Don't Be in the Bath When Opportunity Knocks


"So what does your girlfriend do?" Billie Joe asked Tre on their break during a gig at the Gilman.
"Girlfriend?" Tre said taking a hit off the joint Mike had just removed from his pants pocket.
"Yeah, like the girl you're living with," Mike chuckled.
"Oh, Audrey. She's not my girlfriend."
"You just live with her," Mike said.
"And no sex involved?" Billie laughed.
"Nope," Tre handed the joint back to Mike.
"Oh. Well, what does she do?"
"Uh, she works at, uh, Walgreens. Middle of the night," Tre stammered.
"Oh," they said.
"That's cool, I guess. She must get paid well to have her own apartment," Billie said.
"Yeah. I help her out, though, since she took me in. I'll pay for food or electricity or something with the band money that I save up."
"That's cool, since she did let you stay with her," Mike said.
"She's here isn't she?" Billie leaned against the railing. "I thought I saw that red hair."
Tre nodded.
"Well, that's cool that she comes to gigs with you," Mike leaned next to Billie. "Sounds kinda girlfriend-y to me."
He and Billie laughed.
"Come on you guys, break's over," the stage manager of the club said sticking his head out the back door.
"Yeah, okay," Billie said, handing the joint back to Mike.

When Tre was done playing, he walked out of the club to find Audrey with her arms wrapped around a dark haired guy, making out in front of her car.
"H-hey," he called from across the street. He could see Audrey try and pull away, but the guy didn't let her go. Tre scampered over to them.
"Are you just about ready to go?" he said, pulling on Audrey's arm.
"Who the fuck are you?" the guy letting go of Audrey and pushing past her to get at Tre.
"He's the boy I have to give a ride to," she said grabbing Tre and bringing him to the passenger's side of the car. "Get in," she whispered to him. He followed her order. From inside the car, he could see Audrey go back to the guy and kiss him. He walked away and she waved after him.
"Who was that?" Tre asked when she got into the car.
"Oh, no one," she said turning on the ignition.
"You make out with no one?" Tre laughed.
"He's a friend."
"That you make out with?" he smiled over at her.
"Yes. A friend that I make out with."
"Are you going to tell me his name?" Tre asked.
"Are you my mother now?" she said parking in front of the house.
"Do you want me to be?" he laughed.
"Is that an attempt from you to be kinky?" she giggled.
"Do you want it to be?" he wiggled his eyebrows at her.
"Why are we only talking in questions?" she opened the door and let Tre inside.
"Because," he flopped down on the couch.
"Oh okay," she sat next to him.
Tre turned on the TV.
"You have sucky TV," he said laying his head on her shoulder.
"Yeah, I know," she sighed.
"So you're not going to tell me about your suck-face partner?"
She giggled and pulled his head down into her lap.
"His name is Derek."
"Okay," Tre said.
"What else is there to say?" she rubbed his hair.
"Is he good in the sack?" he wiggled his eyebrows.
"God," she blushed and pushed his face away.
"I'm not answering that."
"Then I'm just going to assume things," he said, sitting up and hugging his arms around her.
"Okay, you do that," she giggled.
"Oh, I will," he snuggled into her shoulder. "When did you meet him?"
"I thought you were assuming?"
"Oh yeah," he said.
"A couple of weeks ago."
"Oh, that's cool," Tre said.