Like A Princess

The Lesson.

Ariana twirled her strawberry blonde hair around her finger, looking over the scenery of the castle grounds and the town beyond. She sighed to herself; she was bored out of her mind. There wasn’t much to do, she sighed to herself. Her body was draped in a dress; it was a warm gold, complimenting her golden hair and skin. The body of the dress was adorned with jewels, hugged her body. Light layers of fabric spilled from the center and ran past her hips, down her thighs, just stopping below her knee. Her hair fell like waves from her scalp, cascading down her shoulders and back, sun-kissed and light. She was leaning on the ledge of her balcony, stone and cold.

She opened her hand, extending her fingers past the edge of the rail, the sun bouncing off her perfectly painted fingernails. There was a quiet knock on the balcony door and a maid stepped in. She was young, around the same age as Ariana with dirty blonde hair, wrapped tightly in a bun; her name was Drucilla. Ariana turned her delicate body towards her maid, her expression showing that of a mingling boredom. Drucilla curtsied before the princess,

“Good morning, Miss Ariana, your tutor has arrived and he is waiting just outside. Shall I send him in?” she asked politely. Ariana rolled her eyes, waving a polished hand at the girl, signalling her agreement. Drucilla bowed her head and curtsied once more before leaving to let waiting man in. Ariana walked swiftly into her room, barefoot but elegant. A young man entered the room, thanking the maid and bowing to the princess. Drucilla shut the door as she left, leaving the two alone in the room.

“Good morning, Miss Ariana. You are looking well,” he stated, looking at the bored princess. She laughed airily.

“Come now, Malcolm, we’ve been through this routine time and time again. We both know I’m very well and so are you,” she teased.

“My apologies miss.” He bowed again. He turned away from her, “shall we get started with our lesson?”

“You know Malcolm,” she said, walking around him slowly, “I’m almost eighteen. A woman,” she smirked at these words and placed her hand on his arm. She looked into his eyes, “I could have anyone I want,” she whispered. He gently removed her hand off of his arm and spoke with a stern but polite voice,

“Miss Ariana, you know that I am much too old for you. Besides, we are here to work on your studies.” He walked away from her, towards the vast bookcase that was placed near her intricate bed. She laughed her airy giggle.

“Come now, Malcolm, don’t you want me? And you’re only five years older than me.”
Malcolm turned towards her, carefully avoiding her gaze, “Miss Ariana, you are a very beautiful young lady, but my job is, and has been, to mold you into a beautiful princess, which is what I’m trying to do. If you could please take a seat,” he waved his hand at a nearby chair, “we can get started.”

She walked over to him slowly, deliberately, knowing he was doing his best to resist her. She sauntered her way in front of him, forcing him to back up into the bookcase. When she spoke, her voice was throaty and soft. “You think I’m beautiful?”

“You are very beautiful,” he said quietly, slowly losing his professional composure, beads of sweat appearing on his forehead. He gulped as she put her hand on his belt. “Miss, your father would have my head if he knew this was happening,” he hissed, looking guiltily at the door, as if he was about to walk in.

“Father is out riding with mother,” she said sternly. “No one will walk in; the servants know not to disturb my lessons.”

“You call his a lesson?” he asked hoarsely as she began to undo his belt. She smirked.

“It’s a lesson on how to make love to me.”
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