Great Diversion

Tre finally gets the bank teller he's been secretly in love with (and semi-stalking), Ava's attention. The two begin to date and all is going well on the outside, but Tre has to deal with Claudia's seemingly random outbursts and loss of interest in five year old Frankito's welfare. Tre loves being with Ava, the curious teller with a tongue piercings and a back full of tattoos, but worries about Frankito growing up with severe emotional problems due to his mother's selfishness. But when the stress of dealing with Claudia gets to Tre, the stability he needs from Ava might not be there.
  1. More Important Places to Be
    Despite Claudia's protests, Tre heads to the bank to see Her.
  2. Hey, Beautiful
    Tre goes to the bank and thinks he gets jilted by the object of his desire, Ava. Instead he gets her number.
  3. Dude, Tongue Ring and Back Tattoos
    When Tre gets home, he notices the boys loitering in his backyard and tells them about his latest conquest.
  4. Let's Spend the Night Together
    Tre wakes up in Ava's bed and proceeds to whine about his family life.
  5. Wait, What? Did You Say Handcuffs?
    Ava and Tre review their date with their lunch girlfriends and drinking buddies. Respectively.
  6. Remember When?
    Tre gets in a glass tossing match with Claudia and seeks refuge at Ava's, where he dreams of happier days with Claudia.
  7. Well, Not Quite a Sleepover.
    Tre tries to figure out how to tell about his ***buddy to Frankito.