Like A Princess


It was a sunny, cloudless morning when the Queen went into labour. The midwife rushed in, preparing for the long-awaited birth of the princess triplets. The King was by the Queen’s side, holding her hand, praying for everything to go okay. Hours passed, filled with tears, anger and loving before the babies were to be born. Servants were scrambling all around the house, only stopping for a moment to take a breath.

Late into the night, a baby’s cry was heard.

The triplets had been born, the midwife scooping them all up as their mother sobbed with happiness. The midwife took the babies to a quiet room to get cleaned up, and sent all the servants helping her to get towels. Working quickly, the midwife pressed a clean cloth to the mouth of a bottle, turning it upside down and placing the damp cloth over the nose and mouth of one of the babies.

She quickly wrapped the unconscious child in a sheet and left the other two as the servants she sent out, came back in. She ran past them, into the King and Queen’s room, sobbing, screaming that one of their babies had died.

She ran out of the room, never to be heard of again.
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Now, we find out what happened to the third girl!

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