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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Five.

August 1st

I stare at Hayley as she holds two dresses up, the towel I’m currently holding onto secure around my chest area as I look at her, my eyes slitted in annoyance.
“Hayley, those dresses show my legs” I tell her and she rolls her eyes, huffing childishly at me.
“That pink dress you wore the other day showed your legs!” Hayley complains to me, holding the dresses higher as her green eyes flash in annoyance at me, and I understood why, I always avoided things like this, Hayley just wanted to see me happy and well.
“But I had knee high socks on AND Dr Martins. No one could see my legs” I state to her, looking in between both outfits, my face scrunching together as my eyes flicker between the two dresses, they were both beautiful outfits, but I’d ruin them, something Hayley and Damien didn’t seem to realise.

“Maria” Damien says from beside me, “Your scar isn’t even that bad anymore” He states and I look down to my scarred left leg; it was, they were lying.
“Damien, it’s ugly” I state to him, arguing the point with them, my eyes watching as they both frown at me, sadness in their eyes as they stare at me.
“Maria, listen to me, you’re beautiful” Damien tells me, placing his calloused finger tips on my shoulders as he smiles down to me softly, and I stare up at him, my brown eyes trusting, he was one of the few males that I’d allow to touch me or who I even trusted and he knew, using it to his own advantage and convincing me to do things I usually wouldn’t dream of doing.
Like now for example, my current situation.

Hayley walks forward, hip bumping Damien out of the way, and I chuckle at his dramatic ways as he dives over, almost landing on the two dresses Hayley no longer had in her hands.
“Even with all your scars” She whispers to me, her green eyes wide, I could see the determination in them, pushing her on, giving her faith, something I had lost over the years.
My eyes flicker from hers, down to her index finger as it traces over the top of the deepest scar on my chest, the area was still pink, after five years still not having healed properly, running over my left shoulder and finishing just down below my breast, so I could never hide all of it, “You are still beautiful. Embrace it” She tells me as I look back up to her eyes, my heart filling with happiness and joy as she smiles at me warmly.

I sniffle, suddenly feeling overwhelmed as I wipe my eyes, “I love you guys” I state to them, my voice loud, sure for the first time in so long, and they roll their eyes at me, grins on their faces, enhancing both of their beauty.
“You’re so emotional today” Damien teases me lightly, his eyes sparkling at me, while Hayley turns back to the dresses, looking them both over before she chucks a black dress at me.
“Wear that” She tells me as I look at the small black number, “It’ll look killer on you.” She states to me and I blush red at her comment, I hadn’t even thought I’d looked pretty in so long.
“Okay” I reply softly, as Damien passes me some underwear before he pushes me towards the bathroom, usually I would have just dropped my towel there, I don’t have anything to hide from them, but the bus door is unlocked, and I’d rather not have a random person seeing my boobs.
“Get changed into that and then come back out” Damien tells me, leaving no room for arguments as he closes the door behind him.

I sigh, running my fingers through my thick drying hair, before I lay the dress on the small counter, immediately pulling the frilly panties on, rolling my eyes while doing so.
Figures that Damien would choose a frilly, sexy pair of underwear for me to wear.
My eyes catch my reflection in the mirror, and examine my stomach, running my fingers over the long jagged scars that are connected, most of the skin white, but small sections still tinted pink, still attempting to heal.
I turn away from the mirror, pulling the strapless bra on quickly, hiding myself from my thoughts as I pick up the curving black dress and letting my eyes rake over it, no doubt it’s pretty. That’s for sure.

I pull the dress over my head, before turning to look in the mirror, it fit me perfectly, hugging my curves, and covering my scarred shoulders and arms with the sleeves, and ending mid-thigh.
“West!” Damien calls through the door and I turn, placing my hand on the handle, “Get out here and show your sexy self” He demands as I pull the door open, coming face to face with him.
He grins at me, pulling my hand and twirling me around, I felt pretty, “You look beautiful” He compliments me before he pulls me through the small corridor to the front lounge, where Hayley stood smiling proudly, her tiny frame bouncing.
“Nice choice Red” Damien compliments her, as I take a seat on the sofa and Hayley attacks me with make-up.

“Hayley…” I start, giving her a serious look and a pointed glare but she shushes me.
“I’m not doing anything dramatic” She tell me, rolling her eyes, “Smoky eyes, and lip-gloss. Done” She comments for me and I smile at her thankfully, Hayley had the tendency to go overboard.
Damien chuckles from behind me, running his fingers through my naturally wavy hair softly, before he starts to style it and I close my eyes letting Hayley attack my face and hum softly as Damien carefully tugs at my brown locks.

