Sequel: Safe and Sound
Status: Complete

Set Fire to Rain

The house of number 4 on Privet drive was a quiet house. Inside the house, a small family of London lived, a new baby boy just born. The Dursleys were a small family, and they were ready to spoil their son Dudley, for he was there only child. The Dursleys had not yet found out of the murder of their family, and how their lives would change.

Two figures walked down the street of Privet Drive, talking quietly. One was an elderly man with a long beard, cloak drifting with his movements. Beside him, a severe looking women with her hair tied back and a witches hat atop her head. The woman looked unhappy with something the man with saying.

“Are you sure we can trust him?” Minerva McGonagall asked the man, a worried look on her face. She glanced up towards the sky, waiting for the sound of the motorcycle.

“I trust Hagrid with my life,” was the mans response. “We must trust in him, Minerva. The boy is all we have left, his sister lost.”

“There was no body,” Minerva stated, a fact they both knew very well. No body of the Potter’s infant daughter, only their live and infant son.

“That is what I fear.”

That very night, a wizard boy was delivered to live with his human guardians until he was of age to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The boy was a legend, his name would echo throughout his life time, and he would never know until his eleventh birthday. Harry Potter would be the famous boy who lived, the boy that killed He Who Must Not Be Named as an infant child.
But there were two children, that night.

A twin sister, Reagan Lea Potter, that was missing all together. But where she was, whether she was dead or alive- was a complete mystery. The child could not possibly live on it’s own, and no one was there in Godrics Hallow to take the child. The missing child was quite the mystery, but in time many would forget that a twin existed. They would assume her dead before her time, along with her parents. A true tragedy that a boy should grow up so alone.

“I fear,” the man, Albus Dumbledore said, “That the child is not dead.”

W h a t i f ? What if the other child lived , raised as the very weapon her brother could not defeat ? What if she loved Draco Malfoy , the only person she's ever known ?

Disclaimer- I do not own any of J.K Rowlings characters nor do i own the Half Blood Prince plot , but the idea is my own as well is my character Reagan Potter .