She sat down on the edge of the lake and gazed into the water. A red leaf floated down from the tree above her and gently grazed the surface of the water, delicately settling into it and floating along happily.

She shuffled closer to the edge of the water and leaned in; dragging her finger along the surface, creating little ripples and waves as she went. A smile began to form on her face as she felt the cool liquid caress her finger.

The wind began to pick up and shuffle around quietly, slowing increasing. It rustled the leaves and played with her hair; softly whispering peace all around her. She inhaled, calm and relaxation running through her veins. She crawled to a tree behind her, resting on it as the sun smiled down upon the scene.

A funny thing about wind is that you usually can’t see it, but when you do, it shows itself in the presence of nature. The wind blew hard, yet gently, against the water. She could see the wind trying to push its way past the water’s surface. She giggled slightly, closing her eyes just to concentrate on the feel of the wind brushing against her face.

She listened to the birds singing. She could hear the light sound of dancing leaves and the movement of the grass. She sighed happily, resting her head back on the trunk of the tree. She giggled again, to herself,

“It’s good to be home.”
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I really liked this, it actually calmed me down while writing it.

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