps her hands, her smile wide and her green eyes sparkling.
“Let’s get moving then!”
♠ ♠ ♠
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