Status: Ongoing


Conversations of a study period

Do not look at the fricken' screen.
Gah! Where'd my paper go?
Hey, do you have gum?
No, we're just saying the women have lots of...
I've been watching lots of Sherlock Holmes.
I think they actually use carbon fiber.
They need it, like, without make-up.
Now I know for sure you're a perv.
This paper is due when? FUUUCK.
Well, these places are telling the other places that they can't be going places.
Once in a while we can't be likessss....
No. Shut up! I did not.
Why does it say 'I want a kiss'.
That's definitely weird.
What time is it?
Who wants to make a powerpoint?
I just lost the game.
That's defintely NOT weird.
I wonder what'll happen if I type in 'awkward.'
Who's that guy?
It's your native land!
OMG. It was SO annoying. Justin Bieber was trending ALL LAST NIGHT.
Hey, your tiny, pointy ears.
I really have to pee.
Does the chemistry teacher have a class right now?
You know there are two other entrees for China?
Let's go upstairs!
I don't want to talk about it.
Well, first of all...
Then go!
Roasted dog!

I'm trying all that I can to contain my frustration. Everyone is talking about useless, pointless shit. The principal already came in here and told us to shut up four times already, so why can't they fucking listen? Even my goody two-shoes "friends group" is sitting there blabbering away. I just want to bash their heads and cuss the shit out of everyone, but I can't. If I do, I'm the fussy bitch on her time of the month or something. In fact, I must be giving off a pissy aura since I'm sitting by myself in the middle of the room, sulking and talking to no one.
Yeah, what a shitty fuckin' study group.

"Are you okay, Mona?"
I looked up. Janice next to the window sill in front of me, blowing her nose on a Kleenex. I lifted the frown from my face.
"Yeah, everything's totally fine! Just, you know, focusing on writing that essay."
Janice groaned. "Oh, don't remind me. I still have seven pages to write. I don't even know what to say anymore!"
"Well at least you got three pages done and over with," I said, offering some kind of support.
"PFFT!" Janice guffawed. "As if that's anything! This paper's due on Wednesday! I bet you're already almost done!"
I shrugged.
She slapped me on the shoulder. "Don't be modest, Mona! I know you're not like that!"
Someone from the back of the room decided to join in on the conversation.
"Mona's not into what?" Mike called out, completely mishearing our conversation.
"Not into YOU," Janice jested.
"What? Why not? I mean, look at me Janice, I'm freaking SEXY," he countered, placing one hand on hip and the other on head, in a pseudo-sexy manner.
The class burst out in laughter. I continued typing, annoyed at the continued flirtations between Janice and Mike, annoyed at the class's insincerity in this academic setting, annoyed at the sh's that kept resounding throughout the room because that meant they KNEW they were being too loud, and annoyed at the growing noise level. I buried my head in my hands, a vein throbbing against my temple.

I want to cry. I want to cry. But for what?
♠ ♠ ♠
Don't you just hate it when people keep goofing off during a designated independent study period? The irritation got the best of Mona, though, and I don't think I like this unstable side of her. May have been too early in the story to display this yet. But she IS human, so it's fine.

I didn't want to introduce Mona's classmates this way, but it just had to be done.
"Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are." That's probably going to be the first theme I enter. I hope to enter lessons about ulterior motives somewhere along the line.