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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Seven.

Matt’s POV

August 1st

“Who is she?” Jimmy questions as I take a seat on the sofa, his blue eyes calculating as he stares at me.
“Who is who?” I question him, acting dumb, and he snorts out a laugh in pure Jimmy fashion.
“Come on Matt, you stroll in at ten after blowing us off to go out and drink with the biggest grin on your face that I’ve seen in years. Either there’s a girl or you just got the best blow job ever” Jimmy states bluntly, and my cheeks heat us slightly, giving me away as I let a grin form on my face.
“Holy shit” He mutters staring at me wide eyed, “Who the fuck has made you blush?” He questions becoming over excited, bouncing up and down in his seat childishly; he’d been trying to set me up on dates for over a year, and I’d finally gone out and done it on my own.
I laugh at him, my chest rumbling slightly, “Calm down Jim” I state, licking my lips as I scratch the back of my neck sheepishly.

He instantly calms down on order, sort of like a puppy, his bouncing slowing as he stares at me, his blue eyes wide and childlike.
“What’s her name?” He questions me, and I grin at him widely, looking down to my hands briefly, before staring back up to him.
“Maria West” I tell him and he gasps dramatically, his eyes going wide, I knew for a fact, Jimmy was a fan girl for Beautiful Disaster for some reason.
“No way” He squeals, sounding much like a female, making me laugh as he claps his hands, “She’s pretty” He comments, nodding his head, and I shake my head at him.
“She’s fucking beautiful” I reply more than instantly and he laughs loudly, a huge grins on his slim face.

“You’re already in love with her!” He accuses me, pointing a finger at me, his eyes wider than before, but happiness radiating off of him.
“I don’t know about love” I reply slowly and he shakes his head, an almost knowing smile on his face.
“I give it a two years” He tells me and I look at him confused, my eyes slowly travelling over his face.
“’till what?” I question him and he grins mischievously at me, swirling his bottle of beer in his hand slightly.
“Till you’re engaged to her” He states, and I almost choke on my spit, my eyes growing wide.

“Fucking hell Jim” I mutter, looking at him in amazement and shock, “I haven’t even fucking asked her out yet!” I tell him, but he just shakes his head at me, a certain grin on his face.
“I know all young one” Jimmy tells me, his voice matching his face with a look of certainness, and I stare at him as he grins at me before he looks down at his bottle, a frown slowly tugging onto his lips.

“I always knew you wouldn’t marry Val” He tells me softly, and I frown, memories off my first love in the air.
“You and her lost your spark long before you two broke up, but no one saw it. And when it came out that she cheated on you, it didn’t hurt you like it should have.” He tells me as he looks up, his blue eyes seeming wiser beyond his years.
“But you were broke; I mean your entire plan with her was gone. You loved her once, but I can see it already, you and Maria will be ten times stronger and better then you and Val ever were” Jimmy states and I smile at him, it was nice to have his advice, and I was thankful he was still here.
“You’re positive about this?” I question him, a grin on my lips and my eyebrows raised in question.

“One thing I’ve learnt since December ’09 Matt, fucking live your life to the fullest. Maria will be your life, live with her to the fullest and don’t let her go” he tells me strongly, looking up from his beer bottle and I nod my head, smiling widely at him before flicking my eyes down to my phone beside my leg.

“What do you think off her?” I question him, my eyes climbing back up to Jimmy, and he rolls his blue eyes.
“It doesn’t matter what me or the guys think of her” He states simply, and I stare at him as his straight face turns into a grin.
“Although… I love her anyways. She reminds me of a porcelain doll, all fragile and shit” Jimmy states his tone excited as he answers seconds later and I chuckle loudly.
“She’s shy” I tell him fondly, I barely knew her, but I already knew she was special, “But when she gets comfortable with someone she’s amazing” I tell him, grinning widely.
Jimmy chuckles, “You’ve fallen so hard” He sings as he stands and skips to the back of the bus, leaving me alone in my thoughts and I pick my phone up beside me, silently contemplating texting her.

Goodnight Miss West <3 – Captain Dimples.

Within seconds, I get my reply, and I rise to my feet, heading to the bunks knowing I’ll sleep happy tonight.

Goodnight Mr Sanders <3 – Sargent Sarcasm.
♠ ♠ ♠
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