Not Much Goes On In Minnesota

Billie Joe makes a surprise visit to girlfriend Adrienne in Minnesota for a week. Adrienne deals with disapproving roommates, skipping work to spend time with BJ, and the decision of whether to return to California with Billie Joe. Billie suffers through long-ass boring sociology classes, gets wasted at a college party and awaits the answer to the question "Wanna come home with me?"
  1. Remember Me?
    Billie Joe surprises Adrienne in Minnesota.
  2. No Kodak Moments, Please.
    Adrienne's roommates question her judgement of her relationship with Billie Joe.
  3. So... Long... So... Boring...
    Adrienne cons Billie Joe into attending a college class. Billie Joe is bored out of his ever-loving mind.
  4. Sex Homework?
    With roomies gone, Adrienne and Billie have a roll in the hay and decided if they're going to a party at the infamous PINK HOUSE.