Within forty five minutes Hayley’s standing back, staring at me with pride and Damien’s stood next to her a grin on his face.
“You look beautiful” They both say, before they grin at each other, high fiving one another.
I smile at them, as I raise myself to my feet before walking effortlessly to the full length mirror in the lounge.
I stare at myself, a small smile on my face; the dress hugged my figure, and my legs complimented it. My make-up was perfect, my face was bare of foundation, my lips held a perfect glossy pale pink pout and my brown eyes popped from the silver to black eye shadow. My hair was simple, waves fell from a messy bun and my fringe framed my face.

“Wow” I whisper softly, and Hayley chuckles from behind me as I turn and look at them, my face lighting up in thanks.
“Thank you guys, you’re magic” I tell them and they both laugh warmly, pulling me into their arms and hugging me between them in a sandwich way.
“For being a smart person you’re pretty dumb” Hayley mutters and I giggle, before they both push me away, smiles on their faces.

“Accessories time” Hayley sings dramatically, skipping towards the small breakfast area and picking a box up.
“These” Hayley says, passing me the box, “Are now yours” She tells me as I lift the lid, and smile at her, thankful at my best friend.
“You’re such a tit.” I tell her, pulling the black heeled pumps out and admiring them, they were beautiful and I’d been dying to get them for a while.
She giggles, “I have smalls ones, yes.” She states as she looks down to her small chest before sending me a wink as Damien places a small box on the table and a bunch of my bangles.

A smile lights up my face as I slide the heels onto my feet, chuckling when I realize they’re a perfect fit and super comfy as well.
I look up at Damien, before picking the box and opening it slowly, tears touching the corners of my eyes as I see one of the last presents Jacob had ever bought me in the box.
“I thought you might need a bit of luck this tour” Damien says, referring to earrings that Jake claimed would always bring me luck, the exact ones in-front of me, they were small diamonds, but they were perfect.
I chuckle softly, pulling them from the box and swiftly placing them in my holes, as I run my tongue over the back of my lip piercing, I’d had it years, yet I still loved it, it was part of me.
“How do I look?” I question them, standing at my full height as I look at the clock on the wall while pulling the bangles onto my right wrist.

“Beautiful” The two charm together, chuckling as they see my nervous face as I glance back to the clock.
“He’s got two minutes yet” Damien teases me, pushing his fringe from his eyes and I glare at him playfully.
“Shut up” I complain as a knock comes to the door and Hayley grins mischievously, about to bounce up.
“No” Damien mutters to her, commanding her like an animal as he clamps her on the shoulder, causing her to pout at him as I walk to the door.
“Have fun and be safe” Damien tells me softly, sounding more like a parent than my best friend, and I smile over to him, nodding my head.
“Thanks, later guys” I call back softly, sending them a small wave before I open the door revealing Matt’s handsome face smiling up at me, his eyes held his nerves and I felt thankful I wasn’t the only nervous one between us.

“Hi” I greet nervously, stepping down from the bus as Hayley screams ‘don’t die’ from inside and I blush causing Matt to chuckle, his golden eyes sparkling beautifully.
“Hey” He greets as I close the door over, “You look beautiful” He tells me, his eyes raking over my body, lingering on my legs for a second, his eyes taking in the scars before he looks at my blushing face, no sign of disgust in his eyes.
“I’m not overdressed am I?” I question him delicately, looking his outfit over; he was wearing a simple white dress shirt, black trousers and boats.
Matt shakes his head, flashing me a dimpled grin, “You look perfect” He compliments, and I blush again causing him to laugh loudly as he reaches for my hand, and I let him grab it, the feeling of carelessness was nice, and Matt made my stomach erupt in butterflies.
“You clean up pretty well too” I playfully tease him, and he lets out a deep laugh as he softly pulls me behind him and he starts to walk through the lot of parked buses.

“I was planning to walk to the restaurant” Matt tells me, slightly swaying our hands as he looks down at my feet, his brows furrowed in care.
“And we are” I state to him, a smile on my lips as I watch his movements, I felt safe here with him at my side.
He chuckles at me, almost rolling his eyes, “BUT, I can get the car if your shoes will hurt” He states, and I almost ‘awwww’ out loud, that was most probably one of the sweetest things any guy had ever offered me over the past few years on our first date.

