Don't Be in the Bath When Opportunity Knocks

Sick of school, Tre drops out at 16 and moves to Berkeley to be closer to the scene. He meets Audrey at the Gilman, who brings him to her apartment out of sympathy when he says he's on his own. He has to pull at her to get her to reveal her profession, one she isn't proud of. When The Lookouts are put on hold, Tre hooks up with those Green Day boys who are currently out of a drummer. Things develop with the band and his relationship with Audrey, though he is unsure of whether it is platonic or not.
  1. See You on the Flipside!
    Tre drops out against everyone's best advice
  2. So Long Mendocino
    Tre's going away kegger
  3. Tre. Tre Cool
    Tre arrives in Berkeley, wastes time at the Gilman and goes home with a new roommate, Audrey
  4. Not Daddy's Little Girl
    Tre learns about the mysterious Audrey when she allows him to camp out on her couch
  5. Little Things Like Rent Money and PG&E
    With The Lookouts on hold, Tre done run outta money. He meets up with those Green Day boys and suddenly the future ain't so broke.
  6. You're In
    Tre auditions for those Green Day boys and pesters Audrey about her random injuries
  7. Your Place or Mine?
    The boys test out how far Mike's looks can take them.
  8. ***
    Audrey's career is revealed.
  9. Lonely Nights
    Tre spends the night in a bus stop.
  10. Long Way Home
    Audrey worries when Tre doesn't come home after their fight about her profession
  11. Sorries
    Tre comes home and he and Audrey discuss the skeletons between them.
  12. Love Ya Like a Brother
    Tre and Audrey discuss stuff
  13. Debutante's Ball
    They hit the town and Tre lies like a dog.
  14. Loveless
    Audrey has a mysterious new snog partner