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You Had Me At Hello

Chapter Nine.

September 1st – 9am

“So all he has to do is sign this, then he’ll be back in lessons and on report” I question my former head teacher as my eyes skim over the agreement and Zach leans closer towards me to get a glance.
“That’s right, just his name, plus date and then he’s good to go” Mrs Williams state to me, her blazer rolled high upon her arms as I look up at her while I pass the papers over to Zach, nodding my head at her and he looks at it, his eyes reading the print.
“Can I question the other child’s punishment?” I ask her, pushing my fringe from my eyes, “Because I know for a fact Zachariah didn’t start the fight” I state to her and she nods her head, leaning back in her chair as she looks me over.

“The other child has been punished rightly. He’s been expelled for this being his tenth offence, for starting the fight and for bullying. He won’t be allowed back onto school grounds anytime soon” She tells me and I nod my head in acceptance, my eyes flickering around the small cream office, it certainly hadn’t changed since the last time I was in here before I turn to Zach, watching as he bites his lip, his eyes slowly running over the words across the page.
“You okay there buddy?” I question him softly, watching as he raises his eyes sending me a strained smile as he nods his head and reaches for a pen from Mrs Williams’ desk opposite us.

I smile back at him reassuringly, before turning back to Mrs Williams, “That’s another thing I wanted to question” I start, licking over my lips briefly, “When Zach accompanies me on tour he’ll be ‘home schooled’, we’ve got a tutor especially for that. But when he comes back he’ll be going back into regular school and I know he’s got an exam the week after he returns, but I want to know whether, since his Dyslexia has now been diagnosed, he’ll get extra time during his exam or he’ll get a reader, anything to just help him out.” I question her and she nods her head, immediately opening a draw of her desk and bringing out a pack.
“Maria, usually we only confirm this with parents or guardians” Mrs Williams tells me, her face in a frown; she’d honestly never been to fond of any of my brothers and always tried to make things difficult for them.
I frown back at her, gritting my teeth slightly and controlling my emotions, “At this moment in time ma’am, I’m his guardian.” I state to her and she nods her head, sliding the pack towards me and I quickly scoop the pack up, looking at Zach briefly as he finishes writing and places the pen down.

“This pack holds every detail about Zach’s tests and the help he’ll receive as well as general information on his exams, including coverage on his learning disabilities” She states, and my eyes flicker to Zach, who sat fidgeting on the seat beside me, his hands squirming in his lap as I turn back to her, rising to my feet before leaning my hand over the desk.
“Thank you” I comment embracing her much larger hand in my tiny one and shaking it, Zach quickly standing up next as I let her hand go and accepts the report out of her hands before darting out of her office.

I follow after him at my own pace, placing my arm around his shoulder as I place his pack into my bag as we walk swiftly away from her office, and I kiss his temple lovingly.
“I’ll be back to pick you up at three o’clock” I tell him and he frowns softly before he nods his head, pulling me into a tight hug before letting me go.
“Be safe” He tells me sternly, sounding much older than his actual age, and exactly like Jacob, his eyes darting across my face.
I ruffle his hair and he grins at me softly, “Be good” I reply, and watch as his grins turns into a small smirk.
“No promises” He tells me softly, quickly kissing my cheek before he runs to class, waving back at me and I smile watching after him briefly before I turn walking to my car.
My feet slap against the pavement and the noise bounces around the empty school yard, and I smile softly reaching my car, an old mustang.

The drive back home was quick and easy, and within minutes I pulled into my house spotting an extra three cars in the driveway.
A smile instantly lights up my face as shove my keys into my pocket and climb out of my car, straightening my top.

I walk up the short path, my footsteps making no sound against the pavement before I push the door to my home open and I’m instantly greeted with two small squeals echoing through the hall way and two equally small bodies dive for me.
“There are my two favourite six year olds” I coo, scooping the two giggling blondes in my arms.
”Auntie Ria!” They scream in sync, their voices echoing through my head as they clutch tightly to me.
I chuckle softly, crouching down to their height as they hug me tightly, “Aren’t you two meant to be in school” I question them, placing two soft kisses on each girl’s forehead.
“We say bye to you” Ruby says loudly, as I let them go, her small hand grabbing my own as Scarlet grips on to me tightly.
A bigger grin hits my face as I stand up with Scarlet on my right hip and Ruby’s hand clutched in my left hand.
“Let’s go find your mummy” I tell them softly, kicking my bag towards the downstairs cupboard and walking through the hallway into the living room.

