Fae walked into the cafeteria during her spare period after lunch. She spotted a girl she knew vaguely—she wouldn’t quite call them friends, but they weren’t strangers either. More like friendly acquaintances. Her name was Cecil. Normally, during her spare, she had one of her best friends to hang out with, but she was sick that day.

She walked over to Cecil and muttered a quick ‘hey’ and a smile, glancing at the girl across the table. She was sitting in front of Cecil, sewing. Fae sat down beside Cecil, glancing over at her friend again. The girl had a few pins in her mouth, snakebites and long, layered black hair. She was small, and very pretty.

“What are you guys up to?” Fae asked.

“Skipping,” Cecil laughed, glancing at the clock, “I’m supposed to be in English right now, but I don’t feel like it. This is Lacey by the way,” she said, nodding her head in the girl’s direction. The girl smiled and continued working.

“Did you hear about Adam?” Fae asked and quickly continued, “He cut his fingers off.”

Cecil nodded, “yeah I did. Was he high when he did it?”

“No, not even a little. It’s just that the saw thing slipped and cut off his fingers,” explained Fae. She knew this because Adam was her best friend; they were like siblings.

“Was it just the one finger?”

“No, it was everything except the pinky,” Fae grimaced and shuddered. They spent the next forty minutes talking about Adam and his various relationships (“Yeah, we dated for like three days,” laughed Cecil), his injuries (“You know his dad shot him in the ass? By accident of course,” Fae said) and basically anything anyone could talk about him. He was an interesting person, to say the least. Lacey sat there for their whole discussion, pinning things and hemming. She grinned and held up her dress,

“Finally! It’s done!” she said triumphantly, grinning from ear to ear. “Well, not done done, but I’m done pinning it. Now, I just need to finish sewing it and it’ll be done.”

“What’s it for, anyway?” Fae asked. Lacey shrugged,

“Just fashion class. We have to make a bag, a dress, a jacket and a sweater.”

Fae nodded. A group of girls called them over, and they went to their table to sit with them. For the rest of the period, they laughed and told stories. It was a good waste of time.
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