“I’m good” I tell him, laughing softly as he watches me, his golden eyes sparkling, “Like my dad once told me, it’s your choice what you do so you man up and deal with it” I tell him causing him to laugh loudly, the sound set my heart into a frenzy, yet I loved that feeling.
“Your Dad sounds like a smart man” He states and I grin at him as we walk along a sidewalk, hand in hand.
“One of the smartest men I know” I confirm for him, a grin evident on my face as I talk about my father.
“I’ve noticed” Matt starts as he rubs a circles into the back of my hand with his thumb, and butterflies erupt in my stomach, “That during shows, you talk a lot about your family.” He states, and I blush once again, chuckling softly as I look up to him.

“They’re special people” I conclude for him and he grins at me, his smile was beautiful and breath taking, how his dimples slip deeply in his cheeks and I wasn’t sure whether he knew what he was doing to me, making me into this love struck teenager.
“Tell me about them” He encourages me, as we walk along the path, the road beside us empty but somehow still beautiful.
I look at my shoes briefly, before looking back up to his encouraging grin, his hazel eyes shining at me.

“My parents are still together after thirty years of marriage and they’re still madly in love. It’s sickeningly cute” I tell him and he laughs, his dimples making me erupt with even more butterflies,
“I have five brothers, that’s excluding the guys.”
“Five?” Matt questions me, his eyebrows rose in amazement and I chuckle softly, it wasn’t the first time someone had had that reaction.
“Dean and Lee, my oldest brothers are my parents birth children. Then Brandon, Jacob and Zachariah are my adopted brothers” I tell him and he nods, taking the information in to his system.
“So what are the guys then?” Matt questions, and I smile fondly, my brothers were the biggest inspirations in my life, they kept me going.
“They were all foster children” I tell him, “And they never actually left, so I guess that makes nine brothers.”
Matt laughs as I chuckle, his dimples melting my insides as I rake my eyes over his face, he was beautiful.

“Your grandparents?” Matt questions me, his voice full of interest, I hadn’t had someone this interested in me for so long, it honestly shocked me.
“My mum’s parents haven’t really been in my life” I tell him, “They’re like the Devil and Hitler.” I tell him jokingly and he laughs at my comparison.
“Not too fond of them then?” He questions me and I grin at him, my cheeks flaming up as I shake my head to his question.
“Was it that obvious?” I question him, and he grins back at me as enough chuckle bubbles from his chest.

“My Dad’s mother died when I was a baby, and my grandfather died when I was about 15” I tell him and Matt nods his head.
“I’ve got a cousin who’s pretty much a brother from my only uncle from my dad’s side and then two aunts’ and an uncle from my mum’s, who each have like four kids.”
“A big family then?” Matt questions, smirking at me.
I groan, making him laugh as I lean closer to him, “I’m so grateful when we go to West gatherings, there’s only like twenty people. When we go to small O’Neil gatherings? Like 300, my nan was a kid of 17”
Matt laughs, looking at me, “17 kids? Someone got busy!” He states making me snort out a laugh.

“Tell me about your family” I encourage Matt, and he grins sheepishly at me as he swings our hands momentarily.
“My parents are still together too, very much in love” He tells me softly, as we walk past smalls shops lining the streets, they were cute, and I made a mental note next time I was in town to check them out properly.
I smile back at him, and watch as he slowly bites his piercing free lips before he stares down at me, even with heels on I was still shorter than him.
“I have a little sister, she’s called Amy. She’s grown up so fast, it only seems like last week she was annoying me to play Barbie’s with her and now she’s engaged and getting married in like seven months” He says, shaking his head in almost disbelief, it was cute to see his face filled with such fondness of his sister.

I smile at him, I admired his obvious love for her, “Big bad M.Shadows plays with Barbie’s?” I tease him and he chuckles with me.
“What can I say, I was a total player” He states, his face straight, causing me to laugh loudly, it was so easy to be around Matt and as the minutes pass, I just seem to feel more and more comfortable.
Matt chuckles as he pulls me across the empty street, walking towards a small restaurant, it looked homey and warm from the outside.

“You know” He states again, and I glance at him as his eyes glued themselves to me, “This is the loudest I’ve ever heard you, apart from on stage of course” He tells me as we reach the restaurant and my cheeks flame again, just growing warmer, and I had a feeling as the night went on they would be glowing quite a lot.
Matt holds the door open for me, and I gracefully enter the restaurant, Matt following quickly behind me, re-joining our disconnected hands as he pulls me behind him.
He grins at me, before he strolls over to the host podium, seeming familiar and confident with his surroundings.