Dean and Fiona are sat together, an eighteen month old Ellie May resting in Dean’s arms and Fiona curled into his side. Lee and Becky sat opposite them, their four month old son Trevor perched up, a broad smile on his small face as his eyes danced around the room.
“Daddy!” Ruby calls loudly, releasing my hand and running towards Dean and my heart warms as Dean, my oldest brothers’ face brightens at his eldest daughter, carefully scooping her into his lap and beside a sleeping Ellie May.
Damien smiles lazily from the couch beside Fiona, waving at me slightly, and I smile widely at my family, “Hey guys” I greet, placing a kiss to Lee’s cheek as I pass him, before moving onto Becky and Trevor’s. Becky smiles at me softly, her lips forming a silent hello, and Trevor giggles.

I set Scarlet down and she runs silently to her mother before Lee wraps me in his arms, “Hey pop star” he greets kissing my temple softly before he reluctantly lets me go, he was probably the most over protective out of all of my siblings.
“Hey Lee-Lee” I greet back rolling my eyes slightly and smiling at him warmly, causing my older brother to grin broadly at me.

Dean waves at me while Fiona stands, setting Scarlet beside Dean and pulls me into her arms.
“I’m going to miss you guys so much” She mutters, sniffling slightly as she holds onto me tightly.
I giggle, kissing her cheek as I hold her just as tight, “I’m going to miss you too Fee, but we’ll be back in a few months for a break” I tell her, listening to her sniffle again before I release her and she wipes her eyes.
“Don’t cry” I murmur to her, holding my own tears in as Greg strolls in the living room with a camcorder in his palms, a light flashing to us, giving me a hint it’s live.

“And as you can see we leave tomorrow but the water works have already started” Gregory states loudly, and Fiona turns and glares at him, flipping him her middle finger.
“Fuck you Greg, of course I’m going to miss my little brothers and sister” She states to him, placing her arm around me, we were closer than she was with her own blood sisters.
I smile at Greg, kissing Fiona’s cheek, “Leave my sister-in-law alone Greg, if she wants to miss us, she can!” I state to him and he chuckles turning the cam onto me.
“Say hi to our waiting fans Maria, we’re live, so no edits!” He croons, and I wave at the camera, flashing it a wide smile.
“Hey guys, this is my family!” I state pointing to the smiling people in the room as they murmur around me softly.

“Do an acoustic track for them!” Dean states loudly to me, he had always loved to watch me perform, and he had always supported me; Fiona nods her head in agreement beside me while Greg pumps in agreement from behind the camera.
“Why not?” I state rhetorically, letting Fiona go and walking into the connected music room.
I walk towards my Piano, running my hands over the top of it and smiling fondly before I take a seat, lifting the lid.
Gregory stands at the side of me, and everyone else crowds at the door while I play a soft C chord, smiling as it echoes into the room.

I know instantly what I song I want to play as I look over my piano, this song was for one of my closest friends and it was one of the songs I was proud to have written.
My fingers struck the first three notes, and I close my eyes, letting the words flow from my mouth.

They say she's got her daddy's eyes.
She hides ‘em well behind her momma's smile.
They say she knows she's beautiful.

They say she's got her daddy's heart;
And she can't hide it when there's nowhere else to start.
They say she knows she's beautiful.
But that won't get her anywhere today.

And she says daddy I know you’re listening.
Daddy I know you’re there.
Cuz I've been talking with angels.
And they tell me that you still care.

I watch my hands run up and down the piano, my eyes now open, and a small sad smile on my face, this always brought memories of seeing my friend heart broken and sad.

They say she's got her daddy's pride.
She walks around all day with her head held up so high.
They say she knows she's beautiful.
But that won't get her anywhere today.

And she says daddy I know you’re listening.
Daddy I know you’re there.
Cuz I've been talking with angels.
And they tell me that you still care.

But now she's growing up, she's moving on,
She needs someone to tell her why.
The grass is green, the sky is blue, and it’s all ok I'm here for you.
She's growing up, she's moving out,
She needs someone so she screams and shouts she says
Daddy can, daddy can, you hear me?

And she says daddy I know you’re listening.
Daddy I know you’re there.
Cuz I've been talking with angels.
And they tell me that you still care.

They say she's got her daddy's charm.
Yeah, she could make the lights on Broadway shine,
And she could truly be a star.
They say she knows she's beautiful,
But that won’t get her anywhere, today...

Applause comes from the door way as I finish the last notes, and I blush, smiling up at the camera.
“Bye guys” I call to the camera, “Me and the boys are going to spend time with our family, and we’ll do a post tomorrow when we are on the bus with the other bands” I state to the camera, leaning forward and switching it off.
Greg pouts at me, before he sticks his tongue out and places the camera on top of my piano, while I roll my eyes standing up from the stool.

My youngest niece staggers over to me, raising her small chubby arms up into the air, and I pick her up softly, kissing her fair hair and smiling as she giggles loudly, after spending the last couple years with them, it would be hard to leave my family behind.
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