Exams. Finally over. Thank god. The thought flickered into my mind as graciously as a bird soars in the sky. I hated exams with a passion. Luckily, they weren't too bad this semester, but they were enough to keep me busy. I didn't have time to think about anything else. It was crazyyy. But now second semester was starting and i was dreading that even MORE.

It meant more classes. More work. More drama. Ugh. I was not a morning person. I despised the morning. It could go die, for all I care. I loved my sleep; and I needed it. I was what you would call... a night owl. Haha. Yeah. After exams, we had about a week or so off of school. During that time... I cut my hair.

Super short. Like, short short. I looked like a pixie! I hated it. But it's growing, so eh. I always had long hair, so I wasn't really sure if I really liked this new haircut. Then again, I'd have to live with it. After alll, I am the one who cut it. I don't trust hairdressers. They mess up my hair too much. I'm quite good at cutting hair; I just make lots of mistakes.

Anyways: second semester. What to wear... don't care. I found clean clothes and threw them on. Skinnies and a sweatshirt, woo. Today wouldn't be too serious, just alot of introductions and stuff, so I just loaded my bag with paper, my pencil case and my lunch. Off to school I went.
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Okay. This is weeeeird. D;
I've never done a joint story before, so take it easy on me!
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Love, Biba.