The host behind the podium was a chubby, small woman, her eyes seemed to be glaring at everything, but the second she saw Matt, an almost charming flirtatious smile wormed its way onto her face.
“Reservations for Sanders” Matt tells her, a charming smile on his face as he wraps his arm protectively around my waist, causing the woman’s eyes to flicker to me quickly as I blushed, looking down to the floor.
“If you wait for a moment Mr Sanders we’ll have a table ready for you” She states, and I re-raise my head, catching her eyes as she finishes scanning Matt over before she moves onto me.

The woman’s eyes rake over my body, and they stop on my legs, staring intensely at the top of my thighs and I bite my lip as she carries on staring, taking no notice to my discomfort as I shuffle nervously.
Matt notices however, looking at me as I watch her, before he turns his gaze to the host, a glare coming onto his face as he looks at her, and she still doesn’t seem to notice.
“Don’t you just hate people that stare, Maria?” He questions me loudly, and her eyes snap away from my legs, as an embarrassed look covers her face, and my heart flutters as I look up to him, my brain in shock at the fact he’d defended me.

“Your… Erm, your tables is ready” She stutters nervously, before quickly leading deeper into the restaurant, glancing back at the two of us as she curves through tables.
“Thank you” I whisper to Matt softly, leaning up and placing a tender kiss to his left cheek thank-fully, leaving a blush that covers his dimpled face as he smiles widely at me, and the host leaves us at a freshly placed table in the back of the restaurant.
Matt pulls my chair out for me and I smile at him, softly rolling my eyes as I take a seat and he pushes me in effortlessly before he quickly takes his own seat, and I grin at him.

“This place is lovely” I comment, looking around at the dimly lit restaurant, I was right when I made the assumption that it seemed homey, it was just like the local restaurant’s back home, making me feel at peace in my surrondings.
Matt nods his head in agreement, “Jimmy recommended it” He tells me, a fond smile on his face, “He loves to bring Leana here when we’re in the area.”
“That’s cute” I comment and he laughs softly, his hazel eyes fixed on me, if I was standing, my legs would be jelly from his gaze.
“The food is awesome here too” Matt compliments as a server comes to our table, placing two menus in front of us.

“Hello, I’m your server tonight, Don, what drinks can I get you?” A tall gangly boy states, a twang in his voice yet completely smooth and his face clear of acne, a kind expression on his face.
“I’ll have a glass of water please” I say softly, my voice much quieter as I speak to the boy, and he smiles at me, flipping his dangling fringe from his brown eyes as he nods his head, writing quickly in his pad.
He turns towards Matt, and grins widely, most probably a fan as his eyes light up.
“I’ll have a coke please” Matt says politely and the boy nods, swiftly walking off to collect our orders after telling us he’d be back to order our food.

“No alcohol?” Matt questions curiously, and I smile at him softly, shaking my head, my eyes quickly running over the menu.
“I’m not too fond of it” I tell him, swirling a pattern onto the table softly with my fingertip as I tilt my head in curiosity, “How about you?”
“I don’t drink too often” He states, shrugging his shoulders and I nod my head at him.

“Your accent is cute” Matt states randomly, a blush instantly hitting his cheeks as he realises he’d said it out-loud, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly.
I chuckle at him, my own cheeks warming slightly, “Thanks?” I question, giggling slightly as his cheeks grow brighter, “Your accent’s pretty cute too” I tell him and he grins at me, a playful tint in his eyes.
“Technically I’m not the one with an accent here” He states to me and I poke my tongue out at him, as the waiter appears, placing our drinks on the table.
“Are you two ready to order?” He questions and Matt looks at me questionably.
“I’m ready” I state softly, and Matt smiles.
“I’ll have the Braised steak” Matt tells the waiter, who jots his order down quickly before turning to me.
“I’ll have the chicken in mushroom sauce” I tell the boy and he smiles nodding at us before walking away.

“So tell me about you” Matt says and I giggle making Matt stare at me questionably.
“What?” He asks me, his face holding slight confusion which makes my heart flutter at a new pace.
“That line is so over rated” I state, making Matt laugh as he rolls his eyes at me, his golden eyes sparkling in the dull lighting, reminding me of the sunrise in summer.
“Tell me woman” He jokes, and I grin at him, running my fingers through my fringe softly, before pushing my hair behind my ear.
“What do you want to know?” I question him, and his face just seems to light up as I stare at him, my eyes raking over his face, taking every inch of detail in.
“Anything, and everything